Andhra Pradesh Circle


List of Central Assistant Public Information Officers
Name Designation Address Email Telephone Notification
P V Ramana Sub Postmaster GSL Medical College Premises, 0883-2483166
Y.Lingaiah offtgSub Postmaster H.No.14-1-81, 1st line Venkateswara Colony Bhadrachalam – 507 111 0883-2442338
D. Parvathi Assistant Supdt. of Post Offices(HQ) O/o The Supdt. of Post offices, Anantapur Division, Anantapur 08554-274452
G.Banu Kumar Postmaster Anantapur 08554-274111
U.Sudhakar Reddy Sub Postmaster Anantapur 08554-245850
V. Shankaraiah Sub Postmaster Anantapur 08554-222050
B. Vijayakumar naik Sub Postmaster Penukonda 08555-220098
R. Joshna Sub Postmaster Puttaparthi 08555-289165
S. Gows Basha Postmaster Hindupur 08556-220471
P.V. Ramana Sub Postmaster Madakasira 08493-288084
V.Rameshlal Sub Postmaster Gooty 08552-252496
K. Thirupalaiah Setty Sub Postmaster Tadipatri 08558-221622
B. Bhaskar Reddy Sub Postmaster Kadiri 08494-220267
M. Venkatarami Reddy Postmaster Dharmavaram 08559-222211
G.Padmavathi Sub Postmaster Kalyandurg 08497-220940
Parasuramudu Postmaster Guntakal 08552-226444
J.Muni Reddy Sub Postmaster Uravakonda 08496-257022
G.Krishnaveni Sub Postmaster Rayadurg 08495-252156
D. Nemathulla Assistant Supdt. of Post Offices(HQ) O/o The Supdt. Of Post Offices,Cuddapah Division, Cuddapah 08562-242045
K. Ganesh Postmaster Cuddapah 08561-242444
G. Sreenivasulu Offg. Sub Postmaster Kodur 08566-242122
K. Amarnath Inspector Posts, Rajampet Sub Dn Rajampet 9347114989
U. Vijaya Kumar Postmaster Rajampet 08565-240260
G. Subbarayudu Sub Postmaster Nandalur 08565-243146
Nagaveni Offg. Sub Postmaster Mydekur 08564-231222
K. Pullaiah Sub Postmaster Porumamilla 08569-284011
S. Mahusudhan Reddy Inspector Posts, Badvel Sub Dn Badvel 9440870333
Ch. Dhannamma Offg. Sub Postmaster Badvel 08569-216130
G. Sreenivasulu Sub Postmaster Lakkireddypalli 08567-234005
N. Subbarayudu Inspector Posts, Rayachoty Sub Dn Rayachoty 9505853514
D. Sreeramulu Offg. Sub Postmaster Rayachoty 08561-255272
B. Neelima Asst. Supdt. Of Post Offices (HQ) O/o The Supdt. Of Post Offices, Proddatur Division, Proddatur 08564-252816
B. Neelima Asst. Supdt. Of Post Offices (Addl. Charge) Proddatur 08564-251444
M. Sridhar Inspector Posts Proddatur 08564-251444
Syamchand Jadav ( on PTC induction training ) IP ( C & PG) O/o The Supdt. Of Post Offices, Proddatur Division, Proddatur 08564-250600
K Subbanjaneyulu Postmaster Proddatur 08564-251444
N. Reddy Basha Inspector Posts Pulivendula 08568-287189
M Suneetha Devi Postmaster Pulivendula 08568-287189
M. Sridhar Inspector Posts (Addl Charge) Jammalamadugu 08560-270022
T Venkatewara Reddy Offg. Sub Postmaster Jammalamadugu 08560-270022
G. Nagaraju Assistant Supdt. of Post Offices(HQ) O/o The Supdt. of Post offices, Chittoor Division, Chittoor 08572-233522
G Kiran Postmaster Chittoor 08572-233486
S.Abdul Inspector Posts (Addl Charge) Piler 9966719858
K Gopi Offg Sub Postmaster Punganur 08581-253023
S.Abdul Inspector Posts Vayalpad 9966719858
BVenkatramana Murthy Postmaster Madanapalle 08571-222022
S Raja Reddy Sub Postmaster Beerangi Kothakota 08582-236200
B Sunanda Postmaster Palamaner 08579-252385
K V Saritha Offg Sub Postmaster Kuppam 08570-255170
V.K.Ganapathy Asst. Supdt. Of Post Offices (R) O/o The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices, Tirupati Division, Tirupati 0877-2289201
J.N.Vasantha Asst Supdt of Post Offices Tirupati 9490755654
K.Pavan Kumar Inspector Posts Tirupati 9502022627
P.Narasimha Prasad Inspector Posts Puttur 8309959053
M.Vijaya Bhaskar Inspector Posts Srikalahasti 8309318017
Shaik Noorullah Assistant Supdt. of Post Offices(HQ) Office of the Superintendent of Post Offices, Kurnool Division, Kurnool 08518-289202
S Md Haneef Postmaster Kurnool 08518-289205
B Ramakrishna Asst. Supdt. Of Post Offices Kurnool 08518-289203
K Jayakrishna Inspector Posts Ashok Nagar, Kurnool 08518-289249
Vijaymohan Kumar Poturaju Inspector of Posts, Banaganapalle Banaganapalle 8639320270
K Abhishek Inspector Posts Dhone 8074086805
D Surendra Babu Postmaster Adoni 08512-252444
S Narasimhulu Asst. Supdt. Of Post Offices Adoni 9490755628
S Fazulur Rahaman Inspector Posts Yemmiganur 08512-255222
G Durga Rao Inspector Posts Nandikotkur 7842558445
JNMVR Prasad Asst. Supdt. Of Post Offices Nandyal 9493113912
J.Subbarayudu Postmaster Nandyal 08514-242960
M V V Bhaskara Reddy Asst Supdt of Post Offices(HQ) O/o The Supdt. Of Post Offices, Nandyal Division, Nandyal 08514-242189
G.C.Mouleeswar Reddy Inspector of Posts, Allagadda Allagadda 7382505711
Mohammad Luthfi Ali Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices (HQ) ASP(HQ), O/o SSPOs, Vijayawada Division 0866-2421515
M. Srinivasu Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices ASP North Sub-Division, Vijayawada-520001 0866-2425522
S. RAVI KISHORE ASP (HQRS) O/o SRM, RMS Y Division, Caltex Raod, Opp. RE Colony, near Railway Station, Vijayawada 0866-2573912
S.K. Ahmad Ali Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices ASP South Sub-Division, Vijayawada-520002 0866-2572669
S. Chandra Sekhar Postmaster Buckinghampet HO, 0866-2573022
G. Rama Rao Sub Postmaster Gandhinagaram 0866-2575498
B. Saida Rao Sub Postmaster Machavaram 0866-2441822
D. Rajeswari Sub Postmaster Autonagar 0866-2545301
T.V. Krishna Rao Sub Postmaster Venkateswarapuram 0866-2476299
P. Sravanthi Sub Postmaster Satyanarayanapuram 0866-2538522
