• 1. What are the facilities provided to Philatelic Deposit Account holders?
    Philatelic Deposit Account holders have the facility of placing standing order on the philatelic bureau for supply of new stamps, First Day Covers, Brochures as well as new Postal Stationery with or without Advertisement.

    Foreign customers can also avail the facility by opening an account with Director (Philately), Mumbai GPO - 400001.

    Philatelic items can also be obtained by post through mail order on the philatelic bureau against advance payment by domestic and overseas customers.

    Application forms and more details about the  Philatelic Deposit Account Scheme are available at all the Philatelic Bureaus of the country.
  • 2. How much does it cost?
    An Account may be opened with minimal Fee of just  200 INR.
    Foreign customers can open account with the fee  of 1000 INR.
  • 3. Can I gift a Philatelic Account to any other person and How?
    Yes, you can gift a philatelic account to any person,This is a very simple process, just follow the steps mentioned below:
    Go to Open PDA service in Philately Menu from your registered IndiaPost Account.
    Select Type Of PDA : PH-Pvt./Individual
    Select Purpose Of Opening Account : For Gift Purpose
    Provide the details of the person whom you want to gift the account and select Philatelic Items you want to gift and pay for the account.
    An e-mail will be send to that person with th e information of his  Philatelic Account number, Hint Question and Answer. He need to link Philatelic Account number with his India post account using these details .
  • 4. How do I pay?
    You can Pay Online either through your Credit/Debit Card or through Postal Saving Bank(POSB) NetBanking Account.
  • 5. What are the minimum and maximum amount required to recharge a Philatelic Account?
    you can recharge your Philatelic Account with maximum amount of 10000 INR and minimum amount of 1 INR.
  • 6. Can I update Philatelic Bureau for my Philatelic Account?
    Yes, you can update your Philatelic bureau but changed bureau will be reflected when the request is approved by philately bureau.
  • 7. Where can I see my philatelic transactions?
    To see your  Transactions  login with your registered IndiaPost Account and go to Home>> View Transaction History
  • 8. Where I can see details about dispatched order?
    To view the details about dispatched order login with your registered IndiaPost Account and go to Home>> Philately >> View Order Details
  • 9. Where can I see the status of my all accounts?
    To view  the list of your all account with status  login with your registered IndiaPost Account and go to Home>> View Philately Deposit Accounts
  • 10. Can I close my Philatelic account and How?
    To close your  Philatelic account login with your registered IndiaPost Account and  go to Home>> Philately >> Close PDA.
    Provide the Account number,reason for closing account and refund mode.

    You can select any mode from the available list for refund modes. which are:

    For Domestic Philatelic Account:
    2)Money Order
    3)POSB Transfer
    4)Bank Transfer

    For International Philatelic Account:
    1)Money Order
    2)POSB Transfer

    Enter other required details if any and submit the details to complete the process for closure request.

