​​​​​​​​ Money Remittance Services

Money Remittance Services

Remittances are a growing and an important area for India Post. India Post offers various remittance services to meet the demands of various sections of the society. The remittance services of India Post are available for both domestic and international locations.

India Post has introduced web-enabled remittances to offer faster services.

Here are the remittance services offered by India Post:

  • Money Order

    This is a domestic money transfer facility through post office. Money send through money order is paid at the door-step of the payee and this service is available in all post offices . Maximum amount which can be remitted through a single money order is Rs.5000/-. Remitter can pay the amount in cash or Cheque at the booking office and the charges for the service is 5% of the value of money to be transmitted. Remitter gets acknowledgement signed by the Payee. There is a provision for sending short communication also along with the money order.

  • Electronic Money Order

    Introduced on 10.10.2008. eMO system aims to simplify the transmission process of money orders by ensuring quick and secure electronic transmission. Time taken for Transmission is very less & amount is paid within a day of booking . the amount of money order is paid in cash at the door step of the payee. Facility for remitting money from one to one, one to many and many to one is available under this service. eMO can be booked at authorized PO's, but paid through all delivery POs in the country. commission for eMO is same as applicable to money order. The eMOs can be tracked through Indiapost website.

  • Instant Money Order

    India Post provides instant Money Order service, which is Instant, Safe, Reliable & Convenient. Amount from Rs.1000/- to Rs.50000/- can be remitted through designated iMO Post Offices. It is an instant web based money transfer service. Remitter has to fill-up prescribed form & should produce valid photo identity. Money Order Commission varies based on the amount of remittance. There are 33 standard messages for selection by the remitter. Payee has to visit the post office, fill up the prescribed form and produce the identity proof to receive the money. Amount received can also be credited to the savings bank account of the payee.

  • MO Videsh

    This is an international remittance service offered by Indiapost to most foreign destinations. Outward remittance is payable to beneficiaries by crediting the payment to the bank account of beneficiaries in the destination countries. Each outward remittance shall not exceed 5000 USD & maximum 12 outward remittances are allowed in a year. This facility is available in all computerized post offices. The commission for MO Videsh vary with the amount to be transferred.

  • International Money Transfer Service

    Indiapost is also offering inward international money transfer through collaboration with western union money transfer and Money gram. The service is safe, fast & reliable. It is a quick and easy way of transferring personal remittance from abroad to beneficiaries in India. Money can be received from 195 countries through identified post offices. Recipients can receive money in minutes after the remitter remits money. A maximum of 2500 USD can be received at a time. 12 transactions can be received by a single beneficiary in a calendar year. Amount up ​​to Rs.50000/- in cash and more than that in Cheque or credited to savings accounts in PO. Recipient to provide sufficient information to establish his identity and proof of residence. The facility for receipt of WUMT is available in 7212 Post Offices and money gram facility is available in 500 post offices.

  • Electronic Clearance Services (ECS)

    ECS scheme provides alternative method for bulk payment, payment of interest/salary/pension/dividend. The scheme was introduced on 9th August 2003. ECS is offered by India Post in c/w payment of monthly interest in Monthly Income Scheme. Under ECS, depositors of MIS accounts get their interest automatically transferred and credited into their accounts on due dates at designated Bank of their choice. Currently the service is available in the Department of Posts 15 RBI locations and 21 SBI locations.

  • Money gram International Money Transfer

    The Department of Posts has entered into an International Cooperation Agreement with MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc., USA to offer to the general public the MoneyGram International Money Transfer Service through selected Post Offices in India. This service has been launched on 29th September 2011.