CHSBR. Sastry (Offg SPM) Sub Postmaster Kamakotinagar 0866-2412700
M.Naga raju Inspector Posts Opp. Municipal park, Main road, Machilipatnam 9505955425
K Sudhakar Postmaster Opp. Municipal park, Main road, Machilipatnam 08672-224432
A. Eswar Kumar (Offg SPM) Sub Postmaster Gannavaram 08676-252187
L.Devanand (Addl. charge) Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices Beside LIC building, Avanigadda 9494869199
S.Ramalingeswara rao Postmaster Beside LIC building, Avanigadda 08671-272274
A. Madhavi Latha (Offg SPM) Sub Postmaster Kankipadu 0866-2821329
L.Devanand Inspector Posts D.No.11-143, Pamarru -521157 9494869199
U. Redankaiah Inspector Posts IP, Vuyyuru Sub Division, Vuyyuru 08676-233816
SK. Basheer Ahmed Postmaster Vuyyuru 08676-232097
V. Apparao (Offg SPM) Postmaster Jaggaiahpet 08654-222343
B. Krishnaiah Sub Postmaster Kanchikacherla 08678-273031
K.Panchajanya Reddy Inspector Posts IP, Nandigama Sub Division, Nandigama 08678-277373
G. Apparao (Offg SPM) Postmaster Nandigama 08678-275515
K.D. Hanumanta Rao Sub Postmaster Bank Street, Pedda Gandhi Bomma centre, Nuzvid 08656-234473
D Srinivasa Rao Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices Bank Street, Pedda Gandhi Bomma centre, Nuzvid 08656-233307
K.Panchajanya Reddy Inspector Posts IP, Tiruvuru Sub Division, Tiruvuru 08673-252024
G.Ravi Kanth(Offg SPM) Postmaster Tiruvuru 08673-251020
M. Narasimha Reddy Postmaster Opp. Area Hospital, Railway staion road, Gudivada 08674-245041
T. Nagaraju Inspector Posts Opp. Area Hospital, Railway staion road, Gudivada 08674-247822
T. Bala Balaji Sub Postmaster Medara Bazar, Behind Andhra Bank, Bantumilli. 08672-232224
U Raraju Sub Postmaster Near Manoj Hospitals, Police Station Road, Mudinepalli. 08674-233224
J. Ramu PA Sub Postmaster Gandhi Bomma Street, Main Road, Kaikaluru 08677-222024
K.N.V. Venkata Rao Inspector Posts Gandhi Bomma Street, Main Road, Kaikaluru 08677-222627
G VENKATESWARLU Sub Postmaster KOTHAPET 0863-2253040
K Dayanand Postmaster BRODIPET 0863-2255971, 2255973
R.Nukaraju Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices 10-2-34, GBC Road, Beside clock tower, Bapatla 8643224181
D.Naga Raju Postmaster 10-2-34, GBC Road, Beside clock tower,Bapatla 8643224022
R.Radhakrishna Murthy Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices (HQ) 22-4-28, Kothapet, Opp Taluka Junior college, Tenali 8644227893
P.Venkataswamy Inspector Posts 22-4-28, Kothapet, Opp Taluka Junior college, Tenali 8644235875
M.Tirumala Rao Postmaster 22-4-28, Kothapet, Opp Taluka Junior college, Tenali 8644227863
P.Rajagopal Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices 15-19-23, Near Poleramma Chettu, Repalle 8648222721
K YEDUKONDALU Inspector Posts Sattenapalle HO 7673928562
J.R.K.Kumar Postmaster Sattenapalle HO 8074269150
LPV.Parusuram Inspector Posts Macherla SO 9491545273
B PHANI KUMAR Postmaster MANGALAGIRI 08645-232203
S SRINIVASULU Inspector Posts Narasaraopet HO 8630618926
G.V.Satyanarayana Postmaster Narasaraopet HO 9494138118
G SATISH Inspector Posts Chilakaluripet MDG 9701619069
P.VenkateswaraRao Postmaster Ongole HO 08592-231360,233520
Shaik K.Basha Inspector Posts O/o Inspector Posts, Lawyerpet SO 08592-281840
Suvamoy Nag Inspector Posts O/o Inspector Posts, Lawyerpet SO 08592-238001
K.Shivaji Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices O/o Asst.Supdt of Post offices, Kandukur HO 08598-221012
B.SrinivasaRao Postmaster Kandukur HO 08598-222797,223529
.I.Siva Rama Krishna Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices O/o Asst.Supdt of Post offices, Chirala HO 08594-239800
M.Amala Postmaster Chirala HO 08594-232444
L.Vishnu Inspector Posts O/o Inspector Posts, Addanki SO 08593-223799
R.MalleswaraRao Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices O/o Asst.Supdt of Post office, Kanigiri SO 08402-272585
Mohammad Ali Inspector Posts O/o Inspector Posts, Podili HO 08499-243975
K.NageswaraRao Postmaster Podili HO 08499-243976
K Madhavi Sub Postmaster # 1-165, Dangeru 08857-253602
S.Susil Kumar Inspector of Posts, Markapur Markapur 9963321551
D.Khasimvali Postmaster Markapur 08596-222022
T.Srinivasulu Inspector of Posts, Cumbum Cumbum 9491640303
K.Raghavendra Inspector of Posts, Giddalur Giddalur 9966060202
V.Sudhakar Inspector Posts in the premises of O/o SPOs, Nellore Dn, Nellore Head Post Office, Nellore-524001 9177418992
G.Nataraj Kumar Inspector Posts in the premises of Stone House Peta SO, Nellore-524002 9392002234
S.Prakasa Rao Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices (HQ) Beside BSNL Office, Near Old RTC Bus stand, Gudur 08624-251874
SK.Karimulla Postmaster Beside BSNL Office, Near Old RTC Bus stand, Gudur 08624-251854
K.Srinivasulu Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices in the premises of Kavali Head Post Office, Kavali-524201. 9441442518
A.Sudheer Babu Inspector Posts in the premises of Udayagiri SO-524226. 8985839718
TS Mallikarjun Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices 7/127, TENKAYA THOPU Street, Atmakur-524322 9866331866
M.Srinivasa Reddy ASP(R) 26.14.266, Velampeta, Visakhapatnam-1 0891-2546237
R.Baburao ASP(H) 26.14.266, Velampeta, Visakhapatnam-1 0891-2546237
B.RAMANA Sub Postmaster 24-3-1, Besides Queen's Mary Girls High School, Viskhapatnam-1. 0891-2546260
N Raja Pothan Sub Postmaster 22-71-7, Visakhapatnam-1 0891-2546274
