Central Public Information officers (CPIOs) and Appellate Authorities (AAs) Directorate, New Delhi

Important Information for the Request under the RTI Act, 2005

A list of Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) in the Postal Directorate, Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116 along with their work areas and relevant 1st Appellate Authorities (AAs) is prepared for the benefit of Citizens of India desiring information under the RTI Act, 2005.

The broad work-area of each CPIO is provided against his name for making it convenient for RTI request.

The Requestor may prefer RTI requests under the RTI Act, 2005 to the concerned CPIO in whose work area the desired information falls.

The Requestor may approach the 1st Appellate Authority mentioned in the list given below, if either the information is not supplied within fixed time frame under the Act or he desires to prefer 1st Appeal on the information supplied by the CPIO.

The Appellant may approach the Central Information Commission, JNU Campus, New Delhi to lodge the 2nd Appeal, if he has been aggrieved by the order of the 1st Appellate Authority within the time period stipulated under the RTI Act, 2005.

Details of CPIO and Appellate Authority along with items of work handled in the Postal Directorate


Details of CPIO

Details of Appellate Authority



A. The following cases relating to all CSS/CSSS/CSCS personnel, Group D employees, Departmental canteen employees, Staff Car Drivers and certain isolated posts in the Headquarters of the Department of Posts.

1. Appointment (including appointment on compassionate grounds), posting, transfer, promotion, confirmation, voluntary retirement, (except those of IPOs & ASPOs).

2. Recruitment against posts of Sub-editor, Statistical Assistants, Staff Car Drivers & Group D posts of Peons, Farash, Safai Karmcharies, Mali, Darban etc. and Wash boy, Safai Karmchari etc. in the departmental canteen.

3. Pre-employment requirements like verification of character and antecedents and Medical Examination wherever required.

4. Routine administrative matters relating to COLS personnel.

5. Maintenance of Service Books, leave accounts and personal files.

6. Fixation of pay, rectification of errors in fixation of pay, stepping up of pay maintenance of increment registers, release of increments (including those under schemes for promotion of small family norms Hindi Teaching Scheme and Cash & Accounts training), lump sum payment under HTS. 

7. Leave of all kinds, commutation of leave, Leave encashment, dies-non cases, joining time.

8. Financial upgradation under Assured Career Progression Scheme.

9. Maintenance including general ruling and formats of Confidential Report dossiers of all non-Gazetted officials except  those of Inspectors of Posts Offices, ASPOs and accounts personnel.  Adverse entry cases.

10. Assessment of vacancies in various grades of Central Secretariat Services and their intimation to DOP&T for nominations.

11. Implementation of reservation orders, maintenance of reservation rosters. Dereservation of vacancies/complaints regarding non-observance of reservation orders.

12. Framing of recruitment rules in respect of miscellaneous cadres, Group ‘D’ posts and other ex-cadre/isolated posts other than those of IPOs, ASPs, Accounts personnel and employees of Departmental canteen.

13. Forwarding of applications for deputation/higher posts, membership of Central Secretariat Library and for examinations conducted by UPSC, SSC, BSRB, State PSCs etc.

14. Issue of NOCs for higher studies, transfer to other departments, passports, foreign travel, etc.

15. Furnishing of various information/data relating to CSS /CSSS/CSCS cadres to DoP&T. Annual/half yearly statements on representation of SCs/STs/OBCs/Ex-Servicemen/Physically handicapped, Statistical information of employees, vacancies etc, to be sent to various agencies in regard to posts administered by Admn.

16. Intimations/permission under CCS (Conduct) Rules.

17. Conduct, Discipline and suspension cases.

18. Review of cases after 50/55 years of age.

19. Circulation of Seniority Lists & settlement of disputes relating to seniority.

20. Training of officers/staff.

21. Grant of honorarium, Night Meal Allowance

22. Change of Home Town, Change of Date of Birth.

23. Vigilance/O&M/OL reports & returns.

24. Dissemination/ display of vacancy and training circulars from other Govt. Departments/ organizations, ISTM etc.

25. Nominations for pensionery benefits.

26. Furnishing of half yearly statements of retiring employees to Pension Section.

27. Punctuality in attendance, absentee statements.

28. Provision of stenographic assistance in connection with important meetings/conferences.

29.  Furnishing of information under RTI Act, 2005 including to all those employees/ officers dealt in Admn.

30. Maintenance of Service Books & proposals concerning fixation of pay/ stepping up/ antedating of increments and other allied administrative matters of CCS ADsG & above and up to Director level.

B. Work relating to Postal Library.

ADG(Admin), 108, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,New Delhi-110001.


All matters in respect of Admn., O&M/Coordination, Cash & Accounts /Pay Bill Sections in Postal Directorate.






























Director(Admin), 332, Dak Bhavan, Sansad marg, New Delhi-110001.


































The following items of work relating to the Department of Posts (HQs) and its staff

1.    Budget Estimates/ Revised Estimates and control over expenditure, reconciliation of accounts.

2.    Preparation of pay bills, supplementary bills and contingent bills, disbursement of pay and allowances, contingent claims and advances to officers/ staff and maintenance of Pay Bill Register, Cash Book, contingent registers and other connected records in the manner required under the prescribed rules/ instructions.

3.    Recoveries and remittances :

a.    License fees in respect of general pool/ postal pool residential quarters and submission of recovery schedules.

b.    On account of Co-operative Credit & Thrift Society dues and settling of  accounts with these bodies

c.    On account of PLI/LIC premium and PRSS, submission of recovery schedules and settling of accounts with these bodies.

d.    On account of Court directions/attachment orders.

4.    Reimbursement of medical claims of officers staff, release of medical advance, grant of permission for medical treatment in referral hospitals, examination of medical claims related cases in consultation with DGHS, wherever needed.

5.    Settlement of bills of outside agencies /parties on the basis of sanctions issued by various Sections in the Department (Hqrs.).

6.    Settlement of TA and LTC claims of officers & staff.

7.    Issue of Exchange Vouchers for air journeys (inland/foreign) to be undertaken by the Officers and Staff and settlement of claims of the airlines concerned.

8.    GPF advances and withdrawal cases, – processing of cases, sanction, payment of the amounts involved, recovery of advance from monthly pay bills.

9.    Final payment of GPF on superannuation/ cessation of service.

10.  House Building Advances to officers & staff – processing of cases, sanction, release of payments, recovery of advances and interest thereon through monthly pay bills, preparation of schedules of recoveries, preparation of IBB statements on completion of recoveries for certification by DA(P), acceptance/release of mortgage, etc.

11. Motor Car/ Scooter/ Motor Cycle/ Cycle/ Computer Advances to officers & staff – processing of cases, sanction, release of payment, recovery of advance & interest from monthly salary, maintenance of registers of advances and recoveries, preparation of recovery schedules, acceptance/release of mortgage, etc.

12. Reimbursement of Children Education Assistance and Tuition fees to officers & staff.

13. Sanction of Festival Advance, Flood Relief Advance, Fan Advance, etc. and recovery of the amount through monthly pay bills.

14. Calculation and recovery of Income Tax from officers & staff, issue of Form 16, Submission of Form 24 to Income Tax Department etc.

15. Maintenance of GPF accounts of Class IV staff.

16. Release of leave salary, commuted value of pension, DCRG payment under CGEGIS  and final payment of GPF to retired employees based on orders of Pension Section / DA (P).

17. Issue of monthly/ annual income certificates.

18. Issue of LPCs

19. Calculation and recovery of misc. dues from employees.

20. Verification of Service Books and recording of service verification/ CGIES recovery certificates in respect of officers/staff who are either drawing or had drawn their salary from the Department (Hqrs.).

21. Crediting the cheques/drafts  and IPOs received on behalf of the Department with Parliament Street  Head Post Office under UCR.

22. Payment of official telephone bills and water & electricity bills pertaining to Dak Bhawan.

23. Reimbursement of telephone bills of officers/staff of the Department (Hqrs.).

24. Reimbursement in respect of Newspapers purchased/supplied to officers at their residences.

25. Reimbursement of hospitality bills of officers of the Department (Hqrs.)

26. Internal Check reports and Audit objections – Coordination with various sections/ officers concerned to facilitate settlement.

27. Processing of request for change of Home Town of the officers/ staff of the Department (Hqrs.).

Assisting the Head of the Department in matters relating to financial transactions of the Department.

Asstt. Director General (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036555


All matters in respect of Admn., O&M/Coordination, Cash & Accounts /Pay Bill Sections in Postal Directorate.



Director  (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23096105



1.        Nomination of supervisors/invigilators for examinations conducted by UPSC, CSIR and other agencies.

2.        Monthly d.o. letter to Cabinet Secretary and monthly summary of important events to Cabinet Secretariat based on reports from Divisional Heads/CPMsG.

3.        Monthly report to Cabinet Secretariat on implementation of decisions of Cabinet/Cabinet committee.

4.        Daily reports to Cabinet Secretariat on issues/ incidents meriting attention of Prime Minister during his foreign tours.

5.        Reporting to PMO/ Cabinet Secretariat/ Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs of issues likely to be raised during Parliament Sessions/ Papers to be laid before the Houses/bills and Govt. business.

6.        Furnishing of information pertaining to Admn. Division of the Department for inclusion in the Annual Report of the Department.

7.        Handling of papers involving coordination among Divisions/Units of the Department on subjects not specifically allotted to any of the Divisions.

8.        Collection and compilation of information required by other Ministries/ Departments on subjects not specifically allotted to any of the Divisions.

9.        Matters relating to Postal Advisory Committees.

10.      Correspondence with Circle offices regarding tours/meetings of Parliamentary Committees/ Consultative Committee attached to the Ministry.

11.      Observance of Anti Terrorism Day, Sadbhavana Divas and other days of national importance and correspondence with the concerned Departments/ Organizations in this connection.

12.      Furnishing of information for inclusion in President’s address to both the Houses of Parliament.

13.      Matters relating to Office Council (JCM) in the Department (Hqtrs.).

14.      Women’s welfare – Complaints from women employees in the Department (Hqrs.) about sexual harassment, setting up of complaints committee on sexual harassment of women employees in the Department (Hqtrs.).

15.      Matters relating to Allocation of Business Rules and Transaction of Business Rules.

16.      Consolidation of reports/returns on RTI cases handled in Admn. Division of the Department.

17.      Induction Material for incoming MoC&IT/MoSC & IT/Secretary


Asstt. Director General (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036555


All matters in respect of Admn., O&M/Coordination, Cash & Accounts /Pay Bill Sections in Postal Directorate.



Director  (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23096105


B.  Organization & Methods

1.        Implementation of 20-point programme on responsive administration.

2.        Initiatives and best practices of the Government for effective and responsive administration.

3.        Monitoring review of existing rules, regulations, manuals etc.

4.        Implementation of the Manual of Office Procedure in the Secretariat of the Department.

5.        O&M inspection of Sections in the Department, scrutiny of inspection reports for remedial action in cases of serious deficiencies.

6.        References from /to DOP & AR on O&M matters.

7.        Preparation and updating of Organization Chart of the Department (Hqtrs.).

8.        Work - distribution among sections of the Department.

9.        Preparation of Channel of Submission and final disposal of cases in the Department.

10.      Award Scheme for showing high performance on O&M activities.

11.      Review and rationalization of reports and returns – monitoring of.

12.      Developing appropriate systems of filing for various items of work or information.

13.      Drawing up of standardized file indexes broadly based on functional design and periodic review thereof.

14.      Training of officers and staff in Office Automation.

15.      Scrutiny of weekly arrear statements and statements of cases pending over a month and submission of consolidated position to the designated officers.

16.      O&M meetings.

17.      Miscellaneous O&M related matters.

18.      Dissemination of administrative orders, notifications circular etc. issued by the Ministries/ Departments of Government of India.

Asstt. Director General (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036555


All matters in respect of Admn., O&M/Coordination, Cash & Accounts /Pay Bill Sections in Postal Directorate.



Director  (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23096105


C. Functions of the Records Officer

1.    Implementation of National Archives of India Resolutions with regard to Records Management in the Department (Hqrs) and coordination implementation to the resolution in Circle Offices and Divisional Units of the Department.

2.    Undertaking studies on space utilisation as well as staffing patterns for Records Room of the Department and its field units.

3.    Processing matters relating to Records Management.

4.    Liaison with the National Archives of India and Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms on matters relating to records management.

5.    Furnishing of reports and returns to National Archives of India and Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances on record management.

6.    Training in Records Management to those who require it in the Department.

7.    Transfer of permanent records to the NAI for preservation.

8.    Compilation of the Organisational history of the Department and Annual supplement to it.

9.    Compilation and issue of annual Indices of Public Records.

10. Compilation and periodic revision of Records Retention Schedule of the Department.

11. Appraisal and weeding of  records in accordance with the procedure laid down.

Asstt. Director General (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036555


All matters in respect of Admn., O&M/Coordination, Cash & Accounts /Pay Bill Sections in Postal Directorate.



