Directorate Administration Division


Regional Offices
Name Designation Address, email & Telephone No FAA CO / Region Division / CSD / PSD Subject matter dealt Notification
Komal Sharma Section Officer Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi, 110001,, 8860062532 Section Officer New Delhi New Delhi All matter related to subject
Sh.Dileep Singh Sengar Section Officer(Admn) Postal Directorate,Room No.108-G,Dak Bhawan,New Delhi, 110001, 011-23044801 Shri Prem T.N. ADG(Admn) Section Officer(Admn) Section Officer(Admn) All matters relating to Admn.Section
Sh.Dileep Singh Sengar Section Officer(Cash) Postal Directorate,Room No.108-K,Dak Bhawan,New Delhi, 110001, 011-23076198 Shri Prem T.N. ADG(Admn) Section Officer(Cash) Section Officer(Cash) All matters relating to Admn Section
Sh.Sunil Kumar Section Officer(Coord) Postal Directorate,Room No.347-G,Dak Bhawan,New Delhi, 110001, 011-23044808 Shri Prem T.N. ADG(Admn) Section Officer(Coord) Section Officer(Coord) All matters relating to Coord.Section
Last Updated:28 Nov 2023