Y.Sathish POSTMASTER 26.14.266, Velampeta, Visakhapatnam-1 0891-2546250
V SURYA DEEPIKA Sub Postmaster District Judge, District court comples,Visakhapatnam-2. 08933-229580
H SATTIBABU Sub Postmaster District Collector, Collector office. Visakhapatnam-2 0891-2546264
T Raja babu Sub Postmaster Executive O, Endowment dept, Turner's Choultry, Visakhapatnam-2 0891-2546278
G BRAHMANANDAM Sub Postmaster Registrar, Andhra University,Visakhapatnam-3 0891-2546255
K SRINIVASARAO Sub Postmaster Commissioner, GVMC, First floor of Chinnawaltair shopping complex,Chinnawaltair, Visakhapatnam-3. 0891-2546271
Ch V D Krishna Murthy Naidu Sub Postmaster Shop No. 36. VUDA Complex, Visakhapatnam-3Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority,Visakhapatnam-3 0891-2546272
L Krishna Prasad Sub Postmaster GVMCshop no 4 & 5 of Pithapuram Shopping Complex, Ward no. 16, Visakhapatnam. -3 0891-2546277
R. Laxmana Dora Sub Postmaster Registrar, Andhra University, School of Distance education, Visakhapatnam-3 0891-254284
G Chinna Rao Sub Postmaster shop no. 1, Gnanapuram Shopping complex, ward no. 44, Visakhapatnam-8. 0891-2546320
S Krishna Murthy Sub Postmaster Divisional Manager, LIC of India, .D.No. 42-1-7,LIC Buildings, Jeevan Prakash Road, Visakhapatnam-4 0891-2546275
M RAMESH KUMAR POSTMASTER Divl. Railway Manager Eco.Railway Waltair,Station road, Visakhapatnam-4 0891-2546301
HEMASUNDER Sub Postmaster Hindusthan Shipyard company road, Visakhapatnam-5 0891-2546306
M V Subrahmanyam Sub Postmaster The Flag Officer, commanding in Chief, Easteren Naval command, VM Naval base,Visakhapatnam-14. 0891-2546234
NSN MURTHY Sub Postmaster District Industries Centre, Industrial Estate, Visakhapatnam-7. 0891-2546308
R.S.R.C. Murthy, Sub Postmaster Dr.No. 39-13-19, 42/1-2,Madhavadhara, Muralinagar, Visakhapatnam-7 0891-2546323
K. Satyaveni, Sub Postmaster Chief Engineer, Dry dock, Indian Navy, Visakhapatnam-8. 0891-2546321
P Murali Krishna Sub Postmaster 36-44-5/6/3 Gangannanagar, Kancharapalem-8 0891-2546309
PV Ramana Sub Postmaster Asst. PF Commissioner, Vuda Layout, Marripalem, NAD Post, Visakhapatnam -09 0891-2546322
G Simhachalam Sub Postmaster Genral Manager. Naval Armament Depo,Visakhapatnam-9 0891-2546330
A APPARAO Sub Postmaster Airport authorities of India, Viskahapatnam Airport, Visakhapatnam-9 0891-2546319
N Tirupathi Rao Postmaster Woodpeta, Anakapalle 08924-223374
S V Ramana murthy Sub Postmaster 61-1-36, Malakapuram, Visakhapatnam-11. 0891-2546310
S Asiranna Sub Postmaster 7-7-1/9, Chettivanipalem, Gajuwaka,Viskhapatnam-26. 0891-2546318
AVB satyavathi Sub Postmaster M/S BHPV Limited, Visakapatnam-12. 0891-2546304
Y Venkateswararao Sub Postmaster D.No. 50.44.12, Visakhapatnam-13 0891-2546266
V R Sudhakar Babu Sub Postmaster Commandore, Supdt., Naval Dock Yard, Visakhapatnam-14 0891-2546255
P.Venkatesh Sub Postmaster Flag Officer, Commanding in Chief Eastern Naval command, VM Naval Base
B Naga Lakshmi Sub Postmaster 65-6-697/1, M.R. Mansion, Gajuwaka 0891-2546327
B YESU Sub Postmaster 50-57-22, Rajendra Nagar, Visakhapatnam-16 0891-2546254
KVR Murthy Sub Postmaster 16-919, P.No.7.srikanthnagar, Arilova. 0891-254258
D V Jayakrishna Sub Postmaster GVMC ,shop no. 6, Subbalaxmi nagar Shopping complex, ward no. 31, Visakhapatnam-16. 0891-2546276
K SEKHAR Sub Postmaster 4-62-3/1, East Point Colony, Visakhapatnam-17. 0891-2546263
K.Annamani Sub Postmaster 1-83-21/2, MVP Colony, Viskahapatnam-17. 0891-2546265
VENKATA RAO Sub Postmaster Divisional Railway Manager, East Coast Railway, Marripalem, Visakhapatnam-18 0891-2546329
K JAYASANKAR Sub Postmaster 30.15.90, Dabagardens Main Road, Visakhapatnam-20. 0891-2546257
K Leoji Rao Sub Postmaster 55-16-12, LIG-86, VISAKHAPATNAM-22 0891-2546262
G.Trinadha Rao Sub Postmaster 54-7-9, Isukathota, VM-22. 0891-2546279
M.Aruna Jyothi Sub Postmaster Chairman, VM port Trust, Visakhapatnam 0891-2715652
BHVSL DILIP Sub Postmaster 8-1-58,old gajuwaka,Visakhapatnam-26 0891-2546305
Ch. Srilakshmi Sub Postmaster 11-154, Gopalapatnam,Visakhapatnam-27.
M Appala Raju Sub Postmaster D,no. 5-101, Adivivaram, Simhachalam,Visakhapatnam-28. 0891-2546311
K V Ramana Sub Postmaster 10-116, Durga Nagar, RRV Puram,Visakhapatnam- 0891-2716298
K.Sailaja Sub Postmaster M/S VM Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam 0891-2546314
PSV Bhaskar Sub Postmaster M/S Steell Pant, Visakhapatnam-31. 0891-2546312
M Peddiraju Sub Postmaster M/S VM Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam 0891-2546314
K Kanna Rao Sub Postmaster D.No. 3-7/4, Adarsanagar, VM-40 0891-2546261
B Rama Rao Sub Postmaster 2/29, MIG-1-29,MIDHILAPYRI VUDA LAYOUT,VM-41. 0891-2790338
PNVSS Saisree Sub Postmaster 15-54,MIG-II, Ratnagiri Hsg Board colony, PM Palem,Visakhapatnam-41. 0891-2546283
P. Subbalaxmi Sub Postmaster Secretary, NGE Co-operative Housing Society, VM 43 0891-2546268
E Siva Guru Sub Postmaster MIG 1-125, 24-37-16, Vuda Colony, Pedagantyada,Visakhapatnam-44. 0891-2546315
p Vijay kumar Sub Postmaster GITAM Campus,Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam-45. 0891-2720830
N Suryanaryana Sub Postmaster 30-19-16, Vadlapudi, VM-46 0891-2546316
V. Atchibabu Sub Postmaster 3-107/1,Vepagunta, Visakhapatnam-47. 0891-2546334
K. Suresh Kumar Sub Postmaster H,No. 7-155/1,Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam-41. 0891-2790848
M SIVAPARVATI Sub Postmaster M/S SEZ, Visakhapatnam-19 0891-2546253