Director  (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23096105



1.    Periodical returns of GA Section

2.    Parliament Questions and work related to Parliament.

3.    Order /rulings regarding casual workers, engagement and payment.

4.    Staff Cars – rules, general orders, governing  the  use of staff cars, permission for private use, payment for private use, use of staff cars cars, permission for private use, payment for private use, use of staff cars in relaxation of orders, pooling arrangements for pick and drop facility to senior officials and hiring of cars/engagement  of staff cars.

5.    Repair of staff cars, provision of accessories, tools, arrangement for drawl of petrol, submission of monthly petrol consumption.

6.    All matters relating to fuel consumption in staff cars, arrangement for drawl of petrol, submission of monthly petrol consumption.

7.    Regulating duty and hours of staff car drivers, payment of OTA etc.

8.    Safe custody of staff cars, parking of staff cars, depositing of keys in CR branch etc.

9.    All matters relating to garaging including allotment and parking of vehicle.

10. Purchase and issuance of electronic/manual typewriters and their maintenance.

11. Repair and Maintenance of Computers.

12. Condemnation and disposal of manual typewriters/electronic typewriters/furniture.

13. Computers-procurement, issue  and maintenance of postal Dte.

14. Purchase and issue of Briefcase/ handbags to the officers of the deptt.

15. Indenting of Issue of stationary items from Govt. stores Calcutta and other Govt. stores.

16. Purchase of Stationary items/ drawing of items etc.

17. Rules and general orders for procurement and issue and maintenance of bicycles.

18. Procurement of pocket diaries, reminder diaries, calendars- regarding printing of D.O. Pads, cards and their procurement

19. Clearance of railway receipts.

20. Security arrangements against strikes and dharna etc.

21. Inspection Quarters – rules, general orders allotment and rent- all cases relating to

22. No demand certificate- matters relating to Govt. accommodation

23. All matters relating to policy, procedure regarding scale of issue of Livery items, indenting and stitching charges

24. Purchase of furniture items

25. Purchase of carpets and druggets and all other related matters/ curtains and venation blinds

26. Repair and maintenance of furniture items

27. Matters relating to purchase and maintenance of confidential boxes security locks

28. Rules and general orders governing the provision of official residential telephones/ shifting/retention, safe custody etc.  Provisions of residential telephone to retired / retiring Postal employees.

29. Payment of telephone bills/ certificates/ related correspondence.

30. References from circles regarding telephones.

31. Allotment of office accommodation in Dak Bhawan and shifting of offices and related matters.

32. All matters relating to DMS Booth, cycle stand and award of contract for running the cycle/ scooter stand, complaints and other related matters.

33. Residential accommodation – general pool, annual applications, rules, General orders, allotment/ change / sharing including complaints of Government pool quarters waiting list etc.

34. Residential accommodation  - matters relating to licence fee, allotment of Regular accommodation ,change of accommodation etc.

35. Residential accommodation from General Accommodation – annual Applications for fresh allotment

36. Residential accommodation from General Pool – forwarding of application For allotment on transfer to Directorate from field officers, change of Allotment etc.

37. Fire and fire fighting drills, civil defence measures etc.- all matters Relating to

38. Civil maintenance, repairs, alteration of the Building

39. Electrical maintenance , repairs

40. Illunmination of office Building, matters relating to

41. Fire and aid arrangement – regarding

42. Duplicators/photocopiers – rules, general orders, procurement, repair, Maintenance – other office equipment/computers, fax

43. Procurement/supply/ repairs of calculators, wall clocks etc.

44. Security arrangements- all matters relating to issue/withdrawl of I Cards

45. Purchase of crockery items for use of officers

46. Photographs for I-Cards, also for senior officers and souvenirs

47. Preparation/purchase of rubber stamps/display plates

48. Preparation of name plates, banners, sign boards etc.

49. Grant of permission to avail CGHS facilities on transfer, tour, leaves etc.

50. Translation work from regional languages into English/Hindi, payment of honorarium etc.

51. Translation work from regional languages into English/Hindi payment of Honorarium thereof etc.

52. Recanning of office chairs

53. Allocation of duties of caretaker staff, complaints against and from Caretaker staff about absentees misconduct etc

54. Procurement of sanitary items for cleanliness of the Building

55. Complaints regarding missing/thefts of articles

56. All matters relating to hoisting of National Flag

57. Deployment of night duty/resident day duty staff in Central Registry, night duty allowance

58. Grant of overtime allowance to staff in CR Section

59. Arrangements for dispatch of mails to Circles Ministries/departments Including complaints

60. Arrangements for dispatch of mails to Circles, Ministries/departments Including complaints

61. Arrangements for receipt and disposal of Dak in CR

62. Forwarding of Suite notices

63. Dak Bhawan gardens, allied matters/purchase of garden items

64. Booking of Committee room/arrangement of meeting, conference etc.

65. General instructions and rulings regarding stock.

66. Transport charges and related matters arrangement of transportation.

Asstt. Director General (GA.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036983


All matters in respect of G.A. and C.R. Section of Postal Directorate



Director  (Admn.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23096105



1.  Five Year Plans – Formulation of five year plan, processing all SFC/EFC memos with different divisions. Work related with five year plan and all matters related with planning Commission.

2. Annual Plans – Formulation, processing and finalization monitoring of plan performance monthly, half yearly reviewed of plan scheme, with concerned divisions and reporting to Planning Commission for final appraisal, preparation of Budget/Revised Estimates, supplementary demands for grants received from MoF in 3 batches, Budget Estimates for next year   and preparation of  Final Grants

3.  Priority Agenda for action  - monthly monitoring of achievement of targets with divisions concerned.

4.  Preparation and monitoring of Plan for the North East Region and Tribal Sub Plan. Interacting with Ministry of Development of North East Region on the related subject.

5. Furnishing of information for Appropriation of Accounts, Audit para and other related Audit memo’s relating  plan scheme.

6.  Standing Committees – Follow up action on the study visit at various places by the committee-providing of information to Budget section on standing committee for demands on  Grants for including replies to questionnaire.

7 Attending to all parliamentary question pertaining to corporate planning of the Department and furnishing replies on plan segment sought by other division on any related questions and fulfilling assurances.

8.  furnish information for Publication Division’s annual publication, like annual report, Book of Information, Economic survey, Demands for Grants, India Reference, outcome Budget, performance Budget etc.

9.  Attend follow-up action and matters related to KPMG Report/ IMG Report.

10.  Compilation of National Postal Policy and other policy matters and projects, of the Department.

11.   Coordinating of new business initiatives involving more than one division and related policy issues.

12.   Matters concerning Corporate Plan of the Department.

13. *Matters concerning Expenditure Reforms Committee and Manpower Planning Committee reports/ recommendations.

14. Synergy issues between DOT, DIT and Department of Post.

15.  Inter-acting with Inter-state council on various issues of the Department.

16. PM’ s thrust areas: monitoring.

17. Replies to RTI cases pertaining to subject matter of section.

18.  MOC/MOS/VIP cases related to section.

19. R&D initiatives, studies and surveys funded under Plan.

20. Future of India Posts.

21. Proposals relating to formation of Corporations/ Special Purpose Vehicles

 Director (Admn) & CP, Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.







 Secretary (PSB) & DDG (CP), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116.









1. Amenment to rules in Postal Manual concerning postal establishment.

2. Creation/abolition, upgradation/ down gradation, retention /redeployment and continuance of posts and other establishment matters relating to non-gazetted posts (including medical & para medical  and GDS in Circles/ Foreign Post offices/ Stock Depot offices/ departmental canteens but excluding staff in PSB, BD&MD, PLI Dte., RMS, MMS, PTCs, PSC-India, Postal Accounts and Postal Engineering Wings and posts under official language policy and conversion of temporary posts in such offices into permanent ones.

3. Creation/abolition, upgradation/ down gradation, continuance retention/ redeployment and other establishment matters relating to gazetted posts in Postal Engineering Wing and conversion of such temporary posts in the wing into permanent ones.

4. Creation, upgradation/ down gradation and reorganization of Postal Divisions, Engineering Divisions and Sub Divisions and upgradation of Sub-offices into Head Offices.

5. Implementation of establishment standards and time tests for posts administered by the section.

6. Establishment Standards Committee Report.

7. Annual review of Circle establishment.

8. Fixation of working hours, holidays and implementation of Standard and Time Test for posts like Malis, Sweepers, Chowkidars, Farashes and GDS .

9. Fixation of Leave Reserve percentage of operative staff.

10. Maters relating to remuneration for part-time doctors and their duty hours.

11. Policy issues relating to TBOP, BCR and ACP Schemes.

12. Setting up of Mukhya Dak Ghars.

13. Implementation of Government of India orders on pay scales, etc. with respect to Postal Employees whose establishment is dealt with in the Section.

14. Classification of posts/Cadres (Group ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’).

15. Cadre review of canteen employee of Circle.

16. (a) Creation, Continuance, upgradation /down gradation and abolition etc of Group A and Group B Post in Civil Wing.

(b) Estt. /Creation & new Division/Sub Division in Civil wing.

(c) Miscellaneous Staff matters concerning Group A and Group B Posts in Civil Wing.

(d) Parliament Questions, Court Case etc. relating to above said Posts.

ADG (Estt.I),  Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.



























Director (Tech), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116. Tel.no.2309-6036,2303-6793



























1.Creation/abolition, continuance, upgradation/downgradation, retention / redeployment of posts and all other    matters relating to establishment of Gazetted Posts in Circle Offices & Regional Offices and conversion of   Temporary posts in such offices into permanent ones.

2.Creation/abolition, continuance, upgradation/ downgradation, retention /redeployment and continuance of posts and other establishment matters relating to Gazetted and Non-gazetted posts in Department of  Posts (Hqrs.), MMS, PTCs, PSCI, BD&MD, PLI Directorate and posts under official language policy.

3.Creation/abolition, continuance, upgradation/downgradation, retention/redeployment of posts and other establishment matters relating to Groups C & D posts in Postal Engineering Wing and conversion of  temporary posts in the wing into permanent ones.

4. Distribution of work between CPMsG and PMsG.

5.Formation/upgradation /downgradation and reorganization of Circles (including Engineering Circles/Regions.

6. Shifting of headquarters of RDs/PMsG.

7. Delegation of Financial & Administrative powers to DsPS/PMsG/CPMsG in Circles.

8.Cadre Review of IPS Officers and MMS employees.

9/Holidays to be observed.

1-.Upgradation of Libraries.

11. Information pertaining to Civilian posts.

12. Establishment matter relating to the employees of Departmental canteen in the Directorate.


1. Rulings and technical aspects and clarifications relating to :-

    i)   All kinds of pensions;

    ii) Workmen's Compensation Act.

2. Periodical reports and returns pertaining to pension and Workmen's Compensation Act.

3. Petitions and representations relating to pensions and payments under Workmen's Compensation Act including complaints from military pensioners drawing pension from post offices.

4. Sanction of Advances/Final withdrawal from GPF in respect of all Heads of Postal Circles.

5.  Grant of liberalised Pensioners Awards and sanction of ex-gratia payment to families of Postal employees who die while in service of all Postal Circles on account of attack by the terrorists/antisocial elements.

6.  All matters relating to monitoring of Pension Adalats of the Department.

7.  The following matters relating to all retiring/ retired employees in the Department (Hqrs.) upto the level of Directors, excluding those belonging to P&T Accounts and Finance service :-

a)   Sanction of pension, family pension and DCRG and Commutation only.

b)   Revision of pension, family pension, etc.

c)  Verification of service of those who have completed 25 years of service or those who will retire on superannuation within five years.

d)    All cases relating to counting of past services (civil or military) and service verification for civil pension.

e)     Retirement cases of canteen employees.

and to act as a nodal agency for handling all matters relating to pensioners.

ADG (Estt.),  Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




















ADG (Pension), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.





















Director (Tech)2309-6036,2303-6793, Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116.



















Director (Tech)2309-6036,2303-6793 Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.






















1.   General Policy matters relating to pay/special pay and allowances (including compensatory/special allowances) forming part of emoluments of postal employees. 

2.  Amendment of Rules relating to Pay & Allowances (General).

3.   Policy matters and ruling relating to Travelling Allowance and transfer TA. 

4.   Individual and general cases/rulings relating to postal employees (including doctors) on the following aspects?

a)    Arrears of Pay & Allowances

b)    Fixation/ Anomalies in fixation of Pay

c)  Stepping up of Pay

d)  Advance of Pay on account of Natural Calamities

e)  Cash Handling Allowance

f)  Contingent Allowance (like fixed stationery charges)

g)  News Paper Allowance. 

h)  Children Education Allowance

i)   Reimbursement of tuition Fee.

j)   Grant of Transport Subsidy, Conveyance Allowance, free/ subsidized transport to postal employees.

k)  Incentives for adopting Small Family Norms/Incentives under Hindi Teaching Scheme.

l)  Special (Duty) Allowance/Island Special (Duty) Allowance/ Project Allowance/Tribal Area Allowance/ Sundarban Allowance

m)   Out station Allowance/ Deputation Allowance

n)    Shaurya Chakra Allowance

o)   Training Allowance, etc.

p) Overtime Allowance/ Night Half Allowance/Split  Duty Allowance .

5. Relaxations of conditions relating to advances like

(a)    Computer

(b)   Conveyances (Motor Car / Scooter / Cycles etc.)

