Himachal Pradesh Circle


List of Central Assistant Public Information Officers
Name Designation Address Email Telephone Notification
Sr. Postmaster Sr. Postmaster Shimla GPO srpmgpo@gmail.com 0177-2652472
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Theog SO postmastertheog@gmail.com 01783-238378
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Kotkhai SO spmkotkhai@gmail.com 01783-255532
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Jubal SO jubbalspm@gmail.com 01781-253170
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Rohru SO spmrohru171207@gmail.com 01781-220098
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Chirgaon SO spmchirgaon171208@gmail.com 01783-277122
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Chopal SO spmchopal@gmail.com 01783-260030
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Dodra Kawar SO spmkawar@gmail.com 01781-272011
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Sunni SO sunnispm@gmail.com 0177-2786630
Post Master Post Master Rampur HO rampurbushahrho@indiapost.gov.in 01782-233048
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Nirmand SO nirmandso@indiapost.gov.in 01904-255130
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master ANI SO anniso@indiapost.gov.in 01904-253130
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Kumarsain SO kumarsainso@indiapost.gov.in 01782-240030
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Sangla SO sanglaso@indiapost.gov.in 01786-242258
Post Master Post Master Reckongpeo HO reckongpeoho@indiapost.gov.in 01786-223131
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Kalpa SO kalpaso@indiapost.gov.in 01786-226060
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Moorang SO moorangso@indiapost.gov.in 01785-252585
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Pooh SO poohso@indiapost.gov.in 01785-232887
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Kaza SO kazaso@indiapost.gov.in 01906-222207
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Bhawanagar SO bhabanagarso@indiapost.gov.in 01786-245630
Postmaster Postmaster Nahan HO nahanho@indiapost.gov.in 01702-222257
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Paonta Sahib SO paontasahibso@indiapost.gov.in 01704-223577
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Sangrah SO sangrahso@indiapost.gov.in 01702-248230
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster SarahanSO sarahso@indiapost.gov.in 01799-236871
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Shillai SO shillaiso@indiapost.gov.in 01704-278982
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Rajgath SO rajgarhsiramurso@indiapost.gov.in 01799-220860
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Kasauli SO kasauliso@indiapost.gov.in 01792-273003
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Baddi SO baddiso@indiapost.gov.in 01795-244080
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Subathu SO subathuso@indiapost.gov.in 01792-275760
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Arki SO arkiso@indiapost.gov.in 01796-220825
Postmaster Postmaster Solan HO solanho@indiapost.gov.in 01792-223851
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Kandaghat SO kandaghatso@indiapost.gov.in 01792-256825
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Parwanoo SO parwanooso@indiapost.gov.in 01792-233146
Postmaster Postmaster Grade-III Bilaspur[HP] Bilaspur HO bilaspurbilaspurhpho@indiapost.gov.in 01978-222265
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Swarghat S.O Swarghat S.O ,Distt. Bilaspur[HP] swarghatso@indiapost.gov.in 01978-284030
Postmaster Postmaster Grade-I , Ghumarwin S.O Ghumarwin S.O [Bilaspur ] ghumarwinso@indiapost.gov.in 01978-256450
Postmaster Postmaster Grade-I , Berthin S.O Berthin S.O [Bilaspur ] berthinso@indiapost.gov.in 01978-267130
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Jhandutta S.O JhanduttaS.O [Bilaspur ] jhanduttaso@indiapost.gov.in 01978-272930
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Nalagarh SO nalagarhso@indiapost.gov.in 01795-220230
Postmaster Postmaster UnaHO unaho@indiapost.gov.in 01975-227407
Postmaster Postmaster HSG-1, Barsar Barsar HO, Distt. Hamirpur[HP] barsarho@indiapost.gov.in 01972-288220
Postmaster Postmaster BanganaSO banganaso@indiapost.gov.in 01975-263198
Post master(Officiating) Post master(Officiating) Mandi H.O. postmastermandi@gmail.com 01905-222121
Sub Post master Sub Post master Karsog S.O. karsogso@indiapost.gov.in 01907-222954
Sub Post master Sub Post master Padhar S.O. pdharso@indiapost.gov.in 01908-260404
