​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​World Net Express

1.Product & Service

    India post aims to provide fast, efficient and reliable delivery solution to its customers, not only in country but also internationally. As a part of its endeavor to provide fast parcel delivery solution worldwide, Department of post has introduced "WorldNet express" is an international express service. Service offers express delivery of foreign consignments in more than 220 countries & territories globally. The service offers One Window Solution to individuals, SMEs & corporations for all International Express delivery needs.  

  • Door to door International Air Express Service for Documents & Parcels both.
  • Fastest service offering transit time of 2-4 working days from most of major Indian cities- matching any other express service provider.

  • Round the clock tracking options through-
    • Toll free Help Line number-18002332969 serviced by dedicated Customer service team.
    • Website- www.indiapost.gov.in, www.worldnetexpress.com
    • SMS to 53456 using syntax- WNX TRACK<tracking no> & WNX FOLLOW ME<tracking no>
  • Packaging for both documents and parcels(up to 5 kilo-grams)
    • Tamper proof
    • Weather proof
  • Currently Available from 300+ Post offices across India.

2. Tariff and Network coverage:
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3.Claims & Compensation
If the article is transported by air and involves an ultimate destination or stop in country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Convention governs and in most cases limits transporter's liability for loss or damage. For WNX, standard liability cover will be Rs. 4000 per shipment or Rs.1000/- kg whichever is lower. Claims are to be submitted within 30days from the date of booking at booking post office Postmaster along with documents such as declaration / CN22/23, original receipt, photographs(if obtainable), proof of purchase or repair, independent assessor/ surveyor's report(if applicable), failing​ which India Post/ Deutsche Post shall have no liability over such claims. Claims are evaluated on following basis:

  • ​If the claimant has the right to claim
  • If claim is within liability
  • If loss/damage/delay is fully or partially due to controllable factors by transporter
    • For delays -Postage Amount of Rs. 4000 whichever is minimum
    • For loss/ theft/damage(total or partial)- Cost of repair/re-construction or Rs.4000 whichever is minimum
  • Documents submitted