(c)   Table Fans 

(d)   Festival

6.    Leave Travel Concession – Rulings and clarifications thereon.

7.   House Rent Allowance in lieu of Rent free accommodation.

8.    House Building Advance – Rulings

9.    Grant of Bonus to Postal Employees & GDS

10.  CGEGIS – 1980 Scheme and its implementation.

11.   Payment of Interim Relief to Central Govt. Employees.

12.   Relaxation of the time limit for travel of families of employees on transfer.

13.   Pay & Allowances of Gramin Dak Sewaks (earlier known as EDAs)

14.    Income tax Rulings – Circulation & clarification thereon.

15.    Sanction for investigation and sanction of debarred claims of any kind.

16.    Policy matters, instructions/classifications relating to provision of office/residential telephones and mobile.

17.   Matters relating to free/concessional telephones for retired employees of DOP erstwhile DGP&T, other than those who retired from the Department (Hqtrs.).

18.   Sanction of permanent advances/ cash imprest for Postal Circles and other administrative offices.

ADG(Estt.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.














































Dir (Estt.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116.














































1.Issues relating to central Pay Commission’s reports

2.CAT/Court cases on pay scales.

3.Anomalies on the recommendations of Central Pay Commission’s report on pay scales.

4.Union iteams on pay scales.

5.Supply of information under RTI Act –2005 relating to pay scales.

6.Individual cases on pay scales.

 Implementation of Central Pay Commission recommendations (except pension cases) and settlement of anomalies arising there from.

ADG (GDS/PCC), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.









Director (Estt.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116.









1. Matters relating to employment and conduct of GDS staff falling under the purview of GDS (Conduct &   

    Employment) Rules, 2001, viz.

2.Recruitment and Appointment (regular / provisional / substitute)

3 Grant of Leave of GDS staff.

4 Termination of employment of GDS staff.

5. Matters relating to Penalties & Appeals and Revision / Review Petitions against such penalties.

6. Compassionate appointment of dependents of deceased GDS.

7. Requests pertaining to condo nation/regularization of period of over retention/stayal in employment.

8. Requests/Appeals pertaining to cases of put-off duty.

9 Disciplinary actions under the preview of GDS (conduct & Employment) Rules,2001.

10. Parliament Questions i.e. Starred/ Unstarred raised by MPs,etc.

11. References from o/o MOC/MOS.

12.  References from Secretary (P).

13.  References from PMO.

14.  References from President Secretariat.

15.  Matters raised by Union.

16.  Processing of CAT/Court cases involving policy Matters.

17 .  General Complaints/requests individual cases.

ADG (GDS/PCC),  Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.






















Director (Tech)2309-6036,2303-6793, Department of Posts,  Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116.






















1. De-reservation  of vacancies.

2. Checking of regeneration rosters in the Department and its attached and subordinate offices.

3. Appointment of Liaison Officers/ Deputy Liaison Officers in the Department and Postal Circles.

4. Analysis of Annual statements received from concerned units and forwarding of consolidated Annual Statements to DOP&T & National Commission for SC/ST.

5. Meetings of Associations/Federation of SC/ST & OBCs Postal Employees with the Hon’ble Minister, Secretary &  Liaison Officer etc.

6. All cases of grievances of SC/ST & OBCs employees received though Deptt. of Personnel & Training & National Commission for SC/ST.

7. Trade Union facilities to the Federations/Associations recommended by the Department.

8. Reports, Returns and statements concerning SCs/STs/OBCs.

9. All Matters relating to Minorities and Physical Handicapped.

ADG (SCT), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036239

All matters relating to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes











Director (E),  Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23096036/23036793













 1. Formation and implementation of schemes relating to opening of new postal dispensaries and bifurcation of existing dispensaries.

2.  Proposals for opening of part-time dispensaries.

3.Instructions relating to control and supervision over working of postal dispensaries (including part-time), dispensaries Ambulance Room etc.

4.Streamling and improvement of facilities and services in the postal dispensaries.

5. Rules for maintenance of postal dispensaries – Review and revision thereof.

6.Maintenance of medical records in the postal dispensaries, Standardization of procedures relating to

7. Action on inspection reports/visit remarks of higher officers.

8. Complaints against working of the postal dispensaries.

9.Arrangements for treatment of special disease like cancer, leprosy etc. for employees covered by postal dispensaries.

10. Laying down standards of accommodation, equipment and furniture for postal dispensaries.

11. Indian systems of medicines and homeopathy treatment to employees covered by postal dispensaries.

12. Reimbursement of medical claims in relaxation of rules, condonation of delay in submission of claims and grant of medical advance to employees covered by postal dispensaries.

13. Instructions regarding appointment of private medical practitioners as AMAs at  dispensaries stations.

14. Co-operation with the Department of Family Welfare to implementation of family welfare programme.

15. Collection and evaluation of data regarding family welfare programme .

16. Recognition of hospitals, appointment of AMAs.

17.Preparation of the formulary of medicines every two years, which contains a comprehensive list of medicines, purchase  policy etc.for the dispensaries.

18. Taking up the Matter of P&T Pensioners with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,for providing  indoor medical facilities to them.

19. Examining all Matters pertaining to grant of fixed medical allowance of Rs.100/-p.m payable to pensioners if not residing in areas covered by CGHS/ similar schemes of other Ministries/Departments.

20.Examining Complaints of pharmaceutical companies regarding non-payment of bills and also taking up matter with Govt. Medical Store

Depot regarding Supply of medicines and pending payments.

21.RTI Cases/Court cases.

ADG (Medical), Department ofPosts, Dak Bhavan,  New Delhi-110116.

































 DDG (Estt.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116.
































Financial Services Division

International Money Transfer services and saving bank , saving certificate related matters

ADG (FS-I) , Room NO. 325, Dak Bhawan Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 1 Tel No.23036224

Director (FS) Room NO. 317, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001 Tel 23036654
Core Banking solution related Matters ADG(FS-II) Room NO. 326, Dak Bhawan Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 1 Director (FS) Room NO. 317, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001 Tel 230366544
Other matters except above sl. No 1 & 2 ADG(FS-III) Room NO. 322, Dak Bhawan Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 1 Tel No.23036963 Director (FS) Room NO. 317, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001 Tel 230366544


ESTATES (Building) 

1. Policy, general matters and rulings relating to departmental/rented buildings, allotment of residential quarters, retention and regularization of quarters.

2. Issues relating to payment of water and electricity charges for residential quarters and departmental buildings.

3. Inspection Quarters – Rules regarding allotment & fixation of tariff

4. Payment of HRA in case of suspension of employees holding posts to which residential quarters are attached, regularization of house rent, etc.

5. Allotment / maintenance of transit accommodation at Noida & Vivek Vihar – Delhi.

6. Cases relating to vacation / rent enhancement of rented buildings, repair of rented buildings at costs beyond the financial powers of Heads of Circles.

7. Disputes regarding lease deeds, Municipal taxes, Water & Electricity charges

8. Preparation of Five Year Plans/ Annual Plans and monitoring of their implementation.

9. All cases of acquisition/ purchase of land and construction of office buildings, staff quarters etc. and allotment of funds therefore & monitoring of their physical and financial progress.

10. Identification / maintenance of heritage buildings.

11. Allotment of funds for maintenance of departmental buildings, petty plan works, etc. and monitoring of their physical and financial progress.

12. Building coordination committee meetings.

13. Maintenance of statistical data on land and departmental/ rented buildings and staff quarters.

14. Disputes relating to buildings jointly occupied by DOP / DOT / BSNL.

15. Court cases, audit paras, Parliament Questions, RTI Act/ Union cases and references from Parliamentary Standing Committees/Consultative Committee on matters concerning Building Branch.

 Asstt. Director General (Building) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.















 DDG (PO, I, MM & Estates), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116















16. Building projects works, including RMS works (Examination of SOA, Preliminary Drawings Preliminary Estimates, Revised Preliminary Estimates)

17. Parliament questions and Assurances, pertaining to items of work handled by Desk officers.

18. VIP references relating to project works, acquisition/purchase of land, building etc.

19. Correspondence with Service Unions pertaining to items of work handled by Desk officers.

20. Acquisition/purchase of land/buildings. issue of sanction etc.

21. Court cases/ Arbitration cases/Audit paras relating to items of work handled by Desk officers.

22. Review of reports received from S.Es , Circles relating to items of work handled by Desk officers.

23. Cases relating to foundation stone laying ceremony, inauguration of postal buildings etc.

24. Work relating to setting up of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for development and commercial exploitation of postal estates. (D.O (BPII).

Asstt. Director General  (Building), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,

New Delhi-110116.


 Director (E&MM), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.







All cases/matters relating to approval of stimates, acquisition, purchase of land etc. in r/o 11 circles- Assam, Bihar, Kerala, Orissa, N.E., Jharkhand, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, U.P., Uttarkhand & West Bengal.

Desk Officer  (BP-I), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,

New Delhi, Tel No-23036931


 Director (E&MM), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.







All cases/matters relating to approval of stimates, acquisition, purchase of land etc. in r/o 11 circles namely- A.P., H.P.,Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, J&K, Haryana, M.P.,Maharashtra, Punjab & Rajasthan

Desk Officer (BP-II), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,

New Delhi-110116, Tel No-23036616


 Director (E&MM), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.








1. India’s relations with Universal Postal Union (UPU) and Asia Pacific Postal Union (APPU), Contributions to them and their agencies, Ratification of Acts/conventions.

2. Interpretation of UPU Conventions, Postal Parcels Agreements, Insured Letters Agreements.

3. Implementation of Strategies adopted by UPU Congress.

4. Examination of India’s proposals/ proposals submitted by other postal administrations to UPU/APPU congress, Board of Trustees for Quality of Service Fund and other bodies.

5. Delegations to Postal Congress/ Conferences, UPU Council of Administration (CA) and its Committees, UPU Postal Operations Council (POC) and its Committees, APPU Executive Council GB of APPTC Foreign Postal Administrations, delegation reports and related matters.

6. Cultural Exchange Programmes, Memorandum of Understanding, Treaties, Agreements, Technical Cooperation/ Assistance, Exchange of Information etc. with foreign postal Administrations and follow-up action thereto. 

7. Visits of foreign dignitaries to India and Indian delegates to foreign countries, Liaison  with M/o External Affairs/ Embassies/ITDC/hotels/ Railways/Airlines etc. in connection with visits of such dignitaries.

8. Technical Cooperation – UPU Special Fund – grant of Fellowships, Consultants and Equipments to other postal administrations.

9. Monitoring progress of QSF projects in India.

10. Processing and monitoring of technical cooperation projects assisted by India Post/ UPU / Ministry of External Affairs.

11. To carry out studies assigned to India by the Universal Postal Union and its agencies.

12. UNO and its Specialized Agencies – relations with UPU.

13. UNDP Postal projects-assistance to its functionaries in India and abroad.

14. Matters relating to World Trade Organization (WTO)/ GATS/ESCAP/SAARC Technical Committee on communications.

15. International Postal Seminars / Colloquia.

16. English translation of communications/minutes/proposals received in French from UPU/Foreign Postal Administrations/International Bureau.

17. Maintenance of Records, publications Circulars, Questionnaires Mise e jour and Bulletins issued by the International Bureau of UPU, Additions to the compendium of Information (convention).

18. Union Postal – review, enrollment of subscribers / publicity of.

19. Preparation of bilingual (French - English) UPU forms used in the foreign post.

20. Illegal postage stamps issued in foreign postal administrations.

21. International Reply Coupons.

22. Budget Estimates/ Revised Estimates/ Final Grant relating to ‘Foreign Travel’, ‘Contribution to UPU’ and ‘Other Administrative Exp. (Hospitality)’.

23. Updating of the list of Postal Administrations and appointments and retirements of Postal dignitaries.

24. South Asia Postal Union (SAPU)  -related work .

25. Application for direct investment in courier service seeking Administrative approval of DOP.

Section Officer (IR), Department ofPosts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.

























 ADG (IR) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




























1. Introduction of Surface Airlift (SAL) Parcel/Letter MAL Service to foreign countries, fixation and revision of related postage rates.

2. Implementation / Interpretation of the provisions of UPU Conventions on (SAL) Letter /Parcel and Money Order Services.

3. Postal Parcel/ Letter Agreements, Establishment/ Suspension of Parcel/ Letter Service with foreign countries.

4. Introduction /Suspension of Letter Mails Service to foreign countries and complaints relating to such services.

5. Revision of the insurance limits on Insured Letters (CN-27) to foreign countries.

6. British and Irish Postal Orders, Foreign Money Orders, V.P. Articles/COD Articles and related agreements with foreign countries.

7. Circulation of (i) International Bureau Circulars (UPU) pertaining to letter Mail, Money Orders, Postal Parcels Empty Bags etc. (ii) Circulars of Foreign Exchange office foreign exchange rates.

8. Surface Mail Routing, Conditions of acceptance Transmission and delivery parcels, fixing of Sailing programmes.

9. Transit charges/statistical operations and Mail arrangement with shipping companies.

10. Revision of Agency Charges.

11. Preparation, revision and publication of Indian Table CP-81 (Surface parcels) and maintenance of upto date CP-81 of Foreign Countries.

