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The Departmental officers and employees receive Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance as admissible from time to time + Non-Practising Allowance (wherever admissible) + Transport Allowance + House Rent Allowance (if admissible) + Special Allowance attached to the post (wherever applicable) + Special Disturbed Area Allowance (where admissible).

Pay Scales of Officers/Staff working in the Department of Posts

Pay Scales of Officers/Staff working in the Department of Posts
Sl. No.PostPay Scale during 5th CPCPay Scale granted by Government during 6th CPC
Pay Band (in rupees)Grade Pay (in rupees)Pay Band No.
Gazetted Group “A”
1Secretary26000 Fixed80000 Fixed-----
2 HAG+ Member Postal Services Board24050-650-2600075500-80000----
3 HAG CPMG/Sr. DDG/CGM22400-525-2450067000-79000-------
4 SAG JS&FA/PMG/DDG/GM (Fin) /Chief Engineer18400-500-2240037400-67000100004
5. JAG in NFSG Director/DA (P) /Director MV/Director (OL)/Superintending. Engineer, CMO (NFSG)14300-400-1830037400-6700087004
6 JAG Director/DA (P)/Jt. Director/Sr. PPS/Superintending Engineer/Sr. Architect, Joint Director (OL)12000-375-1650015600-3910076003
7Sr. Supdt. of POs/ADG (STS)/Dy. Director/PPS/Exe. Engineer/Dy Architect/Senior Manager MMS, Dy. Director (OL)10000-325-1520015600-3910066003
8Sr. Supdt. of POs/ADG (JTS)/Dy. Director/ACAO/Architect/Manager MMS, AD (OL)8000-275-1350015600-3910054003
Gazetted Group “B”
1Sr. AO8000-275-1350015600-3910054003
2Accounts Officers7500-250-120009300-3480054002
3Section Officer/PS in Dte.7500-250-120009300-348004800 & 5400 after 4 years2


4Postal Superintendent/Asst. Director/Sr. Postmaster

Sr. Private Secretary in subordinate offices

7500-250-120009300-348004800 & 5400 after 4 years2
5Dy Manager MMS7500-250-120009300-3480048002
6French Translator7500-250-120009300-3480048002
7AAO Group B7450-225-115009300-3480048002
8Senior Hindi Translator7450-225-115009300-3480046002
9Assistant Superintendent of Posts/AE (Civil/Electrical)/AD (Rectt.)6500-200-105009300-348004600?2
10PS in subordinate offices/Supdt. Sorting, Junior Hindi Translator6500-200-105009300-3480042002
Non-Gazetted Staff: (Group “B”)
2Asstt. Manager (MMS)5500-175-90009300-3480046002
3Postmaster/Head Record Officer/Manager RLO/Head Sorting Assistant in HSG-I, Assistant (CSS), Postmaster Grade-III6500-200-105009300-3480046002
4Steno Gr. `C` (CSSS), Librarian6500-200-105009300-3480042002
5Inspector of Posts, Librarian, Office Supdt. (Postal/Civil/Electrical), Statistical Assistant, Sr. Accountant , Postmaster Grade-II5500-175-90009300-3480042002
6Steno Gr. I in subordinate offices5500-175-90009300-3480042002
7Steno Gr. II in subordinate offices5000-150-80009300-3480042002
Non-Gazetted Staff: (Group “C”)
1Staff Nurse7450-225-115009300-3480046002
2 HSG-II Accountant, Manager RLO, Supervisor Foreign Post, HSG-II SPM/ Dy. PM/ Asstt. PM/ Asstt. Presidency PM, Record Clerk, Sub Record Officer, Head Sorting Assistant, Assistant Manager/ Dy. Manager/Manager PSD/Head Asstt. PSD, Nasik/BCRPA/Head Clerk (Postal/Electrical Div.)/Steno. Gr.-II/ Store Officer, JE (Civil/Electrical), Postmaster Grade-II5000-150-80009300-3480042002
3Pharmacist (NFSG)-9300-3480042002
4Technical Supervisor (MMS)4500-125-70009300-3480042002
5LSG Dy. PM, Asstt. PM, Dy. Sub PM, Asstt SPM, SPM, Public Relation Inspector, LSG Supervisor, LSG Record Officer, Sub Record Officer, LSG Asstt, Head Sorting Asstt., Supervisor Gr. I & II, Head Asstt PSD Nasik, Dy. Asstt. Manager, LSG, TBOP PA, Jr Accountant/Pharmacist/, Postmaster Grade-I,4500-125-70005200-2020028001
6Medical Store Keeper with diploma in Pharmacy & Pharmacists (entry grade)4500-125-70005200-2020028001
7Technical Postal Assistant Grade- I (Postal Machine Assistant)Grade-I , Reader, Medical Store Keepers (Qualification BSC & below)4000-100-60005200-2020024001
9(a) Driver Special Grade5000-150-80009300-3480042002
(b) Driver Grade-I4500-125-70005200-2020028001
(c) Driver Grade-II4000-100-60005200-2020024001
(d) Driver Grade-III3050-75-3950-80-45905200-2020019001
10Postal Assistant, Sorting Assistant, PO & RMS Accountant (Special Pay Rs.180 per Month), Time scale SPM, Platform Inspector (Time scale), Stenographer Grade-III, Time scale clerk, Cashier, Storekeeper, UDC, Physical Training Instructor, Lab Technician4000-100-60005200-2020024001
11Technical Postal Assistant Grade-II (Postal Machine Assistant) Grade-II) , LDC, Lift Operator, Bindery Assistant/Dispatch Rider/Electrician/Turner MMS, Physical Training Instructor3050-75-3950-80-45905200-2020019001
  • Highly Skilled Artisans Grade-III, II & I
  • Artisan Grade-III
  • Artisan Grade-II
  • Artisan Grade-I including Charge Hand
  • 3050-75-3950-80-4590
  • (70%Posts)
  • 4000-100-6000 (15% Posts)
  • 4500-125-7000 (15% Posts)
  • 1900
  • 2400
  • 2800
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • Postman / Mail Guard Entry
  • Postman / Mail Guard TBOP
  • Postman / Mail Guard BCR
  • 3200-85-4900
  • 4000-100-6000
  • 4500-125-7000
  • 2000
  • 2400
  • 2800
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
14Caretaker-cum-Khansama, Sorter2750-70-3800-75-40005200-2020018001
Multi Tasking Staff Group C (Erstwhile Semi Skilled Group D)
1Carpenter, Machine man, Binder, Painter, Stamp Vendor, Jamadar , Motor Vehicle Mechanic, Motor Vehicle Electrician, Carpenter, Painter, Jointer, Tyreman, Upholster, Blacksmith, Tin& Copper Smith (Semi-skilled), Dresser(Med), Dresser/NO2650-65-3300-70-40005200-2020018001
Multi Tasking Staff Group C (Erstwhile Group D)
1Record Keeper MMS2610-60-3150-65-35405200-2020018001
2Letter Box Peon, Chowkidar, Water Carrier, Sweeper, Scavenger , Farash , Mail Peon, Mailman, Van Peon, Attendant in Rest, House, Cleaner, Form Supplier, Gardener, Mali, Pumpman MMS, Peon (Med), Female Attendant (Med).2550-55-2660-60-32005200-2020018001

