Mail Services

Mail Services

The primary function of post office is collection, processing , transmission and delivery of mails. All postal articles whose contents are in the nature of message can be classified as Mails which includes Letters, Postcard, Inland letter card, packets, Ordinary, registered, insured, Value payable articles, speed post. These are classified as first class and second class mails. First class mails get free Air mail transmission within India; whereas second class mails get air lift only if prepaid with air surcharge. These four stages of mail operation have a single aim Delivery of mail to its addressee.

The mail is collected from 579595 letter boxes by 154979 post offices in the cournty.This is processed by a net work of 389 mail offices and 89 national speed post hub and conveyed by road, rail and airlines all over the country.

Traditionally mails were handled on a regular line or path and their concepts were based upon fundamental rules laid down for its operations causing more disadvantages and dissatisfaction to the customer. To overcome these drawbacks India Post has embarked upon a massive exercise to review and restructure the mail operations starting from booking to delivery of mails.

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Automated Mail processing centre at major locations in the country has been set up to create an Automated Mail grid. Dedicated transport arrangements both road and air are made for expeditious transmission of mails.

The department has undertaken Mail net work optimization project to improve the quality of mail processing, transmission and delivery. The project seeks to optimize the existing mail network with a view to streamline core mail operations and to bring in greater standardization and improvement in the operational processes relating to mail processing, transmission and delivery. The visibility of transmission has been enhanced by providing track and trace facility for speed post and registered mail. The customer can track the mail through India Post website by using the unique barcode number.

Project arrow launched in 2008 aims to improve the core operations of a post office which includes the improvement of delivery efficiency for all kinds of articles . About 15000+ post offices have been covered under project arrow.

Mail business centre was conceptualized in important towns in the year 2006 as a key component of the new paradigm for Mail management. It focuses on one stop solution to the bulk mailers providing all premailing activities and other value added services.

Traditionally, booking of registered articles, insured and Value payable articles, speed post were being provided at manually operated counters. Considering the vital need for providing the benefit of technology to the customers, the mail operations are now computerized to improve efficiency of operations . Track and Trace facility is available for speed post and registered post articles.

These innovative strategies have increased consistency and reliability in mail delivery system in line with global standards and improved customer satisfaction.