12. Opening of Foreign Post / Sub Post Offices and Export Extension Counters.

13. Exports and imports through postal channels, articles/prohibitory articles for exports, rates and duties on foreign post, rules and regulations of DGFT.

14. Amendments to Foreign Post Manual, provisions of IPO Act, 1898 and rules made there under relating to Foreign Post/Revision of Foreign Postal Manual/PO Guide PartII.

15. Fixation of advance dates of posting of “X” Mas and New Year Mails.

16. Introduction of Bar Codes for all categories of accountable foreign articles.

17. Monthly statements of parcels/LMAS.

18. Questionnaires relating to Letter /Parcel mail and Money Order Services.

19. Letter Writing Competitions conducted by UPU and SAARC Foreign on yearly basis.

20. Implementation of recommendations of the Two Men Committee Report on Custom

21. Cabinet Summary/Implementation Report on items relating to IR Division.

22. Terminal dues/policy and relates issue with UPU.

23. Complaints relating to inward/outward letter mail articles.

24. International Money orders Agreement Drafting Execution, Introduction, suspension Money order I.F.S.

25. Return of foreign Empty surface mailbags.

26. Computerization/ Modernization of Foreign post office/Airmail Centers.

27. Bilateral arrangement between the postal Administration of India and other countries relating to letter mail.

 Section Officer (CF), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.

























 ADG (IM) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


























1. Airmail Accounts Manual

2. Policy matters relating to settlement of Airmail accounts

3. Air accidents – loss/damage to foreign airmails

4. Dealings with the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union on matters relating to Air Mail/ EMS and Conferences, meeting of the UPU, etc. on such matters.

5. Preparation, revision and publication of Indian Table CP-82 and maintenance of upto date CP-82 of other Postal Administrations.

6.  Agreements regarding Christmas air mails.

7. Introduction of air parcel, insured air parcel, insured air letter and insured air box services to foreign countries.

8. Determination of aero postal distances, fixation rates for conveyance of mail and conclusion of agreements with air carriers for conveyance of domestic and international mail.

9. Fixation and revision of postage rates on air mail/EMS articles to other countries

10. Examination of documents/ technical studies on air mail

11 Amendment/updating of Post Office Guide and Manuals relating to foreign air mails and EMS

12. Implementation/interpretation of the provisions of UPU Conventions on air mail and EMS.

13. Mail arrangements and agreements with other countries for open transit of mail, routing of airmails to and from other countries and review thereof.

14. Costing and Revision of Speed Post rates, complaints regarding delay in delivery of Speed Post Letters and payment of compensation thereafter.

15. Introduction of International Speed Post Service with foreign countries, contracts for delivery of such Articles, monitoring of International Sped Post Traffic

16. English translation and maintenance of correspondence books of reference, documents etc. relating Air Mails and EMS received in French from UPU and other Postal Administrations.

17. Introduction of new services

18. IPS project for track and trace of International EMS

19. APP/ EMS/Telematic Co-operative matters on postal operations

20. Questionnaires relating to Airmail/EMS operations

21. EMS Standard Multilateral Agreements.

22. Liaison with BD Directorate for promotion of EMS Business.

23. Liaison with customs for speedy clearance of EMS items.

24. EMS enquiry, Rugby system and setting up of call centers.

25. Preparation of Delivery Standards of EMS, Airmail and Air Parcels and publication in UPU Publications.

26. Issue of Due Mail, Sorting List and Circulation List of foreign Airmail and Air Parcel

27. EMS End-to-End Quality test and Airmail sequential test by UPU

28. Matters relating to re-mailing.

29. Standardisation of IMPC Codes.

30. Quality of service related issues – all type of testing and other issues.

31. Issues relating to Security of Air Mail.

Section Officer (DA),Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,New Delhi-110116.


























 ADG (IM) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.

























1. Verification and settlement of bills received from the air carriers and Postal Administrations for conveyance of mails of Indian origin to foreign destinations and vice versa.

2.  Checking of courier Bills:- i.e.

(a) Chronposts . A. w.e.f. 1.1.2001

(b) Canada Post corporation w.e.f. 1.3.98

(c) A.S.G. Aswden, Sweden

(d) Deuche Post Express w.e.f. 1.3.2001

(e) K.L.M. Netherland

(f)  ASG European Road transport A/S. Denmark

(g) Austria Post PG

3.   Verification and settlement of dues recoverable from or payable to Foreign Administrations in respect of air mail, parcel post, M.O. exchange, letter mail transit terminal dues and international reply coupon accounts.

4. Maintenance of Ledgers for keeping complete record of all amounts due from and to foreign Postal Administrations in respect of air mail accounts, parcel post accounts and watching their receipts and payments.

5. Preparation of letter mail transit charges accounts.

6. Maintenance of parcel post letter mail (Terminal dues) transit Charges M.O. Exchange accounts statements.

7. Settlement of pending claims of the Foreign Administrations through POST CLEAR.

8. Preparation and submission of parcel post accounts, terminal dues accounts, transit charges accounts and MO exchange accounts to foreign postal administrations for acceptance.

9. Verification and acceptance of parcel post accounts, terminal dues accounts, transit charges accounts and MO exchange accounts from foreign administrations.

10. Settlement of compensation cases relating to foreign parcels, letter mail articles and BPOs.

11. Preparation of CN-52 (General Parcel Post Account) where India post stands creditor and verification/acceptance of CN-52 received from foreign  administrations.

12. Submission of bills in respect of Quality of Service Fund on Terminal Dues to U.P.U.

13. Statistics on account of terminal dues to find out number of

items per kg.

14. Work relating to regd. articles, insured articles & I.B.R.S. and bulk mail for terminal dues.

15. Compilation of Annual statement of foreign parcels, foreign airmail/terminal mail transit statistics for inclusion in Annual Report, etc.

16. Framing of Budget and revised estimates of air conveyance charges.

17. Disposal of audit inspection reports and objection statements.

18. Arrangement for payment to Foreign Airlines for outward mail.

19.     Maintenance of Q.S.F. (Quality of Service Fund )

20.     Maintenance of electronic international foreign Money orders. (IFS A/Cs)

 Asstt. Dir. General (IM),Department of  Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


























 DDG (IR&GB) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.



























Recovery of air mail charges from the Ministry of Home Affairs , BSF and Cabinet Secretariat for conveyance of Intelligence Bureau, BSF and Cabinet Secretariat mails by air.

 Asstt. Dir. General (IM), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


 DDG (IR&GB) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




1. Policy  matters relating to  :     

I.  Uniforms items of postal employees, stitching of uniforms.

II. Revision  of specifications and life of stores articles, liaison with Bureau of Indian Standards in this regard.

III. Finalization of tenders.

IV. Passing of bills.

V. Budget control of Material Management.

VI. Computerization of  PSDs.

VII. Decentralistion of procurement

VIII. Procurement of the following decentralized items:

a. Uniform items/ water proof coats. 

b. Ankle Boots/ Shoes (black leather derby) /Chappals

c. Drill cloth circular pieces

d. Umbrellas

e. Tin Trays/ Tin Seal Holders/Tin Boxes of Postage Stamps

f. Iron Parcel

g. Platform Scales/ Brass scales and maintenance & servicing thereof

h. Cash Chests/Safes/S.B. Ledger Cabinets/Steel Almirahs

i. Post Box Cabinets

j. Fire Extinguishers

k. Electric Wax Heaters

l. Paints.

m. Brass Stamp Damper

n. Jute Canvas Tarpaulins

o. G.I. Padlocks/ repairs of locks

p. Wooden Boxes

q. Any other item on Rate Contract pertaining to Uniform and Postal Equipments.

r. Jute Twin, Cotton Twine one sealing wax.

2. Compilation of indents received from PSDs and their processing for clearance.

3. Procurement and supply of Jute Canvas Mail bags, Airmail Dasuti Bags, Airmail Nylon Bags, all   types of other Bags and Letter Boxes of stores and settlement of bills thereof.

4. Contingent expenditure relating to the items dealt with in U.P.E. Section.

5. C-ordination/liaison with D.G.S.& D., DOP&T, MOF and other Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations for procurement of postal uniforms and equipment.

6. Co-ordination /liaison with laboratories for testing of samples of uniforms items and postal equipments.

 ADG (MPP), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


 Director (E&MM) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.
























 1.  Liaison with Directorate of Printing and Govt. of India Presses for printing and supply of forms by Govt. Presses.

2. Regional Forms Depots at Kolkata, Trichur, Aligarh, Bhubaneswar - General coordination/liaison regarding supply of forms.

3. Printing of departmental publications (except Dak Patrika, Philately News, D.G. Desk newsletter, Annual reports, Book of information, D.G.Desk news letter)

4. Policy matters on printing of publications, pamphlets, monographs, etc. by the Department.

5. Manuals of Department of Post and correction slips thereon - Printing and supply.

6.   Budgetary provisions/contingent expenditure relating to items of work dealt with by the Section -Sanction of.

7.   Procurement and distribution of verities of Paper, , (printing, duplicating, typing, cartridge etc.) to Circles and administrative offices.

8.  Indenting for paper on DGS&D by Circles and supply by DGS&D.

9.   Plan programes on matters pertaining to Material Management Division with reference to iteams pertaining to P.F. Section.

10. Printing and Circulation of Telephone numbers of officers in the Department.

11.Procurement and distribution of DAVP Wall Calendars and diaries.

 Director (E&MM), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.











 DDG (PO, I, MM & Estates), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,

New Delhi-110116











Postal Printing Unit (PPU) SECTION

1. Administrative control and aspects relating to the Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar.

2. Work relating to Superintendent P.S.F&S Aligarh.

3. Policy matters relating to Stamps & Seals manufactured by Postal Seals Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd. Aligarh.

 Director (E&MM),  Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


 DDG (PO, I, MM & Estates), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116



1. Policy matters relating to first class mail and second class mail, Bill Mail Service and Electronic Intimation of Delivery (e-IOD), Inter-Circle Mail               Arrangement.

2. Policy of Mail Arrangement in Mail Offices, RMS Section and Post Offices.

3. Policy on Air mail, Operation of  Freighter Aircraft, Coordination with Airlines, Conveyance of domestic mail by air.

4. Policy on Conveyance of mail through surface (Railways, MMS and Mail Motor contract),Haulage charges, Coordination meeting with Railway               Board.

5. Policy and operational issues relating to Letter Box Clearance, delivery of mail and Delivery Norms for mail.

6. Plan Projects under 11th Plan: Wet lease of Freighter Aircraft, Setting up of mail Business Centres, Setting of Automatic Mail Processing Centres,               publicity for re-designed  pin code and National Address Date Base Management System.

7. Policy on Modernization of mail office.

8. Policy on Quality of Mail monitoring: Live mail survey, NTLR, Monthly Mail Management Report, Test Letters, Trial Cards etc.

9. Opening and closure of mail offices and Transit Sections and Policy thereon.

10. MIS on RMS Divisions, Mail Offices and Sections.

11. Rules and Procedures pertaining to RMS under Postal Manual Vand VII.

12.  Policy on Standardization of Mail and stationary.

13. Parliament Question relating to Mail Management and mail Operation.

14. Policy on Pin Code and Pin Plus etc. and their Popularization.

15. VIP/ Minister Cases relating to Mail Operations / Management.

16. Establishment matters relating to Gazzeted RMS posts, bifurcation/ re-organization /up gradation / creation of RMS Division.

17. Interaction with service Unions on matter relating to RMS.

18. Policy on Inter Circle Bag linking Arrangements and Bag Accounting.

19. Policy on Mail Business Centers.

20. Court/ CAT Cases relating to mail Operations / Mail management.

21. Policy on sorting and other related equipments, Sorting pattern, Due Mail and Sorting List.

22. Matters relating to Bag numbering System.

23. Policy for Procurement / design / construction of RMS Mail vans.

24. Policy on Mail transmission and delivery for Army Postal Service.

25. CAG and Audit cases relating to mail Operations and mail management.

26. Matters relating to Special dispatches of UPSC, Election Commission.

27. Operational  issues relating to Speed Post. (Complaints cases of speed post are handled by BD & MD ).

 ADG(MO), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.
















 Director (MM) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


















1. Policy matters on Mail Motor vehicles.

2. Plan projects relating to MMS

3. Usual and pre- mature condemnation of vehicles.

4. Procurement/ replacement of vehicles, transfer of vehicles.

5. Monitoring of performance of MMS units.

6. Introduction of new MMS.

7. Augmentation of existing fleet of MMS.

8. Modernization of mail motor Depots.

9. Audit and related matters on MMS.

10. Annual reports and proforma accounts of operative and inspection vehicles.

11. Accident cases.

12. Payment of compensation and settlement of accident cases.

13. Periodical technical inspection reports of MMS units.

14. Repairs and maintenance of vehicles.

15. Delegation of financial powers to the Managers/ Sr. managers and other officers for maintenance and repairs of motor vehicles.