G VENKATARAO Sub Postmaster Sujathanagar upkeep and welfare Association, Sujathanagar 0891-2546333
M V Sridhar Sub Postmaster Sarpanch, Gram Panchyat, Anandapuram,Visakhapatnam 08933-222066
P.Ramalingeswara Rao POSTMASTER D.No. 8-15/16, Aganampudi,Visakhapatnam-53. 0891-2546233
Rajeswari Ratna Sub Postmaster D.No. 13-379/1, TIC Point,Hindibhavan road, Visakhapatnam-57. 0891-2546250
A Girish Kumar Sub Postmaster Paderoo SO 08935-250700
K V V S Gupta Sub Postmaster Madugula SO 08934-224030
K Prasad Sub Postmaster Kasimkota SO 08924-220344
L B Mahadev Sub Postmaster Chodavaram MDG 08932-247022
P Parvathi Devi Sub Postmaster Near bus stand, Yellamanchili SO 08931-231110
P Sathwick Sub Postmaster Nakkapalle SO 08931-227411
M Pamuleti Sub Postmaster Chintapalle SO 08937-238122
P Suryanarayana Postmaster Saradanagar, Narsipatnam 08932-225800
K.Vijaya Bharathi Sub Postmaster Payakaraopeta SO 08854-253510
V Simhachalam Sub Postmaster Araku Colony SO 08936-249611
B Chandra Sekhar Sub Postmaster 5-55-100/4, Jogavariveedhi, Tagarapuvalasa,Chittivalasa-531163. 08933-225145
N ADINARAYANA Sub Postmaster 14-10-45, Sivalayam Street, Bheemunipatnam,Visakhapatnam-531163. 08933-229580
B V A S P HARITHA Sub Postmaster 1-30/4, gandhinagar,Pendurthi,VM-531173 0891-2546317
P V Saikumar Sub Postmaster D.No. 11/6, Main road street, Visakhapatnam-531219. 08933-223460
D.Chandrasekhar Postmaster Sp Bunglow Road opp MH School,7 road Junction,srikakulam 08942-222438
K Chandra sekha ra Rao Sub Postmaster Dist collector building, Srikakulam 08942-240595
D Ramana Sub Postmaster Dist court buildings,opp rtc complex srikakulam 08942-223930
J jyotheswararao Sub Postmaster BSNL Office, near Suryamahal juncion, srikakulam 08942-222520
U V ramana Sub Postmaster Office colony,near joint collector banglaw srikakulam 08942-227524
I Srinivasa Rao Sub Postmaster beside DM& HO Office , neear gandhi park srikakulam 08942-227355
P Narayana Murty Sub Postmaster zillaparished buildings,collector office road srikakulam 08942-226913
KAMESH CHANDRO PATRO . Sub Postmaster Sivalayam Street , Opp Varam School, Gujarathipeta 08942-270836
Ch.Nararyanarao Sub Postmaster Main Road beside Elementary School , Vunukuru 8106504334
M Ananda Rao Sub Postmaster Temple street ,near ramalayam , SR Puram 9160977433
P Ranga Rao Sub Postmaster Main road,near suryadurga kalyanamandapam, Rajam 08941-251028
S. Sudha Rani Sub Postmaster Main Road, Sigadam 08941-255077
M Apparao Sub Postmaster KONDAKA STREET , Ponduru 08941-242482
G U S Gupata Postmaster MRO Office Road, Pujaripeta, Amadalavalasa 8942-286232
K Ramana murthy Sub Postmaster Near MDO office, Vengalarao Colony 08942-286651
D V Ramana murty Sub Postmaster Gudem Street, Main Road, P S Puram 08942-248732
RAMBABU DAMU Sub Postmaster Near Gandhi Hospital, Main Raod, Kotabommali 08942-238624
N.Bhanoji Rao Postmaster Kandra Veedhi, Near Circle Inspector of Police Office, Tekkali 08945-244439
TALAGAPU RAMA RAO Sub Postmaster Near Sri venkateswra Temple, Venkateswara colony 08945-244107
K Shanmukharao Sub Postmaster College Road, Beside PHC, Naupada 08945-249727
ENDANNA BADIYA Sub Postmaster bazar street, near railway station Naupada RS 08945-249560
T MADHU Sub Postmaster Peddinti Street, Pathapatnam 08946-256128
J Venkateswara Rao Sub Postmaster Karanam Street, Korasavada 8500269026
P Satyanarayana Sub Postmaster Raja Street, Opp. Nalanda Public School, Meliaputti 08946-254228
Bala krishna Sub Postmaster Main Road, Chapara 08946-254222
S Guru murthy Sub Postmaster Golla Veedhi, Govindapuram, Pundi RS 08945-247523
R Tulasi krishna Sub Postmaster Main Street, Opp. Bus stand, Akkupalle 08945-288850
SRINIVAS JAMMA Sub Postmaster Palli Street, Near Bazar, Brahmanatarla 08945-240376
M Vemana Sub Postmaster Seetharam nagar, opp Govt Jr College , Palasa 08945-242272
V Bhagya Lakshmi Sub Postmaster old NH 5 ROAD,medara steet, near railwaygate kasibugga 08945-242275
T. DURYODHANARAO Sub Postmaster Karanam Street, Mandasa 08947-237586
V. Kiran Chakravarthy Sub Postmaster Bazar Street, Near CHC, Haripuram 08947-237237
D Harichandrarao Sub Postmaster Yati Veedhi, Near Janardhana Temple, Baruva 08947-235128
D Bhaskararao Sub Postmaster Korlam ,beside highway Baruva RS 08947-230400
M .RAJASEKHAR Sub Postmaster Post Office street, Sompeta 08947-234294,
JAYASIMHA UNKILI Sub Postmaster Near Govt. Hospital, Main Raod, Kanchili 08947-224294
B.SANTOSH KUMAR Sub Postmaster Pedda Veedhi, Near Bhajan Mandir, MS Palli 08947-225542
RAMA RAO Sub Postmaster Kaviti Road, Manikyapuram 08947-238440
B.BHANU PRAKASHRAO Sub Postmaster Kapu street ,Beside rural police station,opp sub register office, Ichchapuram 08947-232238
SREEDEVI KOTHALANKA Sub Postmaster Near State Banki Of India, Kaviti 08947- 236228
P Vasudevarao Sub Postmaster opp municipal high school,velama street , Arasavilli 08942-225506
S KRISHNA RAO Sub Postmaster pondara street, main road , opp chowdary babji house , SMPuram 08942-281400
G S SRINIVAS Sub Postmaster Beside APGVB Bank, Main Road, Murapaka 08942-231365
A SUNDARA RAO Sub Postmaster Brahmin Street, Near Sri Kurmanadha Temple, sreekurmam 08942-283528
K Murali Mohanarao Sub Postmaster DNO.2-232/1, HIGH SCHOOL ROAD STREET, Gara 08942-233122
Y PARVATHI Sub Postmaster Beside APGVB Bank, Main Road, Calingapatnam 08942-289127
G Chamundeswari Sub Postmaster D.No 3/14/III Back side of Hero Honda Showroom, Rythu Seva Sangam Premises, JR Puram 08942-234122
