Dak Adalat

Dak Adalats are held at circle level in the first instance on a quarterly basis since 11.10.90. The Adalat, chaired by the Head of Circle with two other Members covers Pension cases and all types of problems relating to postal services like delay in transmission of mails, speed post articles, parcels, money orders, savings bank, cash certificates and counter services, Ultimate aim is to provide an on the spot redress to the complainant.

To avoid public inconvenience, under the orders of Minister of Stage (c), its scope was further extended up to the Divisional level on quarterly basis. It is chaired by the Divisional head.

Post Forum

A new venture to foster better relationship with clients and to create a ready responsiveness to public needs. Post Forum was introduced on 10.9.90. Post Forum is a representative body of users of a post office to advise the post office on matters of its service in public interest conceived in the widest sense. It consists of not more than 7 (seven) Members. They shall be users of the post offices. It meets every three months. Initially it was ordered to be introduced in at least three major post offices in circles. Gradually, the number of such Forums has increased as each post office where the Citizens Charter of the Department has been implemented is supposed to have a post Forum.

Standing Committee of Parliament and Consultative Committee

Apart from the consultation in the above two bodies, consultations at the formal levels takes place in the form of correspondence and reference from the public. The Standing Committee of Parliament and Consultative Committee where elected representatives are Members, Working Groups and Steering Groups where important stakeholders and experts are involved in decision making are also important consultative bodies whose views are important in the policy decisions of the Department.

Standing Committee for conceptualizing design of new services and identifying appropriate technology

In 1998, the Department of Posts had constituted a Standing Committee for conceptualizing design of new services and identifying appropriate technology comprising representatives from Department of Telecom. Department of Electronics, NIC and IIT, Delhi. The committee is now known as Technology Advisory Committee.

JCM Scheme

Staff Associations/Unions are consulted under JCM Scheme.

Philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC)

A philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC) functions in the Department of Posts to advise the Government about the issue of Commemorative/Special Postage Stamps and other allied matters of philately including formulation of guidelines for issue of such stamps to ensure philatelic value of the stamps when issued. It is a recommendatory body. The terms of each non-official member of this committee is for a period of two years from the date of issue of the notification, or until further orders, which ever is earlier. It was last reconstituted by notification dated 22.2.05, 12.4.05, 25.4.05 and 10.5.05. It functions under the chairmanship of Hon’ble MOC&IT. Hon’ble MOC&IT in-charge of the DOP is the co-chairman of the committee. This committee comprises official members from the Department of Posts, Department of Economic Affairs and certain non-official members who are selected by a set procedure. They comprise Members of Parliament, eminent philatelists and prominent personalities from the fields of Art and Culture.

Department Promotion Committees

Department Promotion Committees are constituted for the purpose of giving benefits of promotion/financial upgrade to the staff of various cadres. Other types of committees like Circle Management Committee, Official Language implementation Committee, Sports Committee, Tender Committee etc. are constituted periodically as and when the occasion demands. The minutes of such committees, however, are not opened to the public.