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Quick Help Questions

1) My mail has not reached the recipient, what should I do?

Your mail may well be on its way - either to the recipient, or if undeliverable, on the way back to the sender.

Check the status of your mail, using the track consignment service. This would give you the current location of your mail.

Check out the DOP holiday list of your state, to see if there were any holidays which led to the delay.

2) When should the mail have arrived?

Our different services deliver mail at different speeds. For example, our 1st Class service delivers faster than the lower cost 2nd Class service.
Check Service Standards of services provided by the Department of Posts (DOP) by clicking here.

3) Did the mail need a proof of delivery?

If the mail needs a proof of delivery, then we need someone to be in when we deliver. If the recipient was out, we may have delivered the item to their neighbor. Check with the neighbors.

4) Is the delivery address permanently occupied?

In some cases we can't deliver because a house is closed and the mail box is not accessible. Read our undeliverable section towards the bottom of this page.

5) Does the recipient have their mail forwarded or held safely?

Sometimes people have mail forwarded to a PO Box. These services may mean that the recipient might not have picked up the mail yet.
Check with the mail recipient if they have a PO Box other special service set up.

6) Has the recipient moved?

The mail recipient may have moved. Mail may be at the address, but there's no-one there.
Or the recipient may have used our Redirection service where mail gets forwarded from an old address to a new one. In this case, the mail takes a bit longer to deliver than normal.
Contact the recipient and check whether they've moved.

7) Was it sent to a business address?

Mail sent to a business often goes to a post room.
Ask the recipient to check for the mail in the post room at their business.

8) Were the contents of your mail safe and allowed to be sent through the post?

Some items such as aerosols, matches or even perfumes are considered dangerous goods under transport legislation. They are prohibited from being sent or have restrictions on how they are sent.

Check our lists of prohibited and restricted items:

  • Prohibited goods
  • International prohibited goods
  •   Restricted goods

Check our Country guides pages for lists of items prohibited or restricted in each country.

If you think your mail did contain prohibited or restricted items:
Check with the sender if there was a ‘return’ address inside the mail.
Ask them if we’ve contacted them to let them know of any action we may have taken such as disposing of the item or sending part of it back.

If the mail had no return address, and you are the recipient, and you know what prohibited or restricted item was in the mail: Contact us to explain the situation. Give as much detail about the contents as you can. Our customer services agents will advise you on next steps.

9) Sending from the India to outside the India?

Check our Country Guides pages to find out expected delivery times for our services to different countries.
Check our International Incidents page. This lists situations in various countries which may delay or prevent mail delivery. It also lists public holidays by country.
If mail has accidentally been sent to an address outside the India, using a service that isn’t accepted by the country it’s addressed to, it won't be deliverable and we'll stop it before it leaves the India. For example, some countries are unable to get a 'proof of Delivery'.
Check the undeliverable section at the bottom of this page.


Sometimes your mail is undeliverable (see above questions and answers to understand why). If it's undeliverable this section explains what happens to the mail next.

It's been 18 days or more.
If we couldn't deliver the mail, we'll keep it at the delivery office for 18 calendar days.
If a fee is due because the full postage wasn't paid, we'll keep it at the delivery office for 18 calendar days.
If a customs charge is due, we'll keep it at the delivery office for 21 calendar days.

Return address on the outside?

After this time, we'll look on the outside of the mail to see if there is a 'return address'. If there is, we will return the mail to the sender by the same service it was sent.
Read about our sending services
Contact the sender to see if they've received the mail (after at least 19 days).

No return address on the outside

If there's no return address written on the outside, we'll send the mail to our National Returns Centre. When it gets there, we will open it to see if there is a return address for the sender. If there is, we will return the mail to the sender by the same service it was sent.
Contact the sender to see if they've received the mail (after at least a month).

Complaints, claims or more help: Go to the India Post page and choose the Contact Us section.