​​​​​Size and Weight Measurement

Measure your parcel

The images below show you how to measure regular and irregular shaped parcels.

Normally, the weight of an A4 size sheet is around 5gm.

The formula for working out the girth of your parcel is:

(Width + height) x 2 = girth

Postage or tariff or charges for the parcel shall be determined with reference to weight i.e. gross weight or volumetric weight whichever is more.

How can I work out the volumetric weight of my parcel

Volume of a postal article shall be calculated in cubic centimeters as under :

a) Whenever a postal article is presented for booking, its dimensions shall be measured in centimeters using a standard measuring scale or tape. For a cuboid (e.g. rectangular and square, etc.) dimensions means length, breadth and height of the article. For cylindrical roll, dimensions are diameter of its circular base and length. Each dimension shall be measured in centimeters and rounded off to the next h​igher whole centimeter.

b) Volume shall be calculated using the appropriate formula from amongst those given below.

    1) For cuboids: (e.g. rectangular, square etc.)

        Volume = Length * Breath * Height

    2) For circular rolls:

        Volume = 0.785 * (Diameter of circular base)2 * Length

When the dimensions have been measured in centimeters, the volume arrived is in cubic centimeters. The volume so arrived at should be rounded off to the next higher whole number.

Formula to calculate Volumetric Weight : When the volume is calculated in cubic centimeters, the formula to determine the volumetric weight in kilogram shall be:

Volumetric Weight(in kg) = (Volume in cm3) / 6000

Volumetric weight so arrived shall be rounded off to the next higher kilogram.

Parcel having an irregular shape

Articles of shape other than cuboid and cylindrical roll will not be accepted and the you are advised to place the said article in a package that is either cuboid or cylindrical.