    (In case of any issues in services rather than closing your account you can register your complaint. To Register your Complaint go to: Home>> Customer Support >> Register your Complaint)
  • 11. Can I update dispatch address in case of refund?
    Yes, you will be provided with the option to update the address details if your registered address is different from the dispatch address.
  • 12. Can i check the available balance of the account?
    Yes, you can check your balance.Login with your registered IndiaPost Account . Click any link in Manage Philatelic Account section of Philately.
  • 13. How can i link Philatelic Account to my Id?
    To link your account login with your registered IndiaPost Account and go to  Home>> Philately >> Link PDA.
    There are few details required to link Philatelic Account to your Id.
    1)Philatelic Account Number
    3)Hint Answer
    Enter valid details and  Philatelic Account will be added to your user account successfully.
  • 14. What is Standing Instructions?
    Standing instructions are a way of making an automatic payment of a fixed amount to  buy Philately stamps as per choice provided by you at the frequency of week ,month or year.
  • 15. What are the benefits of having a Philatelic Account on IndiaPost Site?
    It provides convenience to you  to subscribe for the stamps of your choice and get the regular subscriptions at your dispatch Address.
    Recharge and Manage your philatelic account online.
    It also provides various facilities like tracking your order online ,viewing order dispatch and transactional details.
  • 16. Who can use Philately service on IndiaPost Site?
    Anyone who is  interested can avail  Philately services on IndiaPost Site from his registered  India Post Account.
  • 17. What is Personalised Stamp?
    Personalised stamp is a specially ordered stamp where any image like your own family photo or company logo is printed next to base stamp design.
  • 18. Is personalised stamp valid for postage?
    Yes, Personalised stamp is valid and can be used for postage.
  • 19. How can I track status of my dispatched order?
    You can track the status of your dispatched order by using Track consignment service. You just need to provide  Barcode number received in your mail regarding order dispatch.To Track your order go to Home>> Mail Services >> Track Your Consignment.
  • 20. What makes a stamp valuable?
    In most cases, it is the rarity and quality of stamps that are the key factors in determining their value. Another factor that ultimately plays a key role is the current market situation, i.e. the demand for the stamp or its popularity on the stamp market.
  • 21. How do I know what stamps were issued in current year?
    To know about the stamps issued in any particular year go to Home>> Philately Calender
  • 22. What is commemorative stamp?
    A commemorative stamp is a postage stamp, often issued on a significant date such as an anniversary, to honor or commemorate a place, event, person, or object.
  • 23. Where do I find Catalogue of Commemorative Stamps?
    To get catalogue of Commemorative Stamps go to Home>> Philately >> ?Get Information - Catalogue of Commemorative Stamps
  • 24. What is definitive stamp?
    A definitive stamp is a postage stamp that is part of the regular issue of a country's stamps, available for sale by the post office for an extended period of time and designed to serve the everyday postal needs of the country.
  • 25. Service Postage Stamp
    Service postage stamp is used for official mail posted by Government / Semi-Government
  • 26. Where do I get rates for Special Cancellation and Spe?cial Covers?
    To get Rates for Special Cancellation and Spe?cial Covers go to: Home>> Philately >> ?Get Information - Catalogue of Commemorative Stamps >> Rates for Special Cancellation Cover
  • 27. What is the Philatelic material available at Philatelic Bureau?
    Philatelic material includes:

    Mint stamps (unused stamps).
    Commemorative Stamps.
    First Day Covers (FDCs, which are issued with every commemorative stamp).
    Brochure (Information sheet accompanying each commemorative stamp).
    Collectors' Packs (Year-wise).
    Miniature/Souvenir sheets which are sometimes issued.
  • 28. Can we collect used stamps as well as unused stamps?
    Both mint - stamps (unused stamps) and used stamps can be collected. These can be collected year-wise, nation-wise or theme-wise.
  • 29. How to collect used stamps?
    Used stamps can be collected from the postal envelopes one receives. These can be detached delicately from the postal articles. Rinse in a shallow dish of water, using a soft brush. Carefully dry them in a dark place as the ultra violet rays of sunlight can damage the colours. It is also valuable to retain stamps along with the envelopes on which they are pasted as this authenticates their use.
  • 30. From where to get stamps?
    Mint stamps are available at Philatelic Bureau and Counters in the designated post offices, details of which are available at nearest Head Post Office. Besides this local philatelists and pen-friends across the country and abroad may be of great help.
  • 31. Can I buy the stamps online?
    IndiaPost Site provides you the facility to  purchase the first day stamp issuance and philatelic products without queuing at post offices on the issue day. It facilitates online money transfer from your account maintained with Bank to purchase the stamps and philatelic products.
  • 32. What is Philately?
    The collection and study of postage stamps is called 'Philately'.IndiaPost Site provides various services to philitelists to buy new stamps and have philatelic Account to avail different benefits.
Last Updated:31 Oct 2023