Money Order

International Money Order

  • 1. How fast is the money transfer using International Money Order?
    Money booked through International Money Order can be disbursed same day depending on the Post Office working hours.
  • 2. Where can I send money using International Money order?
    At present the service is operational with La Poste Group, France and UAE.
  • 3. What facilities are provided to send money under International Money Order?
    You can send either International Financial System (IFS) Normal or International Financial System  (IFS) Urgent using the facility of International Money Order provided by India Post site.
  • 4. How much money can be sent through International Money Order?
    For France, a minimum of 1 EUR and a maximum of 1500 EUR can be sent, while in case of UAE a minimum of 4 DIRHAM and a maximum of 9000 DIRHAM can be sent through International Money Order.
  • 5. Is money paid in cash using International Money Order?
    Payment upto 50,000.00 INR can be received in cash whereas amount exceeding INR 50,000.00 to be  paid through cheque subject to a maximum limit of USD 2500.
  • 6. How to book an International Money Order?
    An International Money Order can be booked online using IndiaPost site 
    Goto:  Home-->> Financial Services-->> International Money Order, and a small booking process to book your International Money Order from anywhere anytime.
    1. Login with your registered user account  on India Post.
    2. Provide details
    3. Pay online
    Thereafter the receipt will be generated. The Money Order number and Transaction ID on the receipt can be used for further correspondence if required.
  • 7. Is it mandatory to have Postal Savings Bank account to book an International Money Order?
    Yes, you must have a Postal Savings Bank account which should be linked with the logged in user account to book an International Money Order.
  • 8. How many times can I book an International Money Order?
    A maximum of 30 transactions per person per year are allowed using IndiaPost.
  • 9. Can I send International Money Order to multiple people?
    You are provided with a facility to book a single International Money Order at a time.
  • 10. Is International Money Order expensive?
    Given the nature of transmission of money, International Money Order tariff is very reasonable.
  • 11. What if I forgot to print the receipt?
    A copy of your receipt will be sent to the email address provided during booking on IndiaPost Site as soon as the booking is confirmed. So that, you can print it whenever required.
  • 12. Can I track my International Money Order?
    Yes, you can easily track your International Money Order using the Money Order Number provided on receipt. To track  go to  Track Consignment service provided in quick tools on Home Page.
  • 13. Is it possible to save booking addresses for future use?
    IndiaPost Site provides you the facility to maintain your Address Book through your registered IndiaPost account.You can save the addresses entered during booking to AddressBook for future use.
Last Updated:31 Oct 2023