Book Now Pay Later(BNPL) Facility​

Overview of Book Now Pay Later (BNPL Scheme): ​

Bulk customer is eligible for credit facility provided he enters in to an agreement with the Department. Bulk customer is defined as anyone who provides Rs. 10,000 worth of speed post business in calendar month at a Speed Post booking office.​

The bulk customer choosing to avail credit facility will APPLY  to designated authority in the prescribed format. The bulk customer will have to enter into an agreement with the designated authority. On getting approval, the customer shall have to produce Bank Guarantee. The contract will be applicable for a period of one year and approving authority shall renew the contract on an annual basis.

The BNPL bill will be prepared on a monthly basis (Calendar month) by the office of posting. The bill will be raised by 7th day of following month (bill date). The bulk customer shall pay the bill amount in full on or before last day of the month in which bill is raised

In case the customer fails to make the payment by the due date, penalty at the rate of 12% per annum on the amount of the bill amount shall be imposed from the bill date. In case, the bulk customer chooses not to avail the credit facility and to make full payment at the time of Speed Post articles, he/she will be eligible for discount of the speed post business provided by him in a calendar month is Rs 50,000 and above or more.​​​​​

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