Mail Booking

International Mail Booking

  • 1. Who can avail this service?
    You can avail the service of International Mail booking either as an anonymous user or with your registered accout in India Post site.
  • 2. Is there any content weight and size limitations for the article?
    Yes, there are some limitations regarding the weight, size and content of the item. To know more, you can visit Mail Services -->> Mail Product.
  • 3. Which items can be sent to a given country?
    You can check the details of prohibited articles for a particular country in the booking page itself or you can visit Mail services -> Prohibited Articles
  • 4. Can I send more than one article?
    Yes, you can send more than one article at a time, click on add more item button provided on the booking screen.
  • 5. Can I send articles to more than one person?
    No, you can add only one receipient at a time.
  • 6. Can I see the details of selected additional services for a particular item?
    Yes, you can see the details on item summary screen.
  • 7. How can I book an article?
    To know about the process fo booking, please go through Mail services ->Booking Process
Last Updated:31 Oct 2023