​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Business Parcel

Salient features​

Customised: Business Parcel is a contractual service, designed to suit requirement of business customers for an economical and reliable distribution solution.

> Economical & secure: Business​ Parcel provides an economical distribution solution to its customers using surface transmission modes.

> Weight: Minimum chargeable weight for which Business Parcel consignments will be booked is 2 Kg. Maximum weight of Business Parcel consignments which shall be booked by a contractual (business/ corporate) customer is 35 Kg.

> Door to Door Service: All Business Parcel consignments shall be given door delivery irrespective of its weight. Business/ Corporate customers are provided pick-up facility from their premises.

Insurance: No compulsory coverage of insurance shall be necessary for Business Parcel consignments irrespective of weight or value thereof.

Redirection & Return to sender: Redirection facility shall not be available to customers of the Business Parcel; however consignments can be returned to sender in cases wherever same could not be delivered. Consignments will be returned to the sender through the same transmission channel through which it was received

Compensation:In case of loss or damage of contents of Business Parcel consignments a compensation of Rs.500 or the value of lost or damaged contents whichever is less, shall be payable to the customer​.

Network coverage: Business Parcel can be booked for delivery from any Post Office in the country providing a nationwide coverage.

Postage payment: Following payment options are available:

  1. Advance Deposit facility: Customer may avail advance deposit facility. In such a case, amount will be credited in a particular account (an unique Customer ID allotted to customer) which is debited as and when consignments are booked.
  2. Credit facility: Customers may avail Credit facility for booking of Express Parcel consignments fulfilling the conditions and criterion prescribed for same. Monthly bills will be generated for the consignments booked in a particular month and customer is required to make the payment in a prescribed time period.
  3. Payment at the time of booking: Corporate customer who does not want to avail either credit facility or advance Deposit Account facility for booking of their Express Parcel consignments, can make the payment as and when they give the consignments for booking.

In such cases consignments shall be prepaid either by affixing postage stamp or making the frank impression.


Volume discount: Customers of Business Parcel are offered attractive volume discount subject to criterion prescribed.

Cash on Delivery: In order to meet the requirement of bulk customers for collection of amount for costlier goods, Cash on Delivery facility is available which provides collection of amount up to Rs. 50,000/- at the time of delivery of consignments.

Delivery Norms


Contact Us

For business and for further information contact the Express/ Business Parcel Center or Chief Post Master General of your Postal Circle.

For national accounts get in touch with General Manager - Business Development,
Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications IT,New Delhi - 110 001.
​Tel : 91-11-2309 6140. 23036635