Premium Products

Premium Products

The Business Development and Marketing Directorate manages and markets all the Premium products like

  • Speed Post
  • Business Post
  • Express Parcel Post
  • Media Post
  • Greeting Post
  • Logistics Post

Business Development Directorate was set up in 1996 to design, monitor, develop and market value added premium products of the Department. This Directorate was reorganized as Business Development and Marketing Directorate in 2004-05. Mail Business Development and Operations part was separated from this Directorate to become an independent Division in 2007-08. The Business Development and Marketing Directorate has two Divisions, viz,

  • Parcel and Logistics Division
  • Speed Post and Marketing Division
Business Development and Marketing Units have also been created in all the Circles. In Metros, the work of Business Development and Marketing is looked after by a Postmaster General. The main responsibility of the Business Development and Marketing Directorate is to ensure focused management of value added services that include the following:
  • Administration, expansion and promotion of the existing value added and traditional mail and parcel products and services

  • Planning and introduction of new value added products and services, except financial and insurance products and services

  • Laying of procedures, regulations and guidelines for the premium services and its networking
  • Market study, market testing and product improvement
  • Market strategies, alliances and cooperation
  • Monitoring and review of growth of value added products and services
  • Exploring the scope of commercial utilization of idle resources of the Department