​​​​​​​​​​​Booking Process

​Follow the easy 5–step booking process to book your mail from the comfort of your home o​r office.

  • 1 Prepare

    Package and prepare your Articles. Click to know more:

  • 2 Provide Details

    Provide us the article details. Tell us the destination and choose the mail service you want to avail. We tell you the postage amount. Choose additional convenience with our range of value added services.

  • 3 Choose Pickup / Drop-off

    Choose whether you want your article to be picked up or drop it at the post office near to you.

  • 4 Pay

    Make payment with one of the available payment options.

  • 5 Print

    Print​ the labels generated and paste them on your articles.
    Your article is ready to be shipped once it reaches us at the post office.

  • We will share you the tracking id once your booking is confirmed at the post office. You can use the same to track your articles on ​
    ​​ww​w.indiapost.gov.in Alternatively, you can visit a post office counter to book a mail. To know about the nearest Post Office, that would provide you the service, click here.​