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Commemorative Stamps

Commemorative stamps are issued, as the name suggests, commemorating important events, prominent personalities in various fields, aspects of nature, beautiful or rare flora and fauna, environmental issues, agricultural activities, national/international issues, games etc. These stamps are only available at Philatelic Bureaux and counters or under the Philatelic Deposit Account Scheme. They are printed in limited quantities.

An event which is not nationally important e​nough to be commemorated by issue of a Commemorative/Special stamp or for which a stamp cannot be accommodated in the annual issue programme may be commemorated by the Department by issue of Special Covers which can be cancelled with a special cancellation at the post office selected for the purpose. Such covers can also be issued at the instance of private parties on payment of requisite charges. These covers should bear minimum postage stamps of any kind equivalent to the minimum inland letter mail rate. Details

Download ​ guidelines for formal Stamp Release Function
Download ​ guidelines for issue of Commemorative Postage Stamps

Last Updated:14 Feb 2022