16. Drawing and specifications for body building on motor vehicles.

17. Introduction of outsourced MMS.

 Director (MV), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


 CGM (MB) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


Mail Bussiness

1. Plan Porject on setting

2. Plan projects relating to MMS

3. Usual and pre- mature condemnation of vehicles.

4. Procurement/ replacement of vehicles, transfer of vehicles.

5. Monitoring of performance of MMS units.

6. Introduction of new MMS.

7. Augmentation of existing fleet of MMS.

8. Modernization of mail motor Depots.

9. Audit and related matters on MMS.

10. Annual reports and proforma accounts of operative and inspection vehicles.

11. Accident cases.

12. Payment of compensation and settlement of accident cases.

13. Periodical technical inspection reports of MMS units.

14. Repairs and maintenance of vehicles.

15. Delegation of financial powers to the Managers/ Sr. managers and other officers for maintenance and repairs of motor vehicles.

16. Drawing and specifications for body building on motor vehicles.

17. Introduction of outsourced MMS.

 Director (MB), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


 CGM (MB) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




1. General policy regarding :

a. Departmental Examinations for Group ‘C’ (non-technical) and Group ‘D’ employees.

b. Recruitment to Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ cadre posts (including regularization of service of casual labourers).

c. Verification of character and antecedents for employment in the Department.

2. Individual cases of recruitment : -

a.                 Circle Offices

1. Stenographers Grades I, II and III

2. Caretaker

3. Group ‘D’

4. Sr. Hindi Translators and Junior Hindi Translators

b. S. B. Control and I/C Organisation

i.  H.S.G. I & II

ii. Group ‘D’

c.  Subordinate Offices (PO, RMS, RLOs, Foreign Posts, MMS, Postal Stores Depots, PLI etc.)

i.  Postal Assistants/ Sorting Assistants

ii. Postmen, Village Postmen, Head Postmen, Mail overseer, Sorting     Postmen, Mail Guard and Head Mail Guard.

iii. Stamp vendors and other Group ‘D’ posts including Boy Peons.

3.      Departmental Examination for confirmation of Postal Assistants/ Sorting Assistants in subordinate offices: -

a. General policy

b. Individual cases of Postal, RMS, RLO, Foreign Post, Postal Stores Depot and MMS.

4.      Medical Examination for recruitment:

a. General policy.

b. Individual cases of cadres mentioned in (2) above.

5.      Representation of S/C, S/T & OBC in Services.

a. General policy

b. Individual cases of the cadres mentioned in (2) above.

6.      Cases of Physically handicapped and their reservation: -

a. General policy

b. Individual cases

 7.      Redeployment of Ex-servicemen in the light of policy of Govt. of India

a. General policy

b. Individual cases.

 8.      General policy and individual cases of non-technical and non-clerical Staff such as:-

a. Pharmacist

b. Store-Keepers

c. Compounders

d. Nurses

e. Electrician

f.  Drivers

g. Wiremen

h. Carpenters

i.  Draftsmen

j.  Caretakers

k. Librarian

l.  Postal Machine Assistants

9.      Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly/ Yearly statements

a. Physically handicapped.

b. Ex-servicemen

c. OBCs

d. Women employees

e. Minorities

10. Following subjects relating to the cadres of Postmen, Mail guards, Head Postmen, Head Mail Guards and Group ‘D’ staff in Circle offices, Postal, RMS, RLO, Foreign Posts, MMS, DPLI, SBCO and I/C organization:-

a. Seniority

b. Recruitment, extension and re-employment.

c. Honorarium, rewards and appreciation of services

d. Forwarding of applications

e. Change in Name, date of birth, religion

11.  Employment of dependents of deceased/invalidated postal employees and dependents of defence personnel killed/  disabled in action

a. General policy and coordination

b. Individual cases.

12.  Recruitment of Outstanding sportsmen :

a. General Policy

b. Individual cases of Postal Wing.

13.  Condonation of break in service for the purpose of examination:

a. General Policy

b. Individual Cases of GDSs to Group ‘D’/ Postmen.

 14. Staff matters relating to canteen of postal circles

15.  Regularization of leave of employee of postal printing press, Bhubaneswar.

 SO (SPB-I), Staff Division,Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-1..











































































 ADG(SPN),Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad marg, New Delhi-110001.












































































1.  General Policy matters and rules relating to non-gazetted ministerial staff in Postal RMS and Engineering Wings (except those specifically allotted to other Sections) in respect of the following :

i.   Leave of all kinds

ii.   CCS (Temporary Service) Rules, 1965

iii.  Change of Name/ Religion/ Date of Birth

iv.  Con donation of break in service for seniority and leave

v.   Confirmation

vi.   DPC and Promotion

vii.   Permission to join as Home Guards

viii.  Honorarium – (fixation of rates to be dealt by the concerned technical Section dealing with the  subject matter)

ix.   Joining Time

x.    Lien

xi.   Medical Examination and medical certificates except for first appointment

xii.  Officiating arrangements in short term vacancies

xiii. Permission to join educational institutions

xiv. Resignation and its withdrawal

xv.  Maintenance of Service Book

xvi. Seniority

xvii. Superannuation and extension of service/ re-employment after retirement

xviii. Re-employment of dismissed Government servants in public sector

2.  Army Postal Service – General Policy

3.  Provision of staff for census and elections

4.   Delegation of administrative powers to PO & RMS Staff (except financial powers handled by Integrated Finance Wing)

5 Employment of non-Indians

6.  Meghdoot Awards/ Dak Sewa Awards/ Best Postman Awards

7. All general and individual staff matters relating to the following cadres (except those specifically allotted to other Sections)

i.  Cashiers in POs, RMS, Foreign Post, Postal Stores Depot and RLO

ii. Inspectors of Posts

iii. Technical Supervisors in MMS

iv.  Lower Selection Grade, Higher Selection Grade-II and Higher Selection Grade–I

v.  Assistant Superintendents of Posts

vi. Office Superintendents in Circle and administrative offices

vii. Deputy Manager, MMS

9. Transfer cases of Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ staff.

SO (SPB-II), Staff Division,Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-1.




































ADG (SPN), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116..





































1. All staff matters including recruitment, promotions, postings, transfers, confirmation, deputation (on assignments other than delegation/training in India and abroad) retirements, leave, seniority etc in respect of the following services/posts :-

i)              Indian Postal Service Group 'A'  and Postal Service Group 'B'.

ii)              Mail Motor Service Group 'A'  and ‘B’

iii)              Gazzeted posts in Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar.

iv)              Sr. Hindi Officers/  Hindi Officers in the Department.

v)        Chief Medical Officers/ Medical Officers in Postal Dispensaries

vi)       Gazetted officers of Civil & Electrical Wings of the Department.

vii)     Stenographer (Gazzeted)

viii)               Other isolated Gazzeted posts in the Department (directorate )/ Circle Offices.

2.              Maintenance of property returns in respect of the above officers.

3.              Grant of permission/sanctions under CCS Conduct Rules, 1964 in respect of the above  officers.

4.              Preparation of Civil Lists of Indian Postal Services Officers.

5.              Co-ordination work relating to Invitations for Republic Day/ Independence Day celebrations.

6.              Work relating to Haj pilgrimage/ Mansarovar Yatra including nominations for deputations/ assignments.

7.              Circulation of instructions/orders regarding deputation etc.

8.               CAT/Court cases arising out of staff matters in respect of above services.

9.              VIP references relating to service matters like transfer, promotion, posting etc.

10.              Providing information to the applicants under RTI Act, 2005 pertaining to personnel Division.

11.              Transfer/posting and all other establishment matters

pertaining to the following  officers of Civil & Electrical & Architectural Wings .

12.              Chief Engineers, Supdt. Engineers (Civil/Electrical), Sr. Architect, Executive Engineers (Civil/Electrical) Architect, Asstt. Engineers               (Civil/Electrical), Asstt. Architect and any other matter related to the above cadres.

13. Examination of representations pertaining to adverse entries in the ACRs and allied matters has been recently transferred from Vigilance to SPG Section.

14. Maintenance of Service Books & proposals concerning fixation of pay/ stepping up/ ante dating of increments of the ADs/ ADsG and up to Director level.

 ADG (SGP), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




























 Director (Staff) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




























All compassionate appointment cases and related matters. SO(SPB-I/C), Dak Bhawan, Department of Post, New Delhi-1. Tele. No. 23036708. Director (Staff), Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. Tele. No. 23096103 Fax No: 23036656.


1. Formulating Human Resource Development plan and Training policy including development of training infrastructure and personnel.

2. Conduct Training needs analysis-in-house and through external agencies.

3. Preparation of EFC and obtaining necessary approvals. Implementation of the approved plan schemes and monitoring.

4. Preparation of Annual Plan, Non-Plan, funds and

(i)  Setting of Physical and Financial Targets

(ii) Release of funds.

(iii) Monitoring of achievement of physical targets and utilization of targets.

5. Nomination and deputation of officers for long term and short term programmes seminars and workshops at Training Institutes of repute within India and abroad.

6. Obtaining necessary approval of competent authority for foreign component for training imparted by Postal Staff College.

7. Setting parameters for vendor selection for imparting training through External Agencies; provide necessary inputs and guidance to postal Circles for selection of external agency.

8. Monitoring quality of training programmes of the PSCI and PTCs and of the programmes conducted by postal Circles though External Agencies and Local Training Centres/Workplace Computer Training Centres.

9. Replies to parliament Question/Standing Committee and Audit paras. Replies under RTI Act; Processing & settlement of VIP cases.

10.  Preparation of RE/BE; AFG; Final Grant proposals.

11. Coordination with other Departments with reference to training programmes organized by other Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations like        Ministry of Health, Deptt of Personnel & Training, Institute of Secretariat Training & Management, Indian Institute of Public Administration, Indian Institutes of Management, National Institute of Financial Management, National Institute of Bank Management, National Productivity Council etc.

Director (Training) , Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.
















 DDG (Training) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.

















PG&QA Division

1.  Setting up and monitoring of performance of Customer Care Centres.

2.  Web based handling of public complaints.

3.  Setting up and monitoring of functioning of Information and Facilitation Counters.

4.  Formulation and implementation of Citizens Charter.

5.  Introduction of facilities for better customer care in the Department.

6.  Introduction and implementation of quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement programs like  “Sevottam”.

7.  Environment protection and sustainable development in the Department of Posts.


8. Complaints received from Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State, Department of ARPG, Secretary (Posts), Member of Postal Service Board where there are allegations regarding unsatisfactory disposal of complaints in subordinate units or where the disposals of cases are beyond the powers of Circles/Regions/Divisions.

9. Prescribing methods for dealing with various types of complaints on postal matters.

10. Complaints organizations in circles/regions, supervision over  the progress of work, action plan, monitoring system studies to introduce corrective               measures, experience sharing with field formations and educating customers.

11. Scrutiny of Quarterly Statement of Postal Complaints submitted by the Postal  Circles showing exact picture of complaints received and disposed               during the quarter.

12. Conducting enquiries and settle the complaints pertaining to delay in delivery and loss of unregistered letters including the complaints of               misbehaviour by postal staff and non availability of postage stamps and stationary etc.

13. Settlement of claims in respect of Money Orders, Insured articles, Registered article, Value payable articles and postal orders.

14. Conducting enquiries and settlement of claims pertaining to delay in delivery, loss of abstraction of contents of registered articles where the value               involved is less than Rs.200000/-

15. Settlement of claims pertaining to Insured articles.  Money Orders, VP Articles (except fraud cases exceeding loss of Rs. 200000/- in respect of any item)

16. Measures to be taken to reduce complaints against services by suggesting amendments to rules and issuing instructions through DG’s  Circulars,               Newsletters and introducing new action plans.

17.  Taking action on summons, suit notices received from the Courts of Law or from Lawyers engaged by the public against the Department (except  foreign countries) relating in Registered articles, Insured articles.  Money Orders and Value Payable Articles. Dealing with court cases arising out               of Consumer Protection Act 1986, filing of appeal/ revision petition in National Commission and other Suits concerning Postal Services.

18. Settlement of complaints pertaining to foreign Money

19. Analyse  the genesis of complaints and suggestions for remedial measures to be taken for enhancing the efficiency/accuracy in Postal Services.

20. Disposal of references received in connection with the FAMOs.

21. Disposal of references about criticism of postal services through media/press.

22. Dealing with Parliament Questions and other allied issues concerning complaints against Postal Services and social audit panel etc.

23. Conducting special drives for settlement of complaint cases relating to Postal Services.

24. Constitution of Dak Adalats at Circle/Regional levels and review of evaluation reports relating to them.

25. Complaints regarding delay in delivery of Mails.

AD (PG & I), PG Division, Dak Bhavan,New Delhi-110001. Tel No- 01123036397
































 Dirctor (PG ), Dak Bhavan,Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001.

































RTI Desk

Implementation of Right to Information Act,2005 – Policy matters

 Dealing with individual cases under RTI – application and appeals in capacity of nodal.

 Liaison with DOPT, CIC, other public authorities under Central Government.

 Enabling CAPIOs in DOP to act as CAPIOs for public authorities under Central Government. Development of software and implementation thereof,

 Other co-ordination work related to RTI in capacity and nodal,

 Preparation and submission of quarterly and annual statement to CIC as per RTI Act - 2005.

