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Booked AtBooked OnDestination PincodeTariffArticle TypeDelivered AtDelivered On
DANTEWADA23/03/201849000122.00Register LetterRAIPUR GANJ28/03/2018
Event Details For : RC220362596IN Current Status : Item delivered at RAIPUR GANJ
28/03/201815:44:05RAIPUR GANJItem delivered
28/03/201809:42:50RAIPUR GANJItem Received
28/03/201809:42:50RAIPUR GANJBag Opened
28/03/201809:39:00RAIPUR GANJBag Received
28/03/201803:54:05RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Bag Despatched to RAIPUR GANJ
28/03/201803:07:12RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Item Bagged to RAIPUR GANJ
27/03/201823:45:16RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Item Received
27/03/201823:45:16RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Bag Opened
27/03/201823:17:07RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Bag Received
27/03/201818:11:46RAIPUR HOItem Bagged to RAIPUR RMS (CRC)
27/03/201816:28:22RAIPUR HOItem delivery attempted REDIRECTION
27/03/201808:14:02RAIPUR HOItem Received
27/03/201808:14:02RAIPUR HOBag Opened
27/03/201808:13:21RAIPUR HOBag Received
27/03/201803:54:23RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Bag Despatched to RAIPUR HO
27/03/201803:01:10DURG RMS (CRC)Bag Despatched to RAIPUR RMS (CRC)
27/03/201802:45:43RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Item Bagged to RAIPUR HO
27/03/201802:02:55RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Bag Opened
27/03/201801:56:03RAIPUR RMS (CRC)Bag Received
26/03/201823:22:50DURG RMS (CRC)Item Bagged to RAIPUR RMS (CRC)
26/03/201821:49:13DURG RMS (CRC)Item Received
26/03/201821:49:13DURG RMS (CRC)Bag Opened
26/03/201821:42:25DURG RMS (CRC)Bag Received
26/03/201818:29:32BHILAI 1Bag Despatched to DURG RMS (CRC)
26/03/201818:26:17BHILAI 1Item Bagged to DURG RMS (CRC)