Speed Post Directory

Speed Post Directory

Directory of Delivery Post Offices on Speed Post Network

The Speed Post network in India consits of 315 National Speed Post Centers (NSPCs). Each National Speed Post Center has a number of Delivery Post Offices (PIN codes) attached with it through which the Speed Post articles meant for that NSPC city are delivered. In addition, there are 986 State Speed Post Centers spread across the country. Each state Speed Post Center (SSPC) is attached to a parent National Speed Post Center to which that SSPC consigns all its outward mail for further sorting and dispatch. Similarly, all Speed Post articles to be delivered through Delivery Post Offices attached with a state Speed Post Centre are routed through its parent National Speed Post Centre. The delivery of Speed Post articles at SSPC city is made through various Delivery Post Offices (PIN Codes) attached with that SSPC.

  • This Directory is a comprehensive index of each and every delivery post office (PIN Code) on the speed post network in India. The format of the directory is explained as under:

  • The data in the directory is arranged circle-wise in alphabetical order.
  • The First column list all the National Speed Post Centers in a circle in alphabetical order.
  • The second column lists all the State Speed Post Centers attached with a National Speed Post Center, Circle-wise.
  • The third column lists the names of all the delivery Post Offices attached with the National Speed Post centers directly or through State Speed Post Centers.

  • The fourth column indicates the corresponding PIN code of the Delivery Post Office.
  • For a Delivery Post Office listed in the third column (and its PIN code in the fourth Column), the name of its parent State Speed Post Center is listed in the second column and the name of its parent National Speed Post Centre in the first column of the same row.

  • For the Delivery Post Offices that are directly attached with a National Speed Post centre, the corresponding second column (of SSPC) is left blank.

It is hoped that this directory brought out by Speed Post & Marketing Division of Business Development & Marketing Directorate, Department of Posts would be used as a reference book and would serve the purpose for which it has been put together.