Director (PG),

Department of Posts,Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.



Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,New Delhi-110116.




1.   Work Measurement Studies for evolution of norms for staff assessment in field offices, Circles, Postal Accounts and Administrative Offices.

2.   Liaison with Staff Inspection Unit, Ministry of Finance and Department of Administrative Reforms in respect of work measurement studies.

3.    Work measurement studies/ methods studies/organization studies of Sections of the Department of Posts (Hqtrs.).

4.    Furnishing of various reports viz., Hindi Reports, O&M Reports, and Material for inclusion in Annual Report of the Department etc. relating to IWSU.

5.  Reply of RTI cases in respect of matters relating to IWSU. 

DDG (WS & MR),

Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




DDG (Work Study) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,New Delhi-110116.



1.   Proposal for issue of Commemorative/Definitive Postage –Stamps received through MOC&IT/MOS(C&IT)’s,VIP’s/MP’s/MLA’s /PMO’s                /Press, Sectt. etc.

2. Proposals for issue of Special covers. Preparing stamps issue programme. Obtaining material for Designing for approval proposals .Processing               Art Works (design cards, colour proofs, technical data etc. from printing press.

3.  Issue of circular - stamps release to circles and monthly issue programme. Pre release information for Ministers Seniors Officers. Preparations of               Albums (Release Functions). Approval & printing of Stamps, FDCs, Brochures and other philatelic Products.

4.  Production Centres. Promotion, All type of Exhibitions, Foreign Tours, Whole Sellers, Foreign Agents & Dealers. Stocks of Albums Exhibits               Museum Stamp design competition, Stamp Popularity Poll.

5 Keeping a permanent record of all issues since 1947. Matters pertaining to publicity material to DPIO, PTI etc.

6.   Designing of covers of Annual Report, Statistical Reports.

7.  Demand and supply of stamps to Post Offices.

8.  Plan activities related to D/O Posts. Modernization of PO’s CSDs, Philatelic Bureaux. Stocking & Distribution. PDA Accounts, Postal               Stationery, Revenue compilation.

9.  Diary & Dispatch (R&D)/Movement of files.

10. Preparation of Cabinet Summary etc. Submission of all Reports & Returns. Sending of quarterly Complimentary Quota of FDC & Brochures toVIP/MPs. Compilation submission statements. Maintenance of Guard Files/Sanction registe. 

11.   Non-plan matters. Payments of all types of Bills.

12.   Parliamentary questions/Assurances.

13.   Agenda for PAC meeting & preparation.

14.   RTI Cases.

ADG (Philately),

Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


DDG (Philately) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,New Delhi-110116.



1.  Publication of Dak Patrika - Planning for each issue, procuring contributions/ photographs, covering up events, designing and layout, printing, distribution, etc.

2.    Correspondence with authors, interviews of philatelists/other eminent persons for preparing write ups, for the journal.

3.  Distribution/ supply of the journal to outgoing delegations/exhibitions on international level, visiting delegations and Members of Philately               Advisory Committee/Standing Committee, Ministries/Departments, associations/unions etc and maintenance of accounts thereof.

4.  Advice to Circles regarding distribution of the journal to lower formations.

5.   Publicity of Dak Patrika.

6.  Exchanging Dak Patrika with other publications.

7. Arranging payment of honoraria to contributors, photographers, artists and other contributors.

8. Settlement of bills for printing.

9.  Editorial Board Meetings, follow-up action on decisions etc.

10.   Budget- Preparation and allotment of funds for publication of the  Journal and  maintenance of accounts thereof.

11. Audit/Inspection Report/CAG paras, VIP references, RTI cases, Parliament Questions/ Assurances/ Special Mentions/Rule 377 cases, references               from Parliamentary/Consultative Committee on matters concerning the Section.

Director (Philately),Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.










DDG (Philately) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,

New Delhi-110116.













1. Procedures relating to posting, delivery, booking, dispatch, redirection, recall and detention of inland postal articles in post offices.

2. Procedure and conditions relating to the following services and inland postal articles in post offices :-

(a) blind literature packets

(b) book packets 

(c) business reply system

(d) certificate of posting, book packets containing periodicals

(e) pattern and sample packets

(f)  registered newspapers

(g) recorded delivery service

(h) letters and letter cards

(i)  official postal articles

(j)  registration and insurance

(k) Indian Postal Orders

(l)  Money Orders

(m) VP articles

(n)  Unpaid and insufficiently paid articles.

3.  Liability of the Department in respect of the following services regarding inland postal articles:-

(a) registration

(b) insurance

(c) money orders

(d) VP articles.

4.  Postal Transactions :

(a) Procedures and operations relating to post office counter transactions. 

(b) Prescribing procedures for post office transactions except those relating to SB, NSC, PLI and Speed Post.

5. Procedures and operations relating to Night Post Office and Post Office working on Sundays and holidays - clearance of letter box, working               hours, booking/ handling/despatch of postal articles.

6. Postage Stamps – cancellation, sale through commission agents (except through the LAP scheme and agency of Gram Panchayat), and cases of unauthorized sale

7. Revenue Stamps -  Procedure for sale through post offices.

8. Procedure for Supply and handling of cash in post offices:

(a) Supply of cash to/from post offices and to/from counter clerks

(b) Accounting and handling in the post offices

(c) Verification of balances in post offices

(d) Exchange of cash amongst officials in post offices

(e) Remittances or withdrawals from treasuries by post offices

(f)  Financing of post offices through banks

(g) Supply and disposal arrangements with private agencies

(h)  Sanction of permanent advances and cash imprest in post offices and in the SRs and SSPs offices

(i)  Limits of cash amounts to be entrusted to various officials in various cadres

(j)  Limit of cash amounts for inclusion in cash bags.

9.   Cash and Cheque transactions - Cash transactions at Post Offices, acceptance of legal tender, Acceptance of cheques from public for transactions at POs and their handling, and banker's guarantee for cheques for post office transactions.

10. Interpretation of rules about financial powers relating to Postal transactions.

11. Undeliverable Postal articles - Procedures for detention and disposal in Post Offices and dispatch to RLOs.

12. RLO - rules and procedures relating to handling of articles and disposal of dead articles.

13. Letter Boxes - Clearance of letter boxes except those installed at RMS Offices.

14. Post Office Records - Procedures relating to Production of operational records in courts and before other authorities, supply of information to               Government Offices or to the public and preservation of Post Office records (except those relating to SB & PLI).

15. Delegation of duties in Post Offices - Procedures relating to handling of postal articles, supervisory checks of Post Office records and               submission of periodical returns to and from Post Office and Audit Office.

16. Issues relating to functions of Branch Office.

17. Review of rules and regulations pertaining to post office accounts.

18. Postal legislation (excluding Savings Bank):

(a)  Indian Post Office Act 1898 - Interpretation and amendment thereof

(b)   Framing and amendment of statutory rules. 

(c)   Interception of mails.

19. Review and improvement of postal procedures and forms.

20. Prohibited Articles - Rules regarding transmission by inland post, treatment and disposal of.

21. Postage Rates - conditions of transmission and classification, rebates.

22. Postal concessions to troops for inland traffic.

23. Identification Cards - Conditions for issue of identification cards to public and their acceptance, issue of Identity Cards to staff in Post Offices

24. Procedures and conditions relating to the following agency functions :

(i)  IYC Seals

(ii) Income Tax Return Forms

(iii) Motor Vehicle Tax

(iv) Central Recruitment Fee Stamp

(v) Collection of electricity bills

(vi) Pension to Military Pensioners

(vii) pensions to disabled

(viii) Employees Family pension

(ix)  LIC Premia collection

(x)   Notices to Reservists and issue of Mobilisation covers

(xi)  Sale of passport fee stamps and  forms

(xii) Payments under Coal Mines Provident Fund Scheme.

25. Procedures relating to provision of Telegraph Service through combined office, booking/ issue/ transmission/ payment of inland telegraph               money orders, preparation of telegraphic advice and receipt, user pay scheme.

26. Revision, updating and issue of correction slips for Postal Manual Volume-I and Vol.-VI (Parts-I, II & III), Book of B.O. Rules Part-I and Post               Office Guide Part-I.

27. Public response to postal activities relating to PO Divisions except public complaints.

28. Work relating to Stamp Cancellation Machines

29. Work relating to technology options and model approval of Franking Machines

30.Monitoring and Implementation of Project Arrow

AD (PG & I) Room No.414,Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi-110001





































































Director(PO & I), Room No.340, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi-110001





































































1. Policy guidelines on inspection and visits by officers in Department of Posts.

2. Updation, review and amendments of inspection Questionnaires.

3. Preparation of Annual inspection Programme of Inspection unit of Directorate.

4.  Preparation o0f Inspection Reports of Inspection unit of Postal Directorate, submission to higher authorities for review.

5.  Communication of review remarks, Issue of extract of Inspection reports to all concerned and follow-up action on inspection reports.

6.  Examination of compliance report and submission for final closing of action on inspection report.

7.  Monitoring compliance on matters raised in visit Remarks of Secretary (P), Members(PSB) and DDG (PO&I).

8.  Examination of Compliance report and submission for final closing of action on visit remarks.

9. Review of Annual Inspection programme of CPMG/RPMG/Directors and communicating approval thereof.

10.  Review of Half yearly Statement on Inspection of operative offices in circles

11  Review of Quarterly Statement of inspection of  CPMG/RPMG/Directors.

Assistant Director (PG and Inspection)
Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.
Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


1. Progressive use of Hindi :

(a)  Circulation of Orders

(b)  Annual Programme

(c)  Review & compilation of Quarterly Progressive Reports of the Directorate and furnishing it to OL Department.

(d) Notification of sub. Offices under rule10(4)

(e) Issuance of individual orders under rule8(4) of the OL Act.

(f)  Review and completion of quarterly progressive report of circle offices.

(g) Compilation of annual assessment report and furnishing of the same to OL Department.

(h) Organization of circle level seminars.

(i)  Inspection of Sections, Circle/Sub. Offices attached with OL.

(j)  Review of inspection reports forwarded by officers of Circle.

(k) Other miscellaneous work regarding progressive use of Hindi.

2.  Hindi Teaching Scheme

(a) Incentives for joining Hindi classes.

(b) Nomination for the Hindi, Hindi typing, Hindi stenography training.

(c) Correspondence with the OL Department in connection with the Scheme.

3. Translation of Documents

(a) Annual Report.

(b) Departmental codes and manuals.

(c) Parliament questions and other related material

(d) Budget

(e) Standing Committee.

(f)  ATN on Audit reports

(g) Appropriation account report.

(h) Demands of grants.

(i)  Write-up relating to Philately

(j)  Philately news letter

(k) Cabinet notes

(l)  Speeches of higher officers etc.

(m) Public accounts committee.

(n) Miscellaneous items.

4. Hindi Salahkar Samiti :

(a) Formation of Hindi advisory committee.

(b) Organisation of meetings.

(c) Minutes and action taken

(d) Follow-up action on decisions.

(e) TA&DA to members

(f)  Miscellaneous.

5. Committees

(a) To take follow up action on the decisions of Central Official Language Implementation Committee

(b) TO take Follow up action on the decisions of Kendriya Hindi Samiti.

(c)  All action related to Inspection of the Directorate and Subordinate offices by Parliamentary Committee on Official Language.

(d) Organization of meetings of Official, Language Implementation Committee of the Postal Directorate and follow up action on the minutes of its meetings.

(e) Town official language implementation committees (Sub offices)

(f)  Miscellaneous

6. Incentive schemes

(a) Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Shield

(b) Postal Deptt. Rajbhasha Shield for the Directorate.

(c) Akhil Bhartiya Rajbhasha Shield for Circle Offices.

(d) Award for the original writings on subjects related  to postal services

(e) Incentives to the Stenos and clerical staff for doing their official work in Hindi.

(f) Incentive to the officers for giving dictations in Hindi

(g) Incentive scheme for hindi noting and drafting

(h) Misc.

7. Miscellaneous

(a) Organisation of Hindi work shops

(b) Organisation  of Hindi Day/Hindi Fortnight.

(c) Periodical returns of O&M.

(d) Sanctioning for Hindi Books for Circle Offices.

(e) Work study.

(f)  Annual inspection.

(g) General matters regarding Staff.

(h) OTA/honorarium for the staff .

(i) Parliament Questions relating to OL Section.

(j) Recording, classification and weeding out of files,

(k) Material for inclusion in the annual report of the Directorate.

(l) Misc.

Dy. Director (OL) Room NO. 113, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001 Tel No.23096206.



































































Director (OL), Room No.231, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001, Tel No:23096169




































































1. Formulation of Technology Vision in line with the objectives of the Department.

2. Development of strategy for implementation of the Technology Vision.

3. Formulation of Plan scheme for technology induction and upgradation. The scheme will include:

a. Computerization and networking of Operational and Administrative units in the Department.

b. National Data Centre, disaster Recovery Centre, Integrated modular scalable software development.

c. Identifying HR and training needs for the projects.

4. Processing and finalization of the EFC/SFC proposals relating to Technology Division.

5. Monitoring of the Plan outcomes specified in each EFC/SFC and utilization of funds.

6. Processing for selection of the Technology partner, interacting with Consultant for project formulations, planning and implementation.