K HARI Sub Postmaster Pedda Veedhi, Near Rama Mandir, Bontalakoduru 9490779921
Jagadeeswar Rao Sub Postmaster Naruva Road, Main Road , P.B.Varam 08942-288122
G.V RAMANAMMA Sub Postmaster Koyyam Road Junction, Beside Old Andhra Bank, Etcherla 7997804337
D Srihari Sub Postmaster Journalist Colony, Opp. Police Station, Narasannapeta 08942-277028
SADHU RAVI KUMAR Sub Postmaster main road, beside bharat petrol bunk urlam 08942-241928
Challa Tirupathi rao Sub Postmaster Near State Bank of India, Main Raod, Saravakota 08946-257228
V V Sairam Kumar Sub Postmaster Beside APGV Bank, Main Road, Budithi 08942-272523
K Satya Venu gopal Sub Postmaster Vakala Street, Near Krishna Temple, LN Peta 08946-273931
A Ramarao Sub Postmaster Neyyala Street, Opp. Sri Mukhalingeswara Swamy Temple, Srimukhalingam 08942-230055
P.Ravi Kiran Sub Postmaster Narasapuram Street, Near State Bank Of India, Polaki 08942-243228
P SIVAYYA Sub Postmaster Brahmana Street, Opp. Sivalayam, Priyagraharam 08942-273728
KAILASA RAM VOONNA Sub Postmaster Karanala Street, Bck Side of Anjaneya Street, Jalumuru 08942-275227
B. Jagadeesh [Officiating] Sub Postmaster Main Road, Palakonda 08941-260219
G. Ravikumar Sub Postmaster Main Road, Seethampeta 08941-258321
B Suresh Sub Postmaster Gangu Street Opp. Anjaneya Swamy Temple Burja 08941-259128
K Sekhar Sub Postmaster Bazar Street, Near Sub Treasury, Kotturu 08946-258423
M TiRUPATHIRAO Sub Postmaster Gajula Street, Near Sai Baba Bhajan Mandir, Battili 08946-252400
P Sowjanya Kumar Sub Postmaster Opp. State Bank Of India, Back side of Kotta veedhi , Nivagam S.O 08946-274500
V Srinivasa Rao Sub Postmaster Near RTC Complex, AB Road, Hiramandalam 08946-253488
R. Srinivasarao Sub Postmaster Main Road, Veeraghattam 08941-239822
B. Satish Sub Postmaster Main Rao, Seetharampuram Inam 08941-263081
G. Chinnarao Sub Postmaster Main Road, Neelanagaram 08941-259522
ANANDA RAO KINJARAPU Sub Postmaster Opp Railway Station, Tilaru RS 7729924353
PAVAN KUMAR BANDARI Sub Postmaster Kapu street , Pedda Dusi ,Dusi 08942-247606
B.V.V.Murali Ramana Sub Postmaster Deptl. Bldg, Opp. Rajahmundry Rly Station Road, Rajahmundry 0883-2479766
P.V.Ramana Murthy Asst. Supdt. Of Post offices (R) Kakinada 9493806963
Ch. Srinivasu Asst. Supdt. Of Post offices (Hq) Kakinada 0884 - 2361900
Md. Mujahid Ansari IP, Compliants Kakinada 9761185302
S.S.Prakasha Rao IP, Kakinada South Sub Division, Kakinada 8790534203
T AMMIRAJU Postmaster Kakinada 0884 2376134
T. Kamashi Sub Postmaster Kakinada 9346295184
G D S PRASAD Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2355153
G ANITHA KUMARI Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2355150
T AMRUTALAL Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2370249
MBVL PADMA KUMARI Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2350828
V RAM PRASAD Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2379925
KSK RATNA RAJU Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2380822
A.Veerabhadra Rao IP, Kakinada North Sub Division, Kakinada 9989902639
V NAGESH Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2355149
A.Narasimhama Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2355327
M KRISHNA VENI Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2360818
KV RAJASEKHAR Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2360837
B SUDHEER BABU Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2352219
J SYAM SUBHASHINI Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2366617
K SAMBAMURTHY Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2355122
D.V.V.SATYANARAYANA Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2306655
S PARVATHI DEVI Sub Postmaster Kakinada 0884-2380808
MRS NAGA RAMYASREE Sub Postmaster Turangi 0884-2362686
MV Subba Reddy Postmaster #6-5-32, MainRoad, Rajahmundry 0883-2442338
PV Subbaiah Sub Postmaster Shop No. 15 & 17, Mpl. Complex, Fortgate, Rajahmundry 0883-2472016
B.Madhu Babu Sub Postmaster D.No/3-740 Balajipeta Jn RMY 0883-2473244
M Satyanarayana Sub Postmaster # 32-1-61, KVR Swamy Road, Rajahmundry-533 101 0883-2430242
RS Prabhavathi Sub Postmaster 08-07-21, Majetivari st Vullithota Rajahmundry – 1 0883-2465538
ISVM Tataji Sub Postmaster #9-286/2, Venkatagiri Nagar Konthamuru 0883-2426951
ALK Durga offtg Sub Postmaster #46-15-9, Danavaipeta Rajahmundry-3 0883-2479546
K Babu Rao Dora Sub Postmaster #46-15-9, Danavaipeta Rajahmundry-3 0883-2426957
G Rajeswari Sub Postmaster # 75-7-22, Prakashnagar, Rajahmundry-533 103 0883-2468242
S Seenu offtg.Sub Postmaster # 29-7-1/3, Opp: Gowthami Grandalayam, Lakshmivarapupeta, Rajahmundry 533104 0883-2470445
D.S.Chakra Rao Sub Postmaster Principal, Govt.College, Rajahmundry 0883-2463242
S Sreenivasa Rao Sub Postmaster D.No.59-11-9/1, P&T Colony, Rajahmundry 0883-2465242
Ch Pallamamba Sub Postmaster 16-5-4, Sriramnagar Rajahmundry - 5 0883-2470435
GSS Prasad Sub Postmaster #21-3-1/A, RC Rao peta, Rajahmundry 0883-2437450
VV Bhaskara Rao Sub Postmaster D.No.24-2-11/4, Veerabhadrapuram, Rajahmundry 0883-2470242
B Kondababu Sub Postmaster #82-13-26/1 Burma Colony Rajahmundry 0883-2429242
P M N Mangaraju Sub Postmaster Qno.1 Type II(B), Lalacheruvu Staff quarters, Rajahmundry 08833-2410960
V Venkat Ratnam offtg.Sub Postmaster #2-39, Ravichettu Veedhi, Hukumpeta 0883-2428242
P S V Sai Krishna Sub Postmaster Smt GV Padmavati Bathina Subba Rao Colony, Ind.Estate' 0883-2417455
