Directorate - Postal Operations Division


Regional Offices
Name Designation Address, email & Telephone No FAA CO / Region Division / CSD / PSD Subject matter dealt Notification
Harinder Singh SO(PO) Dak Bhawan,New Delhi, 110001, 011-23096269 ADG(PO) - - All matters related to PO Division
Rahul Kumar Assistant Section Officer PO Division, Dak Bhawan ,New Delhi, 110001, 011-23044826 ADG (PO) . . All matters relating to RLO, VPP etc in PO Division
Rahul Kaushik Assistant Directors General Room No. 340, D/o Posts, Dak Bhawan, 110001,, 011-23096005 DDG(PO) Postal Directorate New Delhi Issues relating to IPO Act, 1989, IPO Rules, 1933 and Post Office guide, and Project Arrow
Last Updated:31 Oct 2023