7. Audit Parliament questions related to Technology Division and other parliamentary Committees.

8. To organize workshops within the country and abroad for updating on latest developments in technology induction in India and abroad.

9. Overall monitoring of Technology implementation and functioning of the networked system and sub-system.

10. To formulate set of Instructions and guidance to Circles on issues relating to implementation of Computerization and networking in operative               and administrative offices.

11. To supervise and co-ordinate the functioning of Software Development Center, and augment its requirements from time to time with view to   make it a technology hub for SAARC and APPU countries.

12. Inventory management and procurement of hardware and software plan funds utilization.

13. Allocation of funds to Circles and other field units.

14. To liaison with NIC and other service providers for maintenance of the networked system.

15. To monitor the functioning of the National Data Centre and Disaster Recovery center.

16. Monitoring of the functioning of the Facility/Management Centre and maintenance of India Post Website.

ADG(Technology),Dak Bhawan, Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-1. Tel: 011-23096132







Director (Tech.) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan,Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. Tel: 011-23096201








1.  Conceptualization, Planning execution and management of plan schemes relating to Technology Upgradation & modernization on a project       mode from inception to end.

2.    Preparation of a comprehensive need based plan for induction of IT in the department.

3.     Selection pf project consultants and other technology partners to implement the approved Plan Schemes.

4.   Oversight of project implementation, Change Management and Human Resource Development.

5. Coordinating different aspects of projects with concerned divisions in the Directorate as well as with the circles.

6.  Maintaining liaison with all other interfacing agencies and stakeholders.

7.   Entering into contracts with partners/vendors etc, as per specific authorization and managing the same

8.  Carrying out all other project related functions that may be assigned to it from time to time.

 Director (PMU), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


 DDG (PMU) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.











The following matters in respect of Gazetted Officers of the Department of Posts.

1.              Complaints having vigilance angle allegations of bribery and corruption, illegal gratification, abuse of official position for extraneous considerations, harassment to secure illegal gratification or any other undue advantage in cash or kind including:-

(a)   cases  of immorality, criminal assault and molestation of women, etc.

(b)   drawal of allowances like house rent allowances education allowances, LTC etc. by producing false receipts/documents.

(c)    Misuse of departmental vehicles.

(d)   Possession of assets disproportionate to known sources of income.

2.      Disciplinary cases, appeals and petitions under CCS (CCA) rules.

3.      Cases taken up by special police establishment for departmental action or review of punishment.

4.      Examination of inspection reports pertaining to vigilance matters.

5.      Scrutiny of immovable property returns exceeding Rs. 1 lakh.

6.      Cases referred by the Central Vigilance Commission.

7.      Prosecution.

8.      Issue of vigilance clearance certificates.

9.      Appointment of and fixation of duties of Vigilance Officers.

10.  Preparation of agreed list and list of officers of doubtful integrity.

11.  Quarterly returns of vigilance control measures

12.  Action plan on anti corruption measures.

13.  Preventive vigilance programme.

14.  CCS (Conduct) Rules- General rulings.


1. Cases of highway robbery of mail involving loss of cash or valuables exceeding Rs. 2 Lacs.

2. Attacks on offices by dacoits, violent mobs, hooligans etc. and loss to departmental property/records as a result of law and order disturbances.

3. Cases of loss or damage to, or tampering with insured articles where compensation payable exceeds Rs. 2 Lacs.

4. Cases of house breaking in offices where the loss of public  money or Government property exceeds Rs. 2 Lacs irrespective of possible recoveries.

5. Cases of fraud, loss or misappropriation of public money where the amount involved exceeds Rs. 2 Lacs irrespective of possible recoveries.

6. Overseeing functioning Central Checking Squad.

7. Destruction of offices by fire, floods, etc. where loss to Government exceeds Rs. 2 Lacs.

8. The death of or serious injury to postal employees due to violence or accidents.

9. Examination of defects in rules on subjects concerning Investigation Section.

10. Cases of frauds relating to Savings Bank, NSCs (including N.P.S.Cs and NDCs), Money Orders (including V.P.M.Os and T.M.Os) and Indian Postal Orders /British Postal Orders, etc. where the amount involved exceeds Rs. 2 Lacs.

11. Postage stamps – fraudulent use of  .

12. Scrutiny of statements of loss and fraud cases.

13. Frauds in departmental Canteens where the amount involved exceeds Rs. 2 Lacs.

14. Loss/injury/damage to mail and mail carriers due to accidents of trains and buses.

15. Parallel Postal Services – cases involving infringement of Section 4 of IPO Act.

16. The following cases both on Postal and RMS sides :-

(a)  Burglary

(b)  Theft

(c) Attacks of Postal  staff

(d) Accidents

(e) Violence

(f)  Death

(g) Assaults

(h) Kidnapping

17. Staff Union complaints – Postal/RMS –on all subjects requiring investigation and redressal of grievances on subjects concerning Investigation Section.


Vigilance matters in respect of Delhi, Directorate, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and West Bengal Circles


Vigilance matters in respect of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Haryana, Jharkhand, North East, Orissa, Punjab and Tamil Nadu Circles


Vigilance matters in respect of Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh Circles


Vigilance matters in respect of Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan Circles




Director  (VP & DE)

Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23096182


























Director  (VP&DE)

Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23096182







Asstt Director General (Inv-I),

 Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036313

 Investigation matters in respect of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal Circles & Central Checking Squad. 

Asstt. Director General (Inv-II),

 Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036381

Investigation matters in respect of Gujarat, Haryana Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Karnataka, Kerala, North East, Orissa, Rajasthan & Uttarakhand Circles.  Audit Para/CAG/PAC Para/Standing Committee Para etc.








The following matters relating to employees of Circle level cadres in the Department;

1.  Petitions from non – gazetted officials working in circles headed by SAG level officers against statutory penalties/ adverse remarks in C.Rs.

2.  Schedule to CCS (CCA) Rules and general issues arising out of the provisions of CCA Rules.

3. Requests from non–gazetted officials for legal/ financial assistance and reimbursement of legal expenses to defend cases in courts of law.

4. Plural marriages – requests from non-gazetted officials for grant of permission for.

5.   Suit notices and writ petitions against disciplinary proceedings, imposition of statutory penalties and adverse remarks in C.Rs.

6. Proceedings under Rule 9 of the CCS (Pension) Rules in respect of non-gazetted staff.

7. CCS(CCA) Rules-General Rulings.

8. Suspension, punishments, appeals and petitions - General rulings and decisions relating thereto.

9. Schedule to the CCS (CCA) Rules relating to powers of appointment, discipline and appeal.

10. Individual cases of non-gazetted officials for review against discharge under Rule 5 of CCS (TS) Rules.


All VP matters relating to Bihar, Haryana, H.P., M.P., Rajasthan, and U.P. Circles.


All VP matters relating to Assam, Gujarat, J&K, Maharashtra, Punjab and West Bengal Circles.


All VP matters relating to Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, N.E. and Uttarakhand Circles.


All VP matters relating to Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and Tamilnadu Circles. 

Director(VP/DE), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tele.No. 23036173.



1.  Release of Calendar of Departmental Examinations.

2. Entrusting of duties amongst various Circles for setting of papers of the following decentralized Departmental Examinations.

(a) Confirmation Examination for direct recruit Jr, Accountants in PAOs.

(b)   LGOs to PAs and SAs cadre.

(c)   LGOs to PAs in Circle/Regional Offices.

(d)  LDCs to Jr. Accountants in PAOs.

(e) Group ‘D’officials to Sorters cadre in PAOs.

(f)  PO&RMS Accountants Examination.

(g) Group ‘D’/Sorters as LDCs in PAOs.

(h)  Matriculate Grade ‘D’/ sorters as LDCs in PAOs

3.  Release of the list of examiners for paper setting/ moderation for centralized Departmental Examinations.

4. Paper setting - moderation/ Hindi translation of Centralized Examinations.

5. Holding and declaration of results of Centralized Examinations (Inspector of Posts, PS Group B and JAO Parts I & II Examinations).

6. Representations/ cases relating to all Departmental examinations.

7. Court cases relating to conduct of examinations.

8. References from service associations relating to holding of examinations.

9.  All policy issues relating to conduct of various examinations in the Department.

 Asstt. Director General  (DE), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.








 Director (E&DE) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.












1. Scrutiny of all cases/proposals requiring consultation and financial concurrence of JS&FA.

2. Scrutiny of all proposals requiring finance advice in respect of all items of work in the department within the powers of the department and beyond the powers of the department under Integrated Finance Advice System.

Director (FA),  Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


 1. Preparation of Book of Information.

2. Preparation of Annual Report of the Department.

3. Special Enumeration (including ad-hoc enumerations)of postal articles.

4. Half yearly enumeration of unregistered articles.

5. Half yearly enumeration of RLO.

6. Half yearly enumeration of outgoing and inward foreign mails.

7. Monthly statistics of foreign mail articles

8. Annual Enumeration of outgoing foreign mails

9.  Annual statements of foreign parcels.

10.Monthly Postal Statistics.

11.Annual Administrative Reports from Circles/Units (Maintenance)

12.Statistics of Money Orders/ IPOs - (Monthly)

13. Telegraph traffic & revenue of combined Post Offices.

14.  Supply of information to UPU, Berne, CSO, Delhi Admn. and other Ministries/ Departments.

15.Category-wise staff statistics.

16. Statistics relating to postal dispensaries.

17.  Statistical information - Pattern of mail traffic, distribution of mail in different weight steps, analysis of characteristics of mail receiving concessional tariff.

18. Monitoring of total revenue and revenue realised in cash, correlation of revenue with traffic.

Section Incharge (STT), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.

Director(STT),  Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116. Tel No-23096011


1. Costing of traditional postal services and review of tariffs.

2. Costing of Agency functions like S.B., N.S.C., SC., PLI etc.

3. Costing of introduction, maintenance etc. of new services in post offices.

4. Costing of services rendered to other Departments, Governments, etc.

5. Review of branch adjustments, apportionments etc. between Telecom and Postal Department.

6. Parliament questions relating to tariff and costing section.

7. Amendment to the Finance Bill relating to revision of rates for articles mentioned in the First Schedule of IPO Act.

8. Postal rates - inland and foreign:

(a) Fixation and revision of rates of postage of letters, letter cards, postcards, packets etc. in inland services; .

(b) Fixation of commission of Indian Postal Orders, Money Orders etc.

(c) Fixation and revision of rates of postage for foreign countries (except foreign parcel rates) commission on Indian Postal Orders, Money Orders etc;

(d) Amendment of IPO Act and IPO Rules; at the time of tariff revision.

(e) Implementation of recommendations of Tariff Committees

(f)  Furnishing of information on postage rates to individuals, organizations etc.

9. Collection of statistical data and calculation of productivity linked bonus.

Accounts Officer (T&C), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


ADG(T&C),  Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




 1. Acts as nodal point on all union matters in the Department of Posts.

2. Interface with the DOP&T and Ministry of Labour on union/labour matters.

3. Recognition of Postal Service Associations/Federations/ unions.

4. Strikes by Postal Unions/ Federations/ Associations – measures to avert/calling off, the strikes and related matters including control room duty.

5. Agitations/Dharanas/demonstrations by Postal Unions measures to avert/calling off, it.

6. Grant of  interviews to Postal central  Unions with Minister/ DG/members of Postal Services Board, etc.

7. Joint Consultation and compulsory arbitration Machinery for the postal employees – arrangements of meetings issue of minutes.

8. Disputes in Postal Unions.

9. Membership of office bearers of Postal Unions– Circulation of list thereof.

10. Conference Central and Branch Unions- sending messages and grant of special casual leave to office bearers in the event of All India Conference of the Unions.

11. Objectionable activities of Postal Unions.

12. Privileges and obligations of Postal Unions.

13. Standing Committee – arrangement of meetings.

14. Resolutions and memoranda by Postal Unions - Examination of.

15. Constitutions of Postal Unions–scrutiny of.

16. Journals/magazines issued by the Postal Unions– scrutiny, approval for their publications, etc.

 ADG (SR & Legal), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116

 Director(SR& Legal ) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.



1. Nodal point for liaisoning in regard to court/CAT/Consumer Forum cases (Director (SR& Legal) is the designated Nodal Officer cases in the Department for the purpose).

2. Nodal point for notices received under Section 80 of CPC with ultimate responsibility to ensure passing of appropriate orders as per directions of the court.

3. Liaison with the Ministry of Law & Justice and Department of Personnel & Training where their advice is required.

4. Matters relating to Appointment/replacement etc. of Govt. Counsels, clarification on payment of their fee, etc.

5. Compilation of information on cases pending before various courts – Supreme Court, High Court, CAT, Lower Courts, Consumer Forum etc.

6. Compilation as well as monitoring receipt of the following periodical returns from the circle offices: -

(a) Monthly return on contempt of court cases for ensuring timely follow up action;

(b) Bi-monthly return on cases where court orders/directions are pending implementation;

(c) Quarterly return on cases in which counter affidavits are to be filed and cases where regular sittings are in progress, the case being on trial;

(d) Quarterly return on replies for legal notices received u/s80 CPC.

