Directorate Administration Division


Regional Offices
Name Designation Address, email & Telephone No FAA CO / Region Division / CSD / PSD Subject matter dealt Notification
Sh.Dileep Singh Sengar Section Officer(Admn) Postal Directorate,Room No.108-G,Dak Bhawan,New Delhi, 110001, 011-23044801 Shri Prem T.N. ADG(Admn) Section Officer(Admn) Section Officer(Admn) All matters relating to Admn.Section
Sh.Dileep Singh Sengar Section Officer(Cash) Postal Directorate,Room No.108-K,Dak Bhawan,New Delhi, 110001, 011-23076198 Shri Prem T.N. ADG(Admn) Section Officer(Cash) Section Officer(Cash) All matters relating to Admn Section
Sh.Sunil Kumar Section Officer(Coord) Postal Directorate,Room No.347-G,Dak Bhawan,New Delhi, 110001, 011-23044808 Shri Prem T.N. ADG(Admn) Section Officer(Coord) Section Officer(Coord) All matters relating to Coord.Section
Last Updated:14 Aug 2021