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IT Project 2012

Current Status

The entire scope of India Post 2012 Project has been structured into following eight RFPs:

Structured scope of India Post 2012 Project
​​​ RFP No.​​ Area
RFP#1Rural ICT – System Integrator (RSI)
RFP#2Rural ICT – Hardware (RH)
RFP#3Core System Integrator (CSI)
RFP#4Financial Services System Integrator (FSI)
RFP#5Data Centre Facility (DCF)
RFP#6Network Integrator (NI)
RFP#7Mail Operations Hardware (MOH)
RFP#8Change Management Vendor (CM)

Out of these 8 RFPs, the Department has activated the FSI, CM and NI Contracts on 28.09.2012 and the contract of DCF will be activated at an appropriate time looking into the requirements as per the interdependencies with other RFPs.