7.  Development of MIS of Court cases in the Department –furnishing of information relating SLP cases, cases pending with National Consumer Forum and contempt of Court cases.

8. Forwarding of notices, orders, other court related papers as and when received to the circle offices as well as to the concerned divisions of the Department.

9. Forwarding of references received from circle offices seeking directions/instructions for defending OA/WP, requesting filing of SLPs in the Supreme Court and filing of Revision Petitions before National Commission, to the concerned divisions of the Department for taking necessary action.

10. Requests for financial/ legal assistance and reimbursement of legal expenses in respect of cases in Courts of Law.

ADG (SR & Legal), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116 Tele No:011-23036194

Director (SR & Legal), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116


1. Matters relating to functioning of departmental canteen / Tiffin Rooms

2. Cooperative Societies - Policy matters regarding formation, departmental and recovery of dues from pay (except cases relating to recovery of rent) provision of accommodation, recognition of credit societies, etc.

3. Booking of Holiday Homes for Directorate staff.

4. Postal Service Staff Welfare Board – formation and all matters pertaining to its meetings, formulation of guidelines for grant of financial assistance to postal employees in pecuniary conditions.

5. Postal Service Staff Welfare Board – resources, grants, allocation of funds,

6. Postal Service Staff Welfare Board – formation

7. Postal Service Staff Welfare Board –Holding of meetings-all matters.

8. Recreation Clubs –Policy matters.

9. Holding of Condolence meetings in Directorate.

10. Reservation of T.B. beds in Sanitaria, occupancy statistics etc.

11. Excursion trips Policy matters.

12. Assistance to E.D. staff and casual workers in distress.

13. Natural calamities – provision of assistance to affected employees.

14. Natural calamities special provisions.

15. Personnel cases relating to safeguard of family members, theft and similar type of cases falling    within welfare field.

16. Assistance for crèche facilities.

17. Formation of Circle Sports Board.

18. Composition of All India Postal Sports Control Board.

19. Holding of meetings of All India Postal Sports Board.

20. Organization of All India Postal Sports Board.

21. Postal Sports Calendar.

22. Participation of All India Postal Teams in National/ Inter-National Events.

23. Utilization of postal qualified officials-Umpires/Coaches/References in all India postal and national events.

24. Conduct of Meet for Handicapped employees by all Circle Offices.

25. Draft Messages, Draft speeches of VIPs.

26. Financial assistance to those who represent the country in international competitions.27.             Allocation of Grants to Circles Welfare Boards/ Circle sports Boards.

28. Sanction of advances to Manager of All India Postal Teams participating in Nationals.

29. Payment of affiliation, entry fee, registration fee and other dues to National Federations.

30. Incentives Special Casual Leave / Advance increments /TA-DA for sportspersons.

31. Grant of scholarship / Book Awards and financial Assistance to officials of Dte.

32. Grant of honorarium to the Treasurers of Welfare fund, sports fund and Benevolent fund.

33. Grant of honorarium to the Treasurers of Postal Dte. Welfare fund.

34. Clarification of various issues on sports and welfare fund.

35. Settlement of Audit paras.

36. Parliament questions.

37. Participation of Dte. Official in sports events conducted by CCSCSB.

38. Reports Returns to Hindi Unit and O&M Branch.

39. Formation of Circle Welfare Boards.

40. Grant of financial assistance from field service postal Benevolent fund.

41. Formation of the Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sevak.

42. Grant of Financial Assistance and grant of loan to the Gramin Dak Sevak under Circle Welfare Fund.

43. All Policy matters on the Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sevak.

44. Settlement of Audit Paras on the Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sevak.

Director (WL& Sports),

 Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


DDG (Training),

 Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116





1. Clarification/Interpretation of contract clauses.

2. Scrutiny of T.A. Bills of S.Es (Civil/ Electrical S.S.W.), Sr. Architects etc. for whom C.E. (C) is controlling officer and related matters like grant               of T.A. advance, L.T.C. advance, permission for air journeys etc. in respect of these officers.

3. Measurement Book -- write off of standard measurement books - cases regarding periodical review of.

4. Stock cases regarding loss .

5. Performance Reports of contractor - review by Chief Engineer.

6. Condonation of irregularity in making cash payment to A.Es.

7. Confidential registers of contracts - maintenance and review               by Chief Engineer.

8. Maintenance of circulars issued under 'Contract' and 'Accounts' series by C.E., C.P.W.D.

9. Quarterly return of payments made (above Rs. 1000/-) to the income tax authorities.

10. Quarterly return of outstanding items under Head III (B) - items adjustable by P.W.

11. Maintenance of lists of Civil contractors (enlistment and removal) as issued by Department of Posts (Class III & IV ).

12. Maintenance of list of black listed contractors of other Departments.

13. List of contractors exempted from payment of earnest money in C.P.W.D.

14. Correspondence relating to A.T.Ds/A.T.Cs and allied matters.

15. Returns of major and minor works technically sanctioned.

16. Survey reports for the demolition of old structure - Approval of reserve price.

17. Write off of losses of stores.

18. Delegation of powers to various officers relating to Accounts and Contract matters.

19. Monthly submission of initials accounts to audit by lower formations.

20. Statements relating to extra items, substituted items, deviated items.

21. Advance payments to contractors.

22. Clearance of balances under various heads of accounts.

23. Procurement of steel for postal work .

24. Scrutiny of tenders and acceptance thereof by Chief Engineer including preparation of 'Briefs' for work Advisory Board (P&T) (relating to Civil Wing also).

25. Preparation of N.I.Ts for works beyond SE’s Power .

26. Appointment of Arbitrator for adjudication of contractor, s claims.

27. Scrutiny of Arbitration award and acceptance thereof.

28. Scrutiny of N.I.Ts.

29. Scrutiny of Agreements.

30. Extension of contractual time-examination thereof.

31. Claims of contractors.

32. Arbitration cases.

33. Other items dealt on works/advisory works- Issue of circular on technical matters.


1. Transfer, promotion, deputation, postings, training and  general policy and service matter of Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ and intra zone transfer of Group ‘B’ officer ( except policy and other matters like promotion and deputation of Group ‘B’  ( Gazetted officer ).  Intra zone transfer od Group ‘B’ officer will be done by respective chief Engineer.

2. Proposal and recommendation in respect of establishment and personal policy matters including training of Group  ‘A’ and  ‘B’ (Gazetted ) officers will be given by Chief Engineer (Civil) NEZ ,  for processing and finalization by Establishment and personnel Division.

3. Creation of new Circles/Division/Sub-Divisions in Civil Wing Postal.

4. Shifting of Headquarters of Circles/Divisions/Sub-Division.

5. Matters raised by Unions relating to staff of Civil Wing Postal.

6. Other Misc. establishment matters.

7. Problems pertaining to the work charged staff.

8. Review of cases of non-gazetted staff on attaining 50/55 years or on completion of 30 years of service.

9. House keeping and other misc. matters pertaining to the Civil Wing.

(a) Telephone connection - Subordinate offices.

(b) Office accommodation for the subordinate office.

(c)  Furniture - purchase/hiring of.

(d) Office machines - purchase/hiring of.

(e) Stationery - local purchase of.

(f)  Reference books - purchase of.

(g) Water coolers - purchase/repairing.

(h) Welfare cases relating to Postal Civil Wing.

10. Training of Postal Civil Wing Officers.

11. Cases related to pay & allowances of Civil Wing Staff.

12.  Leave cases of SEs.

13.  Suit notices/court cases/Union cases.


1. Civil works, including progress of construction and maintenance.

2. Sanction of detailed estimates for works.

3. Over-payments to/recoveries from contractors.

4. Refund of security deposits/earnest money/payment of old outstanding bills to contractors.

5. Review of works with reference to the Budget provisions.

6. Cost Index for various places.

7. Arbitration - Settlement of disputes relating to Civil Works.

8. Suit Notices from Advocates for contractors relating to Civil Works - settlement of dues of contractors.

9.  Audit Paras - relating to works having a technical bearing.

10. Training of Civil Wing Officers.

 SE (Civil), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116







































SE (Civil), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.










 SE (Civil), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.

Chief Engineer (Civil) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.







































Chief Engineer (Civil) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.










 Chief Engineer (Civil), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


1. Overseas marketing and promotion of India post’s existing products and services relating to business segments like Mail, Parcel, EMS, Postal Counters Financial Services, Logistics and Philately.

2. Alliances and collaborations with postal administration and other organizations for launching new products in the aforesaid segments, including those for product refining and technology induction.

3. International business in new mail segments like business Mail, Un-addressed Mail Direct Entry ( Mail and Parcel ), Direct Marketing and Mail Order.

4. International Express products.

5. International financial services including Remittances, IFS Money order and International Travelers cheques.

6. Overseas philately business including marketing and sales of philately products abroad, overseas philately agents, developing new products for overseas markets, business meets and international branding of National Philatelic Museum.

7. Matters relating to trade policy, regulation and WTO.

8. Dealings with International bodies like the European Union, UN bodies, customs organizations, Trade Guides and UPU.

9. e-Business including  e-retailing of postal products, e-fulfillment activities and business portal.

10. Integration of international logistics business with e-business and parcel business.

11. Corporate Communication and international brand-promotion of India Posy.

12. Strategic business planning, trend analysis and trend spotting at the organization level relating to international postal business and postal technology, to facilitate:-

(a) Enterprise modernization- Learning all aspects of management of postal business from pioneering postal administration.

(b) Finding solutions to HR issues vis-à-vis foreign trade, particularly training.

(c) Evolving India post’s approach to cross-cultural issues in international business.

(d) Identifying and solving issues of quality and standards with particular focus on projects on hand, so as to achieve seamless compatibility with overseas partners.

13. International Remittance of Funds

 Director (GB), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


















 DDG (IR&GB) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.






1. Parliamentary matters, including Parliament questions relating to planning branch.

 2. Opening, up gradation, down gradation and closure of post offices excluding Head Post Offices.

 3.Cases relating to change in names of post offices.

 4.MIS on the postal network.

 5.Matters relating to Plan Scheme Expansion of the Postal Network.

 6.Policy regarding calculation of income and cost formula for post offices, NRC scheme, rationalization of network, Gramin Sanchar Sewak Scheme etc

7.Provision of infrastructure Equipment EDBOs.

8.Norms for opening and retention of SOs/BOs and for installation of LB’s.

 9.Alternative schemes for expansion of the network such as franchising, PSSK, etc.

 10.VIP cases relating to opening/closing/up gradation/down gradation of post offices.

 11. Installation and maintenance of letter boxes.

 12. Maintenance of Post Boxes.

 ADG(Plg), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116





 Director (RB&Plg) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.







1.Looking after various aspects of rural postal operations, development and expansion of rural postal network, technology induction, training of GDS staff, new business initiatives, marketing of services and monitoring quality of services of rural network.

2.Policy formulation relating to rural postal network and its operations including necessary restructuring and redefinition of roles and functions of administrative/ business units.

3.Planning and expansion of postal facilities in the rural areas.

4.To check out and monitor the action plan for effective implementation of all government benefits/ development schemes like NREGS, Indira Gandhi national Old Age pension scheme, scheme for girl child, Scholarship for weaker sections, SBI Tie up etc.

5.To devise and monitor the cash management strategy for the rural postal Network.

6.To provide inputs for the technology induction plans of the Department relevant to the Rural Postal Network, being developed by Technology planning Division and also set up mechanism for monitoring the same in coordination with Technology Operations Division.

7.To review the existing method of preparing value returns and devise a more scientific and up to date method which reflects the current scenario and provides for more meaningful mechanism for assessing financial performance and potential of rural post offices.

8.Use the modern tools of market research, customer surveys and feedback etc to formulate and implement business strategies for the rural Network.

9.To act as a nodal Division for liaison with PLI Directorate, BD Directorate, Technology Division, Financial Services operations in the Rural Network

10.To act as a nodal Division for liaison with Central/State Governments for collaboration and tie ups in the field of new business opportunities in the rural areas.

11.To formulate policy and lay down guidelines for business partnership and up with Banks, Insurance Companies/Financial institutions and other Business Organizations whether in public/private sector with the objective of leveraging the retail and delivery capabilities of the Rural postal Network.

12.To coordinate with the Training Division in assessing the training needs and implementation of the training modules for the rural postal network.

13. To monitor and assess the quality of services in the rural areas through periodic surveys and feedback mechanism using the latest technology and networked systems.

14. All matters relating to parliament and VIP references relating to Rural Postal Network.

ADG (RB), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.


 Director (RB & Plg) Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110116.




BD Activities, Business Post, Retail Post-all retails post services, e-Post, e-Payment, Parcel and logistics
 Room No. 523,
 Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi Tel No.23096140
For matters related to Speed Post and Marketing AD(BD)
 Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi

For matters on Administration
 Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi

For all matters relating to Accounts and Finance
 Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi
Room No. 519,
 Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi
Tel No. 23096125
Postal Account Wing
 Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi

AO(PA Tech)
AO(Accrual Accounting)
 Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi

 Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi

 Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi

AO(Computer Cell)
ADG(Computer & BPR)
 Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi