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Track Consignment

  • 1. How do I check the current status of my articles?
    You can view the status of your mail by using Track consignment service provided in quick tools.Just enter your Article Barcode number to track the status.
  • 2. How it works?
    The tracking system is updated periodically to provide you with the most current information available about the location and status of your item. You'll be able to find out the following:
    1. When your item was booked
    2. When your item was dispatched and received at various locations during its Journey
    3.When your item was delivered, or
    4. When a Delivery Intimation Notice was issued to notify the recipient that the item is available for delivery
  • 3. What can be Tracked?
    The following articles can be tracked using Track consignment service:
    1. Speed Post
    2. Registered Letter
    3. Insured Letter
    4. Value Payable Letter
    5. Insured Value Payable Letter
    6. Registered Packets
    7. Registered Periodicals
    8. Registered Parcel
    9. Insured Parcel
    10. Value Payable Parcel
    11. Insured Value Payable Parcel
    12. Business Parcel
    13. Business Parcel COD
    14. Express Parcel
    15. Express Parcel COD
    16. Electronic Money Order (e-MO)
    17. International EMS
    18. Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)
  • 4. What do the different order status mean ?
    Item booked: Your article have been booked successfully at IndiaPost site.
    Item Recieved:Your article have been revieved at Post Office.
    Item Bagged: Your article has been bagged in a dispatch bag for shippment.
    Item dispatched:Your article has been dispatched for delivery.
    Out for Delivery:Your Article is sent out for delivery.
    Item Delivered: The article has been delivered to the receipient.
  • 5. What if my tracking information is unavailable?
    If you receive a message telling you that your tracking information is unavailable, it doesn't mean that your item hasn't been mailed.

    There may be a delay between scanning events and the availability of tracking information related to those scanning events.

    Depending on how recently your item was mailed, tracking information may not be immediately available (this is most likely to occur in rural locations, or when information is provided by foreign postal administrations).
  • 6. Why does the estimated Delivery time vary for each service?
    You have probably noticed varying estimated delivery times for different service. Delivery times are influenced by service availability, geographic location of your destination.
    Please enter your destination pin code on the booking page itself to know more accurate delivery times for the services offered.
Last Updated:31 Oct 2023