Note: Utmost care has been taken to compile the above information correctly to the extent possible. Mistakes/Omissions, if any, may be brought to the notice of the Pay Commission Cell, Postal Directorate.

Time Related Continuity Allowance and other Allowances in respect of Gramin Dak Sevaks

Gramin Dak Sevaks receive TRCA + Dearness Allowance as admissible from time to time + Allowances as admissible (wherever applicable).

Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA)
Sl. No.Category of Gramin Dak SevaksPre-revised Time Related Continuity AllowanceRevised Time Related Continuity Allowance with effect from 01.01.2006Work load in hours
1GDS Sub PostmasterRs.2125-50-3125Rs. 4575-85-71254 - 5 hours
2GDS Branch PostmasterRs 1280-35-1980Rs 2745-50-4245Up to 3 hours work
New TRCA slabRs 3200-60-5000More than 3 hours up to 3 hrs.30 min
Rs 1600-40-2400Rs 3660-70-5760Up to 4 hours
New TRCA slabRs 4115-75-6365More than 4 hours up to 4 hour 30 min
New TRCA slabRs. 4575-85-7125More than 4 hrs 30 min up to 5 hours


GDS Mail deliverer/



New TRCA slab



Rs 2665-50-4165



For work up to 3 hrs for new entrants



Rs 1375-25-2125



Rs 3330-60-5130



For Work load Up to 3 hours 45 minutes
Rs 1740-30-2640Rs 4220-75-6470More than 3 hours 45 minutes up to 5 hours


GDS Mail Carrier/

Packer/ Mailman

New TRCA slabRs 2295-45-3695



For work up to 3 hrs for new entrants



Rs1220-20-1600Rs2870-50-4370More than 3 hrs up to 3 hrs 45 min
Rs 1545-25-2020Rs 3635-65-5585More than 3 hours 45 minutes up to 5 hours
Other Allowances
Nature of AllowanceExisting allowanceRevised allowances
Office Maintenance Allowance (OMA)Rs. 50 per month for GDS Sub Postmaster/Branch PostmasterRs. 100 per month for GDS Sub Postmaster /Branch Postmaster
Fixed Stationery ChargeRs. 10 for GDS Sub Postmaster/ Branch Postmaster and Rs. 5 for other categories of GDSRs. 25 p.m. for GDS Sub Postmaster /Branch Postmaster and Rs. 10 for other categories of GDS like GDS Mail Deliverer/ Stamp vendor and Mail Carrier doing delivery work
Boat AllowanceRs. 10 per monthActual charges paid to the Boatman subject to a maximum of Rs. 50 per month for Conveyance of Mail
Cash Conveyance AllowanceRs. 10 per occasion plus Bus fares for conveyance of cash from Branch office to Account office.Rs. 50 per month
Cycle Maintenance Allowance (C.M.A)Rs. 30 per month provided the Gramin Dak Sevak travels a distance of 10 kilometers per day.Rs. 60 per month for GDS Mail Deliverer/Mail Carrier who use their own cycle for discharge of Duty. Present Minimum Distance Condition of 10 kilometers? for grant of cycle maintenance allowance stands withdrawn
Combined Duty Allowance (CDA) for Branch Postmasters.Rs. 100 per month for performing delivery or conveyance or both.1. GDS Branch Postmasters performing delivery or conveyance duties or both will be paid Rs. 500 P.M. for each item of work separately

2. If the Branch Postmaster is performing delivery at the BO village only, it will be restricted to Rs. 250 P.M.

3. BPM exchanging Mails at Bus stand or at Railway Stations will be compensated at the rate of Rs. 250 P.M.

Allowances for combination of duties for Mail Delivery/Mail Conveyance.Rs. 75 per month for GDS Mail Deliverer/Mail Carrier for performing additional duty.GDS MD/MC attached with the additional duty of another post, revised rate of allowance will be at the rate of Rs. 25 per day subject to a Maximum of Rs. 625 P.M.
Compensation to Mail Carriers who are detained for exchange of mails.Rs. 3/- per hour subject to a Maximum of Rs. 6 per day.Rs. 6/- per hour subject to a Maximum of Rs. 12 per day subject to same conditions
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