Post master Grade-I Post master Grade-I Jogindernagar S.O. jogindernagarso@indiapost.gov.in 01908-224210
Sub Post master Sub Post master Ladbharole S.O. ladbharoleso@indiapost.gov.in 01908-278626
Post master HSG-I Post master HSG-I Sundernagar Town Ship H.O. pmsundernagartownship@gmail.com 01907-262423
Sub Post master Grade-II Sub Post master Grade-II Sarkaghat S.O. sarkaghatso@indiapost.gov.in 01905-231793
Sub Post master Sub Post master Gohar S.O. goharso@indiapost.gov.in 01907-251060
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Baldwara S.O. baldwaraso@indiapost.gov.in 01905-258085
Sub Post master Sub Post master Thunag S.O. thunagso@indiapost.gov.in 01907-257906
Post master (Officiating) Post master (Officiating) Kullu H.O. postmasterkullu@gmail.com 01902-222550
Sub Post master Sub Post master Banjar S.O. banjarso@indiapost.gov.in 01903-221795
Post master Grade-II Post master Grade-II Manali S.O. spmmanali@rediffmail.com 01902-252568
Post master (Officiating) Post master (Officiating) Keylong H.O. pmkeylong@rediffmail.com 01900-222770
Postmaster Postmaster Kangra HO pmkangra@gmail.com 01892-265029
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Jawali SO spmjawali@gmail.com 01893-262146
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Khundian SO spmkhundian@gmail.com 01970-272630
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Jawalamukhi SO spmjawalamukhi@gmail.com 01970-223698
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Bhoranj S.O Bhoranj S.O bhoranjso@indiapost.gov.in 01972-266030
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Nagrota Bagwan SO spmnagrotabagwan@gmail.com 01893-266066
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Yol Camp Sub Post Office Dharamsala Division yolcampso@gmail.com 01892-234061
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Fatehpur SO spmfatehpur@gmail.com 01893-256529
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Baroh SO spmbaroh@gmail.com 01892-259682
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Palampur Head Post Office Dharamsala Division palampurho@indiapost.gov.in 01894-230965
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Bhawarna Sub Post Office Dharamsala Division spmbhawarna@gmail.com 01894-247318
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Jaisinghpur Sub Post Office Dharamsala Division spmjaisinghpur@gmail.com 01894-228324
Postmaster Postmaster Grade-I Sujanpur Tira S.O Sujanpur Tira [Hamirpur]HP sujanpurtira@indiapost.gov.in 01972-232730
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Baijnath Sub Post Office Dharamsala Division spmbaijnath@gmail.com 01894-262200
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Nurpur Sub Post Office Dharamsala Division postmasternurpur@gmail.com 01893-220023
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Shahpur Sub Post Office Dharamsala Division spmshahpur33@gmail.com 01892-237978
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Gaggal SO spmgaggal@gmail.com 01892-233748
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Dharamsala Head Post Office Dharamsala Division postmasterdmaho@gamil.com 01892-222912
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Chowari SO spmchowari@gmail.com 01899-266449
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Dalhousie SO spmdalhousie@gmail.com 01899-242280
Postmaster Postmaster Chamba HO pmchamba@gmail.com 01899-222348
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Bharmour SO spmbharmour@gmail.com 01895-225605
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster B.Tissa SO spmbtissa@gmail.com 01896-227367
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Salooni SO spmsalooni@gmail.com 01896-233357
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Killar Pangi SO
Sub Post Master Sub Post Master Indora Sub Post Office Dharamsala Division postmasterindora@gmail.com 01893-241170
Postmaster Postmaster Grade-III Hamirpur[HP] Hamirpur H.O hamirpurho@indiapost.gov.in 01972-222267
Postmaster Postmaster Grade-I , Nadaun Nadaun S.O[ Hamirpur ]HP nadaunso@indiapost.gov.in 01972-232730
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Rakkar SO spmrakkar@gmail.com 01970-279513
Postmaster Postmaster Dehra HO pmdehra@gmail.com 01970-233142
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster Qusba Kotla SO spmqusbakotla@gmail.com 01970-253832
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster AmbSO ambso@indiapost.gov.in 01976-261795
Sub Postmaster Sub Postmaster HaroliSO haroliso@indiapost.gov.in 01975-284030
Last Updated:14 Aug 2021