B V Mohan Sub Postmaster D.No.11-60 Radham Veedhi Dowlaiswaram 0883-2418422
G Venkatesh offtg.Sub Postmaster Deptl. Bldg, Vinayaka Temple St, Kadiyam' 0883-2454122
D.V.L.Visweswara Rao Assistant Supdt Of Post Offices(Hqrs), Amalapuram Head Post Office,Near Clock Tower,Amalapuram 08856-231380
K.Amaranath Inspector Posts(C & PG) O/o Supdt of Post Offices, Amalapuram Division,Amalapuram 08856-231380
Vacant Inspector Posts O/o Inspector Posts, Amalapuram Sub Division,Amalapuram Head Post Office building,Amalapuram 08856-231380
M.Venkateswara Rao The Postmaster Amalapuram Head Post Office,Near Clock Tower,Amalapuram 08856-233026
M.Dorayya The Sub Postmaster Beisde St.johns School, Main Road,NH-214,Amalapuram 08856-230340
L.S.Venkateswara Rao The Sub Postmaster Near LIC Office, NH-214,College Road,Amalapuram 08856-230440
K.N.V.Lakshmi The Sub Postmaster Opp. HP Petrol Bunk,near RTC Bus Complex,Amalapuram 08856-230180
M.D.S.Padma The Sub Postmaster Beside Kranthi Transports, Moberlypeta,Amalapuram 08856-230540
Y.Kusuma Kumari The Sub Postmaster Bank colony,Near Red Bridge,Amalapuram 08856-230454
K. Jyothi The Sub Postmaster Beside Grama Sachivalayam,Bendamurlanka 08856-250460
M.B.S.Kumar The Sub Postmaster Main Road,Mukteswaram 08856-225422
T.Satyanarayana The Sub Postmaster High School Road,Katrenikona 08856-285122
R.Siva Krishna The Sub Postmaster Near Poleramma Temple,Samanasa 08856-229714
D.vara Prasad The Postmaster Opp. Veerabhadra Cinema Theatre, Main Road,Ambajipeta 08856-243222
B.Venkanna The Sub Postmaster Near Vishnalayam Temple,Bodasakurru 08856-245029
P.Chakradhar Swamy The Postmaster Mummidivaram SO, Beside Tahsildar Office,Main Road,Mummidivaram 08856-271080
P. Satyanarayana The Sub Postmaster Near MDO Office,Allavaram 08856-259459
U.Rukmini The Sub Postmaster Opp.Panchayat Office,Peruru 08856-245022
V.Estherrani The Sub Postmaster Opposite Road of Andhra Bank, Vutukuri vari street, Bandarlanka 08856-233082
S. Srinivasarao Dora The Sub Postmaster Near BSNL Exchange,Brahmin Street,D.No. 1-195,Anatavaram 08856-248422
Ch.Koteswara Rao Inspector Posts O/o Inspector Posts, Kothapeta Sub Division,Kothapeta MDG,Kothapeta 08855-243222
R N B Charyulu The Postmaster Near Kapu Kalyana Mandapam,Main Road, Kothapeta 08855-243222
Y.Raj Kumar The Sub Postmaster Upstairs Bank Of India,Main Road,Vanapalli 08855-280322
G. V.Raghavulu The Sub Postmaster Opp. Sri Koppulingeswara Swamy Temple,Palivela 08855-243045
B Nageswara rao Sub Postmaster #2-7, 2nd Street.Chintaluru 08855-279505
D Surekha Sub Postmaster 16-6-11 Behind Ramalayam Valluri vari st, Mandapeta 08855-279410
KSLS Mani Sub Postmaster #9-59, Sithanagaram Road, Rajahmundry 08855-233041
S.Tamma Rao The Sub Postmaster Beside BSNL Office,Atreyapuram,4-20,Sandeep building,Atreyapuram 08855-271422
N.V.Suryanarayana The Sub Postmaster Near Sri Uma Kamandaleswara PACS Ltd, Main Road,Pitaka Street, Ryali 08855-250361
G.Venkata Rao The Sub Postmaster Near Anjaneya Swamy Temple,Pilla Kaluva gattu,Vubalanka 08855-255360
G D R N S S Prasad The Postmaster Near Laxmi Vilas Bank,KSR complex Road,Ravulapalem 08855-255222
G.Venkateswara Rao The Sub Postmaster Beside Union Bank,Pulletikurru 08856-220022
M. V. S. S. Surya Rao The Sub Postmaster Near Police Station,Beside Bharati Vidyaniketan,Delta Gannavaram 08855-289422
G.Srinivasa Rao The Sub Postmaster Near BSNL Exchange,Mukkamala 08856-227438
CH.V.S.D.Phani Kumar Inspector Posts O/o Inspector Posts,Razole Sub Division,Razole 08862-221028
N.Ravi Kumar The Postmaster 5-138, Ponnada Buildings, Gandhi Statue centre, Near Saibaba Temple,Main Road,Razole 08862-221028
K.N.S.Sujatha The Sub Postmaster Near High School,Main Road,Sivakodu 08862-221026
D.Rajesh Kumar The Sub Postmaster Beside Canara Bank,Main Road, Nagaram 08856-247422
T.S.R.S.V.Ravikrishna The Sub Postmaster Near Panchayat,Main Road,Ponnamanda 08862-231322
M. Rami reddy The Sub Postmaster Sivalayam Street,Tatipaka 08862-247323
S.Satyanarayana The Sub Postmaster Near Jaggannapeta Centre,Tatipaka 08862-247222
M.Siva Kumar The Sub Postmaster Sesharayudu caluva gattu,backside of Anjaneya Swamy Temple,Mori 08862-226322
Ch. Trimurthulu The Sub Postmaster Near Ambothu temple,Sakhinetipalli 08862-244322
M.Srinivasa Rao The Sub Postmaster Near Peddalanka vanthena,Sudheer Kaluva gattu,near Bank of Baroda, Antarvedipalem 08862-244337
S.Rajakullayappa The Sub Postmaster Near Apple market, beside krishnam raju venture, Main Road,Malikipuram 08862-226347
G.Sattibabu The Sub Postmaster Lakkavaram SO,Panchayat Office building,Lakkavaram 08862-256400
K Vitalnadh Sub Postmaster #13-1-29, Main Road, Ramachandrapuram 08857-243011
PV Subrahmanyam Sub Postmaster D.No.19-12-2 Ramachandrapuram 08857-242535
Y.Kasayp Sub Postmaster Velangi S.O. 0884-2396446
M Ramalingeswararao offtg.Sub Postmaster M/s Sarvaraya Sugar Limited,' 08857-243148
G Sivayya offtg.Sub Postmaster ,#3-57, Mosque Centre, Draksharamam 08857-250039
T Srinivas Sub Postmaster Secretary, Gram Panchayat, Kutukuluru 08857-234870
V.V.N.D.S.Prasad The Sub Postmaster Near ballkattu veedhi,Suranna gari Street, Gopalapuram 08855-241522
K Vijaya Kumar offtg.Sub Postmaster ,#2-62,Gangavaram 08865-273330
KSN Murthy Sub Postmaster 1-317, Sivalayam Street, K.Gangavaram 08857-250017
B Sreenivasa Rao Sub Postmaster D.No.1-160,Kothapalli 0883-2405484
Y Ramabai Sub Postmaster Bldg of D.Nageswara Rao & D.satyanarayana, Main Road Gokaram 0883-2456098
