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1 4-3/2013-SPG16/10/2014Transfer/posting in the grade of Junior Time Scale of Indian Postal Service, Group 'A'
2 6-1/2005-FC15/10/2014Corrigendum to serial number 13(e) of schedule II of Schedule of Financial Powers of Department of Posts
3 13-08/2014-WL/Sports14/10/2014Swachh Bharat Mission - Departmental Canteen
4 PF-IPOS-050/SPG13/10/2014Additional charge of Shri A S Prasad (IPoS-1982), CPMG, Bihar Circle
5 21-03/2014-PO13/10/2014Retention of Excess Cash balance in Post Offices
6 16-01/2013-Inspn28/08/2014Second Batch of Supplementary Inspection Questionnaire of HO / SO and BO relating to RMFM, IMO, IMTs, AML /KYC
7 .25/05/2014Instruction for Accessing Your Indiapost mails
8 .26/06/2013A Story about Change_Chapter 2
9 .26/06/2013PLI Brochure
10 .30/05/2013IT Modernisation Project_Core Banking Solution_Brochure.pdf
11 .15/05/2013IT Modernisation Project updates for May, 2013
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