​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bill Mail Service​​

Communications in the nature of financial statements, bills, monthly account bills or any such other items of similar nature may be posted by a service provider to customers at least once in 90 days under this service.

The Bill Mail Service does not include communication in the nature of letter mail or having personal communication or exclusive commercial publicity material. Inclusions (those permitted under Direct Post) are permitted at  ₹ 0.25 per insertion.

The minimum quantity of articles to be posted at a time is 5000. Rate of postage will be  ₹ 3.00 for a weight not exceeding 50 grams and  ₹ 2.00 for additional 50 grams or a fraction thereof. The mails will be received at identified location provided. Bill Mail shall be fully sorted pin ​​code wise and bundled delivery post office wise. There is no credit facility.​

Last Updated:  29 Nov 2017