VSNV Giridhari Sub Postmaster #5-9-1/2, Sithanagaram 0883-2458180
M.L.K.Phaneendra Kanth offtg.Sub Postmaster Deptl. Bldg, Main Road, Near SBI, Rampachodavaram 08834-243818
K Diwakar offtg.Sub Postmaster B.Satyanarayana Murthy, Korukonda 0883-2495092
GS Bhaskara Raju Sub Postmaster D.No.1-4, Kotikesavaram 0883-2499790
U MANOJ KUMAR Sub Postmaster Rangampeta 08852-246422
KJ Satish Sub Postmaster #4-42, Dosakayalapalli 0883-2409237
P Sujay Kishore Sub Postmaster D.No.6-75, Torredu 0883-2497527
A Ashok Raju Sub Postmaster Deptl. Bldg , Near MRO Office,Rajanagaram 0883-2484059
I Raja Kumar offtg.Sub Postmaster #7-91, Maredumilli' 08864-244722
Ch Subrahmanyam Sub Postmaster AKNU Campus, Rajahmundry 0883-2484966
P D Hanuman Sub Postmaster #2-50, Munasib St, Gandepalli 08852-237422
PSR Subrahmanyam Sub Postmaster #1-20,Pamarru Village 08857-257032
G Ganesh Sub Postmaster T. Ome Babu, Angara-' 08855-226030
B Murali Sub Postmaster #18-3-7/1,K.P.Road, Mandapeta 08855-231890
N Srinivasa Reddy Sub Postmaster Boda S Vandana & Boda R.S.L.P.Kumari,C/o Sri Boda Subrahmanyam, Tapeswaram' 08855-231890
S Nagaraju Sub Postmaster Deptl. Bldg , Beside Govt. Hospital Kapileswarapuram 08855-225574
Ch Durga Rao Sub Postmaster D.No.3-25,Kotipalli 08857-255422
R Ravi Pavan Kumar Sub Postmaster Bldg of Sidda Adinarayana, Devipatnam 08864-244632
Ch Lakshmana Rao Sub Postmaster #9-80, Pedda Veedhi , Tapeswaram 08855-235510
TSN Reddy Sub Postmaster D.No.1-64, Main Road, Drawapudi 08857-225022
R Srinivas Sub Postmaster 6-158, Seshagiri Rao St Anaparthi 08857-228485
B Lakshmi Sub Postmaster D.No.5-170 Biccavolu – 533343 08857-236522
K L S JYOTHI Sub Postmaster G Mamidada 0884-2319522
GV Ramana Murthy Sub Postmaster #8-29,Post Office Street, Pandalapaka 08857-235322
N Sujatha Sub Postmaster # 5-227 Rayavaram 08857-235663
M Sundar Rao offtg.Sub Postmaster APGENCO Premieses 08748-274022
KSBR Krishna offtg.Sub Postmaster Premises of Civil O&M Dvn, Donkarayi 08863-222541
B Gangadharam Sub Postmaster opp. Sachivalayam, Main Road, Kunavaram 0883-2442338
D Rajini Kumar Sub Postmaster Bldg of Primary Agricultural Credit Society, Bhadrachalam 08743-238122
Ch VN Siddhartha offtgSub Postmaster H.No.1-207, Nellipaka 08743-238882
P V N RAMARAO Sub Postmaster Ammajipeta 08854-253073
M V KAMARAJAN Sub Postmaster Tuni Old Bazar 08854-253470
P VARAHALA BABU Sub Postmaster Tuni 08854-253553
B LAKSHMI CHAYA Sub Postmaster Annavaram 08868-238047
K SAI NAGESH Sub Postmaster Kotananduru 08854-278227
M.Varaparasad Sub Postmaster Thondangi 08854-248822
E NARAYANA Sub Postmaster Addatigala 08865-272216
NSSV PRASAD Sub Postmaster Yeleswaram S.O. 08868-223004
Y SATYANARAYANA Sub Postmaster Dharmavaram 8985253504
CH SATYANARAYANA Sub Postmaster Kirlampudi 08868-226064
M ATCHARAO Sub Postmaster Prathipadu 08868-246728
B LAKSHMI KUMARI Sub Postmaster Mallam 08869-277722
KNVM RAJU Sub Postmaster Vetlapalem S.O. 08869-2392433
S KOTI RAJESH Sub Postmaster Jaggampeta 08852-233022
P S V RAVI KUMAR DORA Sub Postmaster Rajavommangi 08865-275563
T JAGADEESH Sub Postmaster peddapuram 08852-241348
BH N V S S S MURTHY Sub Postmaster Peddapuram Town 08852-241342
A.Madhuri Asst. Supdt. Of Post offices Samalkot 0884-2329440
P R VENKATESWARA RAO Postmaster Samalkot 0884-2329440
U NAGAMANI Sub Postmaster Samalkot Pension lines 0884-2327406
SVSN MURTHY Sub Postmaster Samalkot R.S. 0884-2329413
Y L PRASAD Sub Postmaster Kathipudi 8868-234578
I RAMANA Sub Postmaster Gollaprolu 08869-231222
B APPARAO II Sub Postmaster Sankhavaram 08868-236622
K SATYA LAKSHMI Sub Postmaster Uppada Kothapalli 08869-245471
CH YUGANDHAR Sub Postmaster Uppda S.O. 08869-245472
K S RAJESWARI Sub Postmaster Chebrolu 08869-253722
K Veeraju Sub Postmaster Kothapeta Pithapuram 08869-255267
N DILIP Sub Postmaster Pithapuram 08869-251248
S S L REDDY Sub Postmaster Thatiparthi 08869-231222
M SALMAN RAJU Sub Postmaster Coringa 0884-2303527
CH JANAKIRAM Sub Postmaster Karapa 0884-2394855
G PADMAKUMARI Sub Postmaster Tallarevu 0884-2303922
K SATHI BABU Sub Postmaster Yanam S.O. 0884-2321529
P S N MURTHY Sub Postmaster Gollapalem 0884-2335055
I VIJAYA KANTH Sub Postmaster Y Ramavaram S.O. 08863-224035
N.J.P.Kumari The Sub Postmaster Opp. Saibaba Temple,Mukteswaram Road,Vilasa 08856-225473
Sri G Gangadhara Rao Postmaster Near Perugu chettu, 1 town, Eluru 08812-227295,800
D L R S J Prasuna Reddy Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices (HQ) O/o SPOS, TADEPALLIGUDEM 08818-221464 08818-221464
Sri M Siva Ratnam Postmaster O/o HEAD POSTMASTER, TADEPALLIGUDEM HO 08818-221300
P. Mahesh Kumar Sub Postmaster D.No.5-74, Near Surya teja super market, Maruteru 08819 246220
V.J.S. Nagendra Sub Postmaster D.No. 18-36 , Opp. Sivalayam street, Atchanta 08814 235856
Ch.V. Subba rao Sub Postmaster D.No.20-105 Main Road, Opposite to Reliance Trends, Attili 08819 256442
T. Subrahmanyam Inspector Posts Near Tyagaraju Bhawanam, Bhimavaram 08816 231383
K. Asibob Postmaster Near Tyagaraju Bhawanam, Bhimavaram 08819 238797
K. Abilash Sub Postmaster Near China Mavullamma Temple, Sivaraopeta, Bhimavaram 08816 230506
N. Anil Kumar Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices Railway station Road, Near Ramalayam , Tanuku 08819 221133
P.Raju Postmaster Railway station Road, Near Ramalayam , Tanuku 08819 223322
R. Naveen Sub Postmaster D.No. 4-115, Near Vidya Vikas Degree college, Akividu 08816 252822
