APAR Forms
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
APAR Form - I pdf icon2065 KB
APAR Form - II pdf icon2169 KB
APAR Form - III pdf icon2447 KB
APAR Form - IV pdf icon2052 KB
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
Customs Declaration CN 22 pdf icon136 KB
Customs Declaration CN 23 pdf icon395 KB
​​​Harmonized Label for ITPS Article pdf icon157 KB
Money Order
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
Combined Money Order Form pdf icon1085 KB
NPS Account Opening Forms
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
CSRF - Registration Form for opening of NPS Account pdf icon848 KB
Annexure I to CSRF - Tier II details pdf icon242 KB
Annexure II to CSRF - Additional requests pdf icon141 KB
Annexure III to CSRF - Additional Nomination Form pdf icon162 KB
NCIS - NPS Contribution Instruction Slip pdf icon384 KB
Covering letter for CSRF - from POP SP to CRA FC (DoP use). pdf icon11 KB
Request for Activation of Tier-II Account - Annexure UOS-S10. pdf icon319 KB
Request for Change / Correction in Subscriber Master details And /Or Reissue of IPIN / TPIN / PRAN Card - Annexure UOS-S2 pdf icon403 KB
NPS Exit Claim Forms
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
Exit Claim forms at the Age of 60 years - Exit from National Pension System Due to Superannuation/Incapacitation pdf icon246 KB
Exit Claim forms Pre mature Closure - Exit from National Pension System Due to Premature Exit pdf icon258 KB
Exit Claim forms due to Death of Subscriber - Exit from National Pension System Due to Death pdf icon189 KB
Indemnity Bond by Claimants pdf icon126 KB
Relinquishment Deed where No Nominees pdf icon140 KB
Partial Withdrawal form for Tier-I - Partial form 601 PW pdf icon561 KB
Withdrawal Form for Tier II Account - Annexure UOS-S12 pdf icon135 KB
Other NPS Forms
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
NPS_NSDL CRA Forms under UOSLink
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
Application for entering into an agreement with Department of Posts for Speed Post/ Express / Business Parcel Services pdf icon107 KB
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
Proforma for issue of Commemorative stamps pdf icon199 KB
Account opening form pdf icon350 KB
My Stamp application form pdf icon47 KB
International Account opening form pdf icon57 KB
Post Office Identity Card
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
Application For Post Office Identity Card pdf icon306 KB
Postal Life Insurance
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
PLI Proposal Form pdf icon715 KB
RPLI Proposal Form pdf icon356 KB
Maturity - Survival Benefit Claim Form pdf icon172 KB
Loan Application Form pdf icon245 KB
Nomination Form pdf icon222 KB
Personal Bond of Indemnity for Death Claim pdf icon98 KB
Revival Application form pdf icon68 KB
Surrender Application Value pdf icon99 KB
AEA Survival Benefit Form pdf icon85 KB
Children Policy Proposal pdf icon292 KB
CWA Conversion Form pdf icon107 KB
Death Claim Form pdf icon112 KB
ID and Address Proof Documents List pdf icon107 KB
Personal Bond of Indemnity For Maturity/Survival Benefit Claim pdf icon98 KB
Indemnity Bond for Death Claim pdf icon96 KB
Assignment and re-assignment form pdf icon96 KB
Request form for correction/change in Policy holders’ Name or correction in Nominees’/Appointees’ Name pdf icon342 KB
Acknowledgement Slip pdf icon184 KB
List of Documents required as ID and Address proof pdf icon195 KB
Consent form for Defence Services Personnel for payment of Postal Life Insurance (PLI) renewal Premium through their Pay Recovery mode pdf icon99 KB
Saving Bank
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
Application Form For Opening of Account pdf icon477 KB
Application Form For Closure Of Account On Maturity pdf icon327 KB
Application Form For extension of RD/TD/PPF/SCSS Account pdf icon61 KB
Application Form For Loan/Withdrawl From RD/PPF and SSA Accounts pdf icon405 KB
Pay in Slip [SB-103] pdf icon490 KB
Application Form For Pre-Mature Closure Of Account pdf icon328 KB
ATM or Intra Operable Netbanking_Mobile Banking Request Form pdf icon412 KB
Applicaton for pledging of form pdf icon144 KB
Application for transfer of account pdf icon210 KB
Applicaton for change of nomination pdf icon266 KB
Authority letter for opening of account on behalf of differently abled blind pdf icon253 KB
Form 13 (Affidavit) pdf icon141 KB
Form 14 (Letter of disclaimer) pdf icon141 KB
Form 15 (Letter of indemnity) pdf icon217 KB
KYC Form Annexure II pdf icon193 KB
Withdrawal form (SB-7) pdf icon325 KB
Application for issue of Duplicate Passbook pdf icon280 KB
Application for automatic transfer from SB to RD pdf icon150 KB
Claim Under Protected Savings pdf icon58 KB
Application for Availing Cheque facility pdf icon274 KB
Application for Fresh Cheque Book pdf icon58 KB
Application for settlement of deceased claim case pdf icon148 KB
NEFT and RTGS Mandate Form pdf icon570 KB
Application for Linking/seeding Aadhaar Number and receiving DBT Benefits into POSB account-NCPI/ mapping pdf icon342 KB
Saving Certificates
Form DescriptionDownloadFile Size
Application Form For Purchase of Certificate pdf icon475 KB
Application for the issue of Duplicate Savings Certificates pdf icon419 KB
Application for transfer of Savings Certificates pdf icon51 KB
Application for transfer of Savings Certificate from person to person under specified conditions pdf icon59 KB
NC54a-BondofIndemnity pdf icon64 KB
NC54b-BondofIndemnity pdf icon51 KB
NC61-BondofIndemnity pdf icon65 KB