A.V.N.Narasimharao Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices Jetty Tank Road, Near TelephoneExchange, Palakol 08814 225199
K.V.V.S. Murthy Postmaster Jetty Tank Road, Near TelephoneExchange, Palakol 08819 222885
G. Suryanarayana Sub Postmaster Near Y.N. College, Narsapur 08814 273272
P.S .S. Devi Sub Postmaster D.No. 14-56/100, SBI Road, Near Venkateswara Swamy temple, Penugonda 08819 248117
Sri K Srinivasa Rao Asst. Supdt. of Post Offices O/o Asst. Supdt of Postoffices, Kovvur Sub Division,Kovvuru 9949876581
Sri M.Peddiraju Postmaster Near Jangareddygudem Bus stand, Jangareddygudem 08821-225685
Y.Sanyasi rao Sub Post Master Vizianagaram City SO 9966618581
S Srikar babu ASP(Hq) Vizianagaram 8919964670
U.Ganapathi Rao Postmaster Vizianagaram 9490970982
V.Srinivasa Rao Sub Post Master Dasannapeta SO 8106921862
N.Anand Sub Post Master Kothapeta SO 9959430836
K.Saikishore Inspector Posts Offtg Vizianagaram 9440160770 , 9963991628
P.Rama Rao Sub Post Master Vizianagaram Collectorate SO 9490460632
S.Srikanth Sub Post Master Voizianagaram RS SO 9441127188, 9398427006
K.Kishore patnaik Sub Post Master offtg Vizianagaram Contonment SO 9989034283
A.Srinivasara Rao Asst Supdt of Post Offices Vizianagaram 8500751396 , 8247551574
G.Yerraiah Sub Post Master Indl Estate SO 9490460794, 7780258588
J.Sriharsha Sub Post Master Vizianagaram DC Complex SO 9440543963, 8074063379
S.Gurunadha Rao Sub Post Master APSP Qtrs SO 6301492103, 9493599827
M.Ravi Babu Sub Post Master Denkada SO 9440018926
T. Ramarao Sub Postmaster Main Road, Garividi 08952-281732
N. Satyanarayana Sub Postmaster Bangaramma Colony, Garividi 08952-281024
V. Appalanaidu Sub Postmaster Main Road, Garbham 08952-288122
V. Santosh Sub Postmaster Main Road, Uttaravilli 08944-259330
V. Rajeswari Sub Postmaster Main Road, Mettapalli 08952-283088
R. Yughandar[officiating] Sub Postmaster Main Road, Therlam 08944-259322
B. Ramarao Sub Postmaster Ramanjaneya Colony, Cheepurupalli 08952-283022
P.Kamal Hasan Inspector Posts S.Kota 9494201029, 8919835496
M.Srinivasa Rao Sub Post Master S.Kota SO 7524924415
T.V.Ramana Sub Post Master Dharmavaram SO 9491320480
K.Ramakrishna Sub Post Master Bonangi SO 7382560820
P.Suresh Sub Post Master L.Kota SO 7095368112, 8919471002
D.S.Satyanarayana Sub Post Master Offtg Kothavalasa SO 9515792357
D.Appala naidu Sub Post Master Pusapatirega SO 9494331891, 9014022390
P.V.Jagannadham Sub Post Master Singavaram SO 9989959355
Israel Yandava Sub Post Master S.S.Korukonda SO 9000143068
P.Bangaru naidu Sub Post Master Gantyada SO 9494911150
P.Srinivasu Sub Post Master Bhogapuram SO 7981333101
S.Chinna Rao Sub Post Master Nellimarla SO 9849595025
E.Madhu Sub Post Master Ramathirtham SO 9494166696
S.Sudhakara Rao Sub Post Master Kotagandredu SO 9440932620
K.Appala Naidu Sub Post Master Pedamajjipalem SO 9440992956
Y.Srinu Sub Post Master Alamanda SO 9652695953
K.Krishna Sub Post Master Jami SO 9494010878, 7981363896
K.Jagadeeswara Rao Sub Post Master Bondapalli SO 6303146344
K.Sai Kishore Inspector Posts G.P.T.Nagaram 9440160770. 9963991628
N.Sankara Rao Sub Post Master Gajapathinagaram SO 9010310562, 6300193969
K.Thowdu Sub Post Master Mentada SO 9492018471
B.Srinivasa Rao Sub Post Master Moida SO 9133082251, 7382124420
K.Rambabu Sub Post Master Vepada SO 9441051720, 6303839463
J. Ravindranath Sub Postmaster Main Road, Garugubilli 08963-226822
K. Apparao Sub Postmaster Near PHC, Jagannadhapuram 08963-222027
B. Karren Dora Sub Postmaster Panda Veedhi, Parvatipuram 08963-222001
V. S Paul [Officiating] Postmaster Near Bus Stand, Parvathipuram 08963-221043
A. Ramarao Sub Postmaster Main Road, Kothavalasa, Parvatipuram 08963-222006
M. Ramarao Sub Postmaster Main Road, Komarada 08963-224529
D. Ananatha Sub Postmaster Main Road, Venkampeta 08963-228227
N. Adinarayana[Officiating] Sub Postmaster Main Road, Gummalakshmipuram 08963-223422
R. Srinivasa Kumar Sub Postmaster Main Road, Merangi 08963-225123
S. Prasanth Sub Postmaster Main Road, Kurupam 08963-225125
Karteeka Raidu Sub Postmaster Main Road,Ravivalasa 08963-224322
Y. Dileep Sub Postmaster Main Road, Pedabondapalli 08963-228571
K. Srinivasarao Sub Postmaster Main Road, Mondemkhallu 08963-223432
G. Chandrasekhar [Officiating] Sub Postmaster Main Road, Seethanagaram 08944-250522
R. Ramesh Sub Postmaster Main Road, Makkuva 08964-243822
V. Swathi Sub Postmaster Main Road, Balijipeta 08944-256222
P. Thirupathi rao Postmaster Near venugopal Swamy Temple, Bobbili 08944-255462
B. Gowrinath Sub Postmaster Near Government Hospital, Bobbili 08944-252467
A Sreerammurthy Sub Postmaster Main Road, Piridi 08944-259222
G. Radha Sub Postmaster Main Road, Pakki 08944-255462
G.V. Ramana2 Sub Postmaster Main Road, Bobbili 08944-254289
M. Simhachalam Sub Postmaster Main Road, Donkinavalasa 08944-258222
M. Kishore Naidu Sub Postmaster Main Road, Ramabhadrapuram 08964-240022
B G Srinivas Sub Post Master Pedamanapuram SO 7989169969
P.V.Ramana Sub Post Master Challapeta SO 9492013550, 8639488038
K.Sai krishna Sub Post Master Dattirajeru SO 9052362847
D. Savithramma Sub Postmaster Main Road, Salur 08964-242326
L. Vinod Kumar Sub Postmaster Main Road, Pachipenta 08964-243622
A. Srinivasarao Sub Postmaster Main Road, Mamidipalli 08964-243232
A. Giwtham Kumar Sub Postmaster Main Road, Jiyyammavalasa 08963-227522
M.Venkateswara Rao The Sub Postmaster Near SBI,Kesanakurrupalem 08856-277122
